HTC Commercial

Cause.. yea this happened xD

I had an opportunity to be an extra in this commercial, I’m even listed int he part-goers :D Now was it a real party? Eh of course not. But it was something interesting to be a part of and although it took up a huge chunk of my day for some blurry spots and half my face… it was still pretty cool! I met a lot of new people~

+1 to you if you can spot me in a few spots~ Although I think you’re only able to see me in 2… xD

It’s really weird watching the commercial cause I saw it shot out of order haha. So it just seems awkward to me!

Whelp. Other than that I got to talk to a few of the players which was cool. No, I’m not buddy buddy with any of them. Although I kinda wished they didn’t assume I just know who they are >.> Cause I like introductions and no I don’t know who you are unless you introduce yourself xD

Would I do this again? Mmm… maybe. I’m not one for the camera (I say that but I do fashion shows? wat?!) but I would def bring a book and a fully charged tablet next time lol!

modern fairytale

“This is a modern fairy tale
No happy endings, no wind in our sails”

I remember hearing this song for the first time on the radio and going.. “it’s a little too repetitive for my liking?”
But it’s kinda grown on me (making sure not to listen to it too much or else I’ll probably start hating it) and I do like the one sentence in it xD Plus I’ve had that relationship where no one approves and you have no idea why you like a dude… to figure out later in life it was just the moments and not the person~ And I could probably go forever on that subject but I do like the song for the emotions in it. I can relate… that kinda makes me sad to say xD But from this people are speculating they’ll get back together, but if she’s singing a song like this? I doubt it. Not a good relationship to be in anyways!

But! If you feel like you need a palette cleanser after that… go on over to swift’s Blank Space! xD now THIS video I do love. Those dresses. Gives me more reasons I should just be strutting around everyday in frilly poofy dresses =3 Plus she has a cool looking bow dress in a scene. I approve =3

And it’s being the insane girlfriend which is always quite entertaining~ xP




I know this post is technically late as this MV and song has been out for a few days now… but honestly I think it’s because I’ve just trying to hog all 9 girls to myself XP (plus Sica makes a lot of appearances in it! WO!) So this is the MV for Mr. Mr. which is on SNSD’s new CD~ I’m loving their songs to the max but honestly it’s the SNSD effect T.T They’re just so wonderful T.T(slightly biased)

But on another note I’m also part Blackjack so I also have been liking 2ne1’s new album as well. I love the spunkyness and it’s really great music to listen to when I’m annoyed xD So check out their album as well =3

Back to the video! I was slightly confused at first and dissapointed cause of how the video was done but… I think it’s cause there is a lack of dynamic storytelling and less dancing as well. But the video has a cool theme to it, I love the pink lab coats and I definitely want to make the black/white dresses shown at the end =3 It’s sooooo adorable and I might as well make it for the heck of it!

Can I just say how genius it was to write MrMr in a heartbeat kinda way? very creative~
Which also brings me to the sketches me and Gee have been trying to do everyday. I think I hit a road block so… I dunno how well I can do today’s sketch T.T



I have no idea why but I’ve been liking this cover of the song… probably more than the actual song xD
It’s funny how many times you listen to a song and somewhere after the billionth time you found a phrase that makes you go “wth.. I didn’t know that was in here” xD This was kinda one of those songs… I just really like the phrase “living in ruins, of the palace within my dreams” I dunno why… just one of my favorite lines xD

That and the song Alone Together from Fall Out Boy which is one of my favorite songs to listen to at the moment as well~ The video for it is so weird though XD creepy actually….the line “my heart is like a stallion, the love is more when it’s broken” (something like that) stood out to me today and made me go… wow. That’s an awesome line. Stallions (wild horses actually) are usually captured and trained into.. well submission. It’s a lovely mental and physical process for the horse which kind of makes me sad at the same time….

Anyways. Cooked some pasta and asparagus today! The asparagus is kind of odd but it oddly turned out nicely xD So whats on the menu for tomorrow? Yea I have no idea o.o


Osu…. training!!

So I would’ve posted last night but… I got a little too addicted to the game Osu! The video is of the gameplay of it on a really entertaining song on .. pretty much insane mode xD But we’re using the game as a league training which hopefully helps our team keep our cool in stressful situations. Cause playing this game already tenses up my arm during the more difficult sequences which makes clicking and getting the movements right even harder >.< Oddly enough I’ve had the game installed onto my computer for a few months but haven’t actually played it till last night o.o

It’s a really fun game though~ I like it alot just cause I can play a song .. .fail it it most likely.. and go on to something else xDD It’s a lovely time killer that’s for sure xD But it did prevent me from finishing my sketch so I’ll cut this post shorter just to do that before I have to run off to a birthday dinner of a good friend =3 But don’t let this short post stop your from drooling over the skills in the video. Seriously. Skills T.T