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8-bit google maps!!! xDDD This made me laugh so much when my sister first showed it to me. You can see it by going to google maps and ‘start your quest’ =3 I don’t think there is any actual quest and all yet but.. it’s an interesting and fun way to see the world =3 Above you can see my land~ xDD

Anyways.. I thought I would share =3 What I did today… I did some cosplay.. went to a shooting range for the first time, and ate a lot of meat. That’s about it honestly xD I’ll have to  update more tomorrow.. I’m not sure what to write so just go look at the 8-bit map of the US xDD


Pointy Ears~


Can you tell what is it~? It’s my first prototype for these ears! I’m only putting these pictures up because… well I ended up scrapping them and doing a different design anyways~ Mmm.. basically I changed the positioning around a bit, but the overall design is the same! Figured out where it’s from yet? Here!!

It’s a Jolteon!! From pokemon? xDD Yep. This is what I’ve been doing today~ Okay.. for maybe 10 minutes. I ended up doing my Tsubasa cosplay most of the day o.o Like.. seriously. I’m almost done!! I think tomorrow I can finish the base~ But then I still have the cape and props to make >.< Hing!!


miruku koohii


Went to do a quick snack run this morning. I ended up getting some rice crackers and milk coffee which you see in the above picture. Is anyone else like this? For me to work I HAVE to have snacks, a drink, and something to watch (Like Merlin!) I know Gee is like this xD It’s fun though, it keeps every part of whatever occupied and it makes me happy~ This is why I LIKE doing my cosplay work too… it’s because I make it enjoyable =3

Oh by the way, the coffee here? I only got it because it was on sale I havent tried it before… but I didn’t really like it. Drank it anyways! But I had better xD

Anyways… I ended up just working on Ears and my Tsubasa dress today. I’m really glad at how it’s all coming along. With watching Project runway and now Fashion King (drama)), sewing and designing is all that has been on my mind xD I refuse to even do any homework.. yet. I’ll get around to it. >.>

Looking at designs

I’ve been watching Project Runway Korea mainly because I thought it would give me something completely different from what Project Runway in America would. It’s… always fun to watch. Australia is next and I’ll be ‘participating’ in it. I’m planning to see the challenge then actually leave 30 minutes or whatever I need to sketch out my own designs. Then I’ll kind of compare, contrast, and see if I could’ve taken in some of their designs…. or if my design is too plain xD

Anyways… yep… all day at home today… I’ll have to get out tomorrow.. go shopping.. get some snacks xD I dunno… anything!! I just.. can’t sit home and watch movies all day.. (as fun as that is)


Poke colors~

*Picture deleted, sorry, can’t find it again!! T.T*

Don’t ask me who the artist is because I’m  a bit lazy to actually find the name… but these three artworks have been everywhere so It won’t be hard to find the person xD I absolutely LOVE the grass pokemon =33333 my Mag <3

Now that I think about it… who doesn’t know pokemon?! So universal.. I’m still a hardcore poke fan =3 It’s just… such a great idea!! Makes me want to try an experiment to make plushies or life sized drawings? How cool would that be?! gaaahh!!!

Well today was… fun too!! Had a old trip that me and Gee used to go on alot. Boba. Book store. clothes shopping. Talk time. Yogurt =3 It was… quite interesting… very interesting. Even after hearing some bad news today… after all the good that has happened it didn’t really affect me for that long. Maybe a good half hour? Now I’m back to normal munching on some cream puffs =3 It’s yummy!!!

Ahhh… such a great start to spring break, now time to relax at home and get some work done =3