Archive | November 27, 2008

so full…


Food <3

Yea… you know that looks goooooooood~

But I ate so much… Had some sparkling apple juice with it too ^-^
I even helped cook! Believe it? XD

But I have the bad aftertaste in my mouth, bleh.
I actually want some chocolete cake now!
Since someone said they were getting some >.>
And someone still owes me XD

But anyways..

I have the first four measure down!! Well kinda. I tend to mess up a bit. Oh im talking about Tong Hua XD First four! Woo! The intro XD not even the singing part. But I’m happy ^-^ Cause I know the left hand! A bit hard at first but I guess its just practice..

sooo… you still up for that challenge?


Always thankful right?


Many many things I am thankful for. And I try not to thank it all in one day XD
Since I believe, yes, you should thank everyday! Or as much as possible~
Cause really, thanking people isn’t bad. It makes everyone feel good.
I loved it when people thank for for the hard work I do ^-^
Like the dancing thing I did today in church, and just being there.

But really. This is my little thanksgiving post soo…

I’m thankful for all the friends that I have ^-^ Without friends I would be lonely >.< And probably not so happy… lol.
Thankful for my family and how fun they always are. It’s rally amazing how much family does shapes the kind of person you are.
Thankful for the food, Cosplay, Computer, Clean water XD, all the basic necessities, my flute, my piano, my bunny XD, my bed, my academic skills (the little that I have), music, my voice (since I love singing), all the little cute things in the world, Pocky, and etc etc.
Thankful to God of course XD

And to everyone who supports me~

And you know what? I’m thankful for all the people out there who are nice. Because nice is not overrated. ^-^;;

I hope everyone has a Great Thanksigiving / Turkey Day ~


Pre-Thanksgiving .. Pocky?


We were tkaing pictures with Hunny and the big HEAVY fruit basket (which me and two other girls had to bring up to the priest… which was not fun because it was so heavy!
Yea who though real fruit would be so heavy >.<;;

But anyways. Yep! I haven’t eaten the ‘grand thanksgiving feast’ yet. Just because my dad is working. He’s suppose to get off in the evening so instead of our usual lunch feast. We get it at night XD

Oh! But in the mean time. I’m working on my pink dress! Yep yep~
I learned how to make it shorter… I made a bow for the back. And now I have to just put on straps and add some more bows/ribbon and wala~~ lol
Then I need lace.. seiously.. I need lace for lots of my projects XD

But I shall do that while eating some Pocky X333 My Pre-thanksgiving meal to meh XD


Dirty Rabbit’s Feet


Hunny’s feet are dirty!! XD
Since he didn’t get to out yesterday (since the rain)
He was really happy outside today. Jumped all around.
Ate some of the fruit from the fruit basket XD

He’s getting really big!
Look at me holding him!
He’s like a bear!!! XD
(yea nice analogy huh?)
Hunny looks funny..


Purple Dress~


So I wore purple today!
Took me awhile to pick a color yesterday..
It was either purple.. purple. or yellow >.<
So I just picked the purple that actually fit me right!

And I guess it turned out okay. I wanted something sparklyier XD
This is actually my mom’s… but whatever. we’re the same height and what not~

But these are actually comfy to wear! I like wearing it XD
At times though.
But I danced in church. Messed up. Bleh.
Church was like 2 hours. >.<;;

But it was alright cause I kept myself busy thinking~