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Fluff of a skirt!

reversible skirt

I had a sketch in my book of a ruffly 3-tier skirt with lace for awhile and finally decided to act on it o.o I dunno why but… I did. The blue fabric is just some leftovers from the fashion show… and the lace was also bought for the show but I never ended up using it o.o Soooo… made this! It’s 3 circle skirts… ok one layer is a little less than a circle (I had to improvise with the amount of fabric left) I finished about… 80% in an hour or two… and then this morning I finished the skirt which took awhile because I kept messing up by taking shortcuts =.= Yea. No more shortcuts… I should really know that by now!!

Anyways.. just wanted a new skirt to wear around o.o And felt… inspired! So …yay~!

Spent a little too much time on Tera today too… the graphics and prettiness of the game really makes me want to just.. live in there. It’s quite amazing how something that doesn’t exist came to life because of people o.o I’ll have to take some screen shots and post them =3


Pikachu production xD


Pikachu ear production!! :D

Yea I’m… don’t ask. I think I was just kinda going wonky from all the ear making o.o I normally make like 3 at a time… 2 if I’m feeling lazy. But with the influx of orders I had to make 5 o.o 5!! Did not expect it to be such a long process… >.>

So yes! I am just about done making them too =3 I really dont enjoy making the ears much anymore… trying to find a way to better streamline the process but.. we’ll see XD

Other than that… tomorrow I’m starting on cosplay work again! I’ve been slacking because of the ears and trying to catch up on TV shows >.> So I’m up to date with Once upon a Time, How to Get away with Murder, Marvel Agents of Shield, annnnd… revenge! Yea. I watch a lot >.> They’re all so good though!! T.T The time it sucks away is real… but luckily I can usually cut fabric I’ve put a pattern on or stuff ears… or even draw patterns for bows xD So I try to not make it me mindlessly just watching tv lol…

Anyways… gotta wake up early tomorrow! I HAVE TO! YOSH!


just for me

Puppy nap time

Puppy nap time @ the office

I find it interesting how I’ve kept blogging for so long. And to be honest it’s for a pretty selfish reason of just letting my mind have a breath of air and also just to remember what I may have done on a random Wednesday in October. I’m actually quite terrible at remembering things which is why I love to write things down. I have a weekly planner because daily planners require too much page flipping and monthly calendars don’t have enough room to doodle things in. I don’t think short term nor long term but… medium I suppose. Maybe a month or so at a time. But why am I writing this? I’m not completely sure. I haven’t done much today but kind of fail at work. Get bored at work. And just want to eat snacks and go home to work on something I’m actually passionate about. I thought “why am I passionate about it?” Is it just the amount of time you put into certain things? I thought that at first. That maybe if I spent enough time doing tax I would love it. But it seems like that hasn’t worked now has it? Cause then what would this blog turn into? “It’s my money time..” instead of “it’s my fairytale time”? Then I thought… maybe it’s the same correlation with people. Some people you instantly like, some take some time to warm up to, and other you just find annoying because of one antic or another. The passion you find in people I guess? Sounds weird, keep that in the context of not-lover xD

And so I sit here at the office, sort of trying to kill time as I love to do with games but as it is the office I have a lack of there. I wrote in my journal last night but it’s all just really trying to write the things I have learned recently. I’m hoping the journal will one day remind me of what was going through my mind during this age and time. And who knows, maybe I’ll be crazy enough to have a kid and will have to seek through my journals to figure out what may be going through their minds. I also found it good to write down my feelings for people with the more important reason of why. See… I started to write in a diary/journal since… 5th grade of elementary school. At that age I was reading “the diary of ______” insert a historical girl’s name there. And I read so many of them I decided I wanted a momento to keep so maybe someone else may read it and think my life was just as interesting. Yea. I thought that at age 10? Somewhere around there. Anyways. It’s been awhile. I’ve gone through a lot of “love of my life” and “fling” of some sorts through my days. but reading back I’m able to see how one “love” differed quite so with the love I hold now. And so I always encourage people to pick up a journal. Whether daily or something more my pace like biweekly if not monthly.

Yes. I’m still going on.

Extent of this post is pretty much done though. I have not more to write but a lot more to think and god knows what more to actually do. I know I’m not the greatest writer, heck, writing actually stresses me out quite a lot. Especially if I know people will be reading this. So here I just assume no one will read it.


mochi mochi mochi



It was green tea flavored and it was amazing~ Its mochi on the outside. A green tea mousse with red bean bits on the inside. With a green tea cake for a bottom layer. It was quite yummy, big enough that I shared with my sister and didn’t mind sharing xP Also she isn’t the greatest fan of green tea so… … more for me? I did like how they made it so you didn’t taste actual powder from the matcha. Pleasant that way~

Home has been absolutely wonderful lately. Probably the reason why I spent a good 4 hours at a Starbucks until I was summoned back to clean a really gross mess of a fridge =.= I won’t even ask why but… yea.

I’m back to job hunting too. Trying to figure out my life and right now it’s not doing everything my parents tell me xD I have a great use of time instead of JUST doing that.

Annnd… I just lsot a league game really depressingly. I was up against a diamond player =.= While we had a newbie on our team that was lvl 17. I don’t understand how that match up was remotely fair but we got eaten so bad it kind of makes me mad league let a team like that go against ours. It kinda ruins the game if the skill level is so far off >.< Although it did test my skills with syndra a little more. just a little. Had to try and predict more than I’m used to.

Anyways! No point in brooding right? Just a little rant. Maybe I’ll paly again… maybe not though. I think I should draw or do something… I’m behind on my work already T.T


Rawr selfie




So uh yea. I spent the past day like…. joined to the hip with this little one. I know her growls, whines, tail flicks…. its crazy =.= But it’s also reassuring that I do know these things at the same time. I like it when she gets cuddly and just insists on sitting on my lap. Of course it’s cute until my butt falls asleep XDD

This picture… was taken kinda randomly. She was sleeping in my lap and I really wanted a selfie with her… but she was so sleepy =.= but if she’s not sleepy she wouldn’t even want to selfie with me! T.T

One more night away from home…. last night I spent the night at a good friend’s house and it was quite entertaining! They made my breakfast which was super yummy and organic. Lets see… orange juice, organic blueberry wheat waffles, fresh strawberries which weren’t sour,eggs, and organic mustard, organic maple syrup. ….makes me love the healthy lifestyle lol! Plus it gave me so much energy in the morning… add in the energetic positive talks in the morning?! its SO different from home ways it was really nice. That alone was a great vacation and it was just a night/morning lol! I can see how people take advantage of it. But it also taught me a good lesson on how your attitude in the morning changes not only a person’s mood that day but in the long run. So no complaining in the morning. Not about yourself or other people.

Now… I play a game called Don’t Starve. It’s quite an addicting survival game. I hate it but love it all the same.