I just want to eat…


I absolutely LOVE these mnms =3 I had them like.. maybe yesterday? A day or so ago….yes. That’s yesterday xD It makes me sad that I can’t really EAT anything right now T.T

See… I decided to accompany my mother to the dentist and finally get the last 2 of my wisdom teeth pulled. Yea. That HURT. Like… I’d rather go through the longer root canal process >.>Luckily it was the last of my extractions soooo I hope I never ever have to go through it again!! So I’ll be brushing and flossing like crazy… once my gums heal >.>

I was brilliant… that I barely hate lunch and then had the ‘surgery’ which… led me to be starving by the end of it. Which then led to me not being able to take meds because I Was hungry! Ever felt the full effects of wisdom teeth removal without painkillers? Ohhh… that I won’t ever forget! Hurt hurt hurt T.T in the end I decided to take it with as much water I could drink just because it was so bad. >.<

soooo now even though Gee is probably sick of my complaining for the past… few… years (lol…) hopefully this is the end of it and he just has to put up with the next week or so ^^;; I’m hopeful. Though of course I can barely close my mouth or open it sooo… >.>


One flap.


ITS A BAKERY!!! okay jk~ But Gee has to make a point that is looks like an apron…. >.> It’s actually the back flap of the dress I’m making… WHICH! I’m excited to see how it turns out!! This is the first time I’m making a dress by following a pattern completely o.o Sometimes I take bits and parts of a pattern to do cosplay but never just for the fun of it. I hope it turns out right… >.> I think I got a size too big but.. eh. You can see the mess of where I stack things… books.. my rose purse. The tubby ware that belongs to Hea which I have to fill with Olives and give baaaackkk (harxD)

I should be done cutting out all the pieces of the dress tomorrow. I got the whole base part done today. Then hopefully I can start sewing.

You know the difference from sewing it from a pattern and thinking one up myself? I think its just as long just… with using a pattern I spend more time doing the technical stuff versus when I make it myself where I spend the most time I believe planning it. Well.. I spend ALOT of time planning. I have an idea for a next cosplay but I’m not going to plan it until I have the money

Oh speaking on money. I got 3 cavities filled today >.> Yum.. burning smell of teeth. I had to pay for it myself.. that hurt. Alot. So I really do want to take the job but… ugh. I should. Could. Why? No =.= Ugh. Apply! (sorry for the spazz) Still have to go in again for some root canal… why? Lets just say my mommeh didn’t like bringing me to the dentist when I Was little. unfortantly im paying for it now but… honestly? Better now than later. At least now I can heal faster… and I can tolerate pain pretty well. The dentist was surprised I still can tolerate it… lol! You know the whole bit about girls being able to tolerate more pain than guys? I dunno if thats true.. but hey the pain just makes you stronger? (Omgsh that sounds emo)

Let me end on a happy note.
…. I worked out and cleaned =3


Sneeze fest

Alright.. so AX was really really fun but I didn’t think I would get SICK afterwards o.o
Cause day 4 was pretty chill, I didn’t even cosplay!! See? (look above)
I wore the shirt I bought =3 Go figure everyone thinks the shirt “heart breaker” fits me. >.> Now thats just mean!! T.T But I have to admit its a cute shirt >.>

Anyhow. That was me in the morning/afternoon. Then I came home… I started to unpack. I took a short nap (man was that needed!!) Then did some stuff on the comp and went off to see some fireworks. Seems normal right? Come home.. suddenly my nose is running and I kept… sneezing!! 1 sneeze means someone is talking good about you. 2 means something bad. 3 means your getting sick =.= Lol! I forgot where I heard that…

SO! I spent today sleeping in (dude I woke up to RIBS, that was YUMMEH) did some posts and what not… then slept more o.o

Everyone on FB is complaining its hot outside and I was wearing a sweater and wrapped in a blanket. But I took some meds and feel alot bettter =3 (so far) I’m cleaning up my cosplay stuff to make my mommy happy. >.>

(which I’m not in too much trouble.. I just have a lot of things to do now….)


Pain of Wisdom


Pardon the bad picture but…
You can see my teeth in it! Cause speaking of teeth…

I got 2 wisdom teeth pulled today o.o I was… long. and. Sucky.
It now hurts to smile, laugh, chew, bite, eat, etc etc. Basically I am better off being sad/emotionless to save me from the pain. But not like its unbearable pain.. it’s… it just feels like the tooth was growing xD Only difference? This time I hope the pain stops when its done healing~

Though I am kinda RAWR about someone wanting to go to the movies tomorrow >.> Comon.. really? After I had teeth removed?!

But other than that.. its been a day full of bleeding. Finding hearts on the ceiling. And almost maxing out my credit card!! Woo >.>

I’m done. Time to eat some mushy foods =.=


Owchie T.T

Today was just full of..

Bad karma.

What did I do wrong to others eventually comes back! I guess today was my day >.<;;

Sp in the pic, the main focus is on my hand. See that nice little darker spot?
It’s a battle scar!! x3

Yea. I totally got in a fight with a chick at Joanns, she thought she was gonna get the last piece of fabric! Bwahaha!
Yea. I got out of that with just a scratch! She… well she wasn’t so lucky… ^^

xD Okaythat’s what I’ve been telling people. I got it from battle!
But no… I actually lost a battle..
To the IRONER! T.T I accidently touched it…
So it doesn’t look too good. I hope it goes away T.T
Looks pretty cool though… but I do hope it goes away.

Oh! And also? I kocked off the alfredo sauce from the counter. It was in a glass jar… it broke. I never got to eat it T.T I do smell it on my leg somewhat though. Oh and also! My daddy got cut from the glass -.- My karma rubs off? >.<;;

But!! Good news? mm… I read some manga online. I’ll write a post on that later…
And I got about 30% done of my Miku surprise cosplay! Yaaay.. Tonight I’ll finish the top then I have the bottom and little accesories…
Not too bad. I do have to write a paper and may have to go to a seminar tomorrow. So who knows how much I’ll get done… >.<

So! A fair warning… karma will come back to you. In a good and bad form!