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Who knew…you?

I’ve noticed that I change with different people. Naturally I’m guessing. You kind of … mold yourself a bit to fit in with different types of people! I’m not saying its like a completely different personality but it’s kind of like.. inside jokes? You can only do it with certain people xD

Oh the song? You-aholic by SNSD~ Love the song…  =3 I can’t help it if I’m a tou-aholic!! lol~

I don’t think the video is really related but.. oh well. they don’t have a music video of it so that’s kinda sad. But they do have a Video is Bad Girl and that’s a nice one. Well.. not the video so much but the song xD

Went to the gym again. Bad idea to have in n out beforehand.. it didn’t really affect me as much as.. sprinting did. It felt.. good to sprint a lap but  man did it get to me xD Should’ve done the walking lap -.- All I remember hearing at the gym is “sloosh slosh” from my tummy with a lot of water in it xDD Yet now I’m drinking oolong tea and it’s making my mouth dry o.o

Anyhow… gym!! Need more >.> And I joined a club today~ wooo..? wo.


Cause books are overrated


I mean… actual books. Have you noticed the new craze? It’s been electronic books even for textbooks!! But of course I get the ghetto scanned version so it actually.. looks like a book on my laptop screen xD You can see my notes I was taking on top. I guess that’s a plus when doing this on my laptop. I was really considering getting the NOOK or KINDLE just because I like reading but books are fatty!! Then I thought.. “What if it ran out of batteries at a good part…” in which case.. an actual book will always be there (unless your bunny eats it xDD)

So really.. electronic books are overrated? Cause I seriously like having the real book and the real textbook. Enough about my blabber… I did a decent amount of studying and reading today which is why this seems like the most creative picture I could take all week -.-

I am actually really happy about today. productive and got to meet some new people! I’m really really looking forward to marketing class now. I’m dreading business writing T.T Oh well!!
Is it weird I’m kidna addicted to listening some Disney channel song..? >.>;; Don’t ask. Yea. Just.. don’t.


Nom Thai!

*Not my picture… for once. xD

So today was another school day! It was kind of hard to wake up for it but I  managed xD Highlight was the people I met. I got to met 2 friends. One.. ran from Gee .. >.> And one kept fist bumping him -.- But that was hilarious

I had Pad Thai … for the first time ever. xD It was good. Apparently it was sweeter than normal but I liked it that way~ For a 6.25 plate… the … generous tip made it jump up a few bucks it seemed.. >.> Some people really like to give generous tip, me? Well I need any extra dollars T.T Or else I would!! I really would >.>At least I GIVE tip lol!!

But I forgot how entertaining and.. informative it was hanging out with some friends. It made me want to.. learn some bigger words. Normally i’ll learn them and never get to use them because most people don’t understand it but… now I wanna crack open a dictionary. Lol!! Anyhow… school day. Wo!

Stay in school kids. So entertaining xD


so… much

My newfound dresser =.= Lemme see if I can find an old picture of what it used to look like… Okay can’t find it >.>
Anyhow this is what I was left with when they gave me a new dresser.  It’s just a huge mess.. I’ll get to cleaning it up later >.>;;

Today was… chill. Got to do a lot with finishing up the website and what not. Played some Maplestoryyyy~~~
Annnd… ah crap. Have this weird pain but I wont go on in complaining about it. I think I did enough already xD

OH! Mommeh made home made eggrolls =3 they were SOO yummy. I can’t wait to have them for lunch >.> Shrimp rolled… nom. yum!
I also watched the finale of Master Chef finally. Eru’s a jerk for ruining that for me -.- Never talking to him again when I’m watching a food show >.> meanie…

Anyhow.  school is tomorrow. Tata~