A trip in a nutshell


Ah you know how much I love taking pictures and documenting everything… so you can image the haul I have from the Japan trip me and my brother just went on! It was short but man… were they the longest days of my life. This was my first time out of the country despite having my passport for the past 9 years? I was expecting my first trip to be to the Caribbeans but Japan is a good place too~ xDDD

I was able to get so much inspiration from the trip from my design work to how to make what I do more appeal-able and efficient! Even though I live close to a pretty decent sized Japanese community it’s different to see their culture in a… 360 format. Really being submerged into it. I see the appeal but to be honest… it’s just a nice place to visit. I like California too much to see myself anywhere else!

Anyways. I have a lot about the trip and trying to make time out for a little vlog! I’ve been busy but been really lazy as well. It’s been weird. I’ve been blessed to have supporters on some of my media platforms show their eagerness for updates so I’m working on it!!

I have a full on rant later if I feel like I have time. Plus it really helps me to put my thoughts out in writing… so more later!



Excited x3


So I’ve been checking the mail everyday waiting for the dreaded small letter or the big packet. Its for the Japan trip… and I’m kinda eagar to find out! I want to know wheather to really start on work for AX or to slow it down and get everything done for Japan… though I guess its a slim chance I’ll be able to go… but its a chance right? I already missed it twice >.<

But either way~ I’m still really uberly excited for this summer!

So I’ve been thinking during church today…
Since omgsh… 3 days straight of church >.< holy week just had to land on my b-day, but maybe that means I’m lucky? ^-^;; I believe I’m lucky… and it has lots to do with religion so I don’t mind going so much. Yea I’ll complain about getting out of my comfy spot, buut when im ther eI don’t mind XD

Anyways! I was thinking what cosplays for AX! Miku for sures cause …why not? XD It’s my first ^-^ (I’m in the process of re-doing the shirt… and redoing it right!) Then Euphie.. I actually started it today, I’m hhappy ^-^. Then the pink ‘picnic’ dress probably int he same day as euphie cause that cosplay is so big and I dun wanna wear it ALL day XD THen… what else? o.o;; maybe the 4th day of school uniforms like clannad and toradora. Or maybeb that’d be any other day… it depends if I have another big cosplay or not. XD And I have dawn! So who knows~ I’ll figure that out later but im so excited just thinking about it!!! wwwww~

Oh oh! And masqurade ball… I’ll probably enter that alone… then AX idol, why not try out right? I’m not good but I’ll regret it if I don’t try it XD;; Then maybe chibi masqurade with my group… vocaloids most likely. Then..hum..what else? Im not even sure. THats the main events…hehe ^-^




I was thinking about AX and… I don’t even know if I’m gonna go… I mean there is a slight chance I won’t get to go but then I get the one-in-a-lifetime teip to Japan. And thats really something… I remember always dreaminga obut when I go to sleep… I was actually day dreaming about it in the shower just a bit ago XD Like going to school… having such difficulties understanding everyone fully XD Shopping for sures. Food for sures. Just being able to live away for awhile.

Its pretty exciting! I’d bring most of my skirts… tanktops.. some shirts. Just to be sure not to fill up my suitcase cause I’d bring so much back XD I’m pretty glad I didn’t go the past years because … well I know I’ve grown so much from back then. Like I know who I am! ^-^ Cosplay <3~

Now I shall sleep and probably dream about it… though last night’s dream was epic! More adventure ones XD I loved it! X33


interview fin.


Yes… finally finished the interview! IT took… 1 hour. longer than las time.. probably cause I talked more >.<;; can be good and bad.

But I think I have a good chance this year because my interveiwer is purely awsome XD

So! <3 I’m pretty happy~ But even if I don’t go I still have AX~ So either way its a win-win situation. And I MIGHT have a chance to go to JPN with my bro. maybe. Depends if I have the money Who knows right?


lawl at me? no!


So I’m happy my hair stayed up the whole day~ only one clip! woo~

It took me soooooo long to get up this morning.
I was so tired T.T;;

I have to cut my bangs today.. if I remember. I actually came home and started on the thingy thats parts of my Miku cosplay. It’s the thing that dangles down from the side of the skirt. Pretty easy I thought but a bit time consuming. So I’ll keep doing that more later…

Today was a slow day! It took forver to finish T.T;;
I just wanna take a really hot bath… too bad I don’t take baths XD I’d like to actually..
Well!! I’d like to go to one of those Japanese spring spa’s… whaaa… so cool >w<

But. lol~ today is just an oridinary day for me. I was actually int he library and this guy sat next to me cause he was gloria’s friend so he sat between us XD He overheard me and tiff talking about AX and cosplay. Apparently he wants to go to AX next year and cosplay. ITs funny cause its those people you wouldn’t guess are into that kinda stuff. But like me, I’m so hard-core about cosplay. It’s something I take really seriously.. so when I see some crappy made cosplays out there I’m like.. wow… they could’ve put more time into it >.<;;