Happy Lunar New Year!


Wishing everyone a happy, wealthy, productive, and an absolutely cute new year!!

This time of year is definitely one of my favorites. Did you know we have lanterns up year round? It’s cause sometimes we spend more time and effort to decorate the place versus Christmas time lol. Actually they might be equal…

Anyways! Hope these collages aren’t too bad. I see it as the easiest way to get my pictures up now xD the two pictures on the left is where I’m currently at and doing! I got a lucky red envelope and tangerine from a monk! How cool =3 they seriously remind me of air benders….. and the other picture is of a pink tree… yea. That’s it. Its adorable~
The right picture? I dunno. Selfie? I wrote blue and black but needed some red for luck =3 always gotta have the lucky red!!

It’s so late.. my family (part of it) is partying hard while I sit and post. Yep! I don’t mind~

Once again… happy New year!
Welcome to the year of the Horse~


Asian Parents =.=


I think… I’m a cereal addict >.>;;
I dunno.. its just so.. easy to always munch on!! Plus the box is convenient for… everywhere. So lately I’ve been the only one eating any cereal in my family. No shocker there though… I’m working on a box of fruit (froot?) loops now. Not really a favorite of mine… but it was on sale =.= I want to go back to Honey Bunches and Oats or..strawberry mini wheats!! Oh yum =3

Today I had a HUGE craving for JJ Bakery bread and cake o.o T.T Hinnng~
Maybe I’ll go get some tomorrow if I feel like it >.> maybe. Or I can bribe my brother xD Wo!

I leveled twice today in MS. I am not lvl 94 >.> And I’m in the process of finding a new hairstyle~~ Hehe~

I absolutely hate it when older relatives come over because I suddenly turn into goody-good maid/serving daughter =.= Lets take..  washing dishes for example. I don’t wash dishes xD Not because.. I don’t… its because its just not one of those chores I do xD Cause I wash dishes dang well =.= Anyhow.. when people come over magically my dad tells me to wash the dishes. Its like… “whaa?!” I guess its just Asian parents wanting to show off the lovely tricks their kids can do… its embarrassing -.-

Did I mention I tried to be angry with Gee last night? Yea… didn’t work. Freakin… LET ME JUST BE ANGRY AT YOUUU!!! =.= How is it I just… CANT be? Why won’t you.. LET me be?!?! Phooie.


Finding Likes to fb

Random things I find on facebook sites… (cause liking things on fb is addicted. So in order to stop spamming people with that, I’m throwing them on here!! xD)

If kisses were raindrops,Id send u a shower. If hugs were minutes,Id send u an hour. If smiles were waves, Id send u a sea. if love was a person, Id send u me<3

I saw that… then under it I saw this:

Telling your mom something you think is funny and ending up getting yelled at

Beautiful huh? xD I honestly would have had such a great day if it wasn’t for the mom incident in the morning >.< I woke up feeling so good! Despite still being sore. But so I decided to do homework… couldn’t stand that for awhile… then went to Target to get snacks x3 That helped.. got a lot of choco =3

But I suppose overall… I still don’t have the aggravation and all out of me. The headache came back and right now.. I’m happy but… I just.. feel bad from what happened this afternoon that I can’t shake off the bad feeling.

First quote is cute though ^^ 2nd quote… basically has been happening to me =.= I’m just gonna shut my mouth. And become the goodie daughter again I guess. It gets boring doing so. It’s hard keeping that fine line from being a ‘bad’ daughter and befriending your mom.
… or maybe I’m just bitter about today xD

Ah.. whatever. I’m feeling a bit better because of some efforts of someone xD No use crying over it, that’s for sure xD


Odd bird. – rant warning


The odd ball bird out of them all.
The one little bird that’s trying to fit in xD
But I have to say… this little bird was prettier than the others xD
And that bird probably knows it.. lol~

Anyways… today was going really well.
Other than the fact my mom was like.. not happy the whole day.
I don’t think I heard her say a thing that was remotely happy.
I mean people have those days right?
But this? No this was like a overly emotional girl that was PMSing.

yea. So not the best analogy. I mean I’m still kinda happy. I got to go get some boba today. Studied for my test. Worked on hw. Sweep. Moved things around a bit. Played Boarderlands (sooo fun).

Yet my mom yells at me specifically about the house and how its dirty.
This makes me wish I moved out like no other.
I see why my bro could stay at home for college… my mom wasn’t yelling at him then about it… she was still going on about me!!
So… I think I’ll be trying my best to make money… get good grades. Get a scholorship. And move out for a year or so. Get an apartment if I can.
Just a year, you know… taste the freedom that seems so far away.
I can though.. just clean my butt off from now on. Be one of those old tradition asian kids where parents only have kids to clean, cook,. gather, etc.
That would suuuck. I am not like that. I am no maid or housewife. no way in hell. I can work my butt of though in the things I see fit and I like.

So thats my rant. how hard is it to stand there and take what a parent is ‘yelling’ at you to do? Very hard. How much it probably ticked her off that was trying to smile and play with hunny? lol that was probably not so smart. xD

So just saying… I’ll have no life this week. I need to go to PMX so I’ll be good. Get my hw done and all.
Good thing I have school tomorrow~




I really do like it when my hair is curled…
I’ll do it again next week xD
Maybe wednsday….

Today was chill.
I was tired most of the time.
Like on the futon. studying and etc etc.
My mom got on my case again. My dad said to make rice so I did! And then we both looked stuff up.
And then my mom comes back and lectures me that making rice means making a meal.

I’m a regular teenager. If a parent says to do it in a mean tone, I don’t want to.
And if they give me a matter-of-fact tone when I do something right, I don’t like it either.
Yea… I’m such a kid xD
It’s just psychology!

But anyways.
I have to go home early tomorrow. Like noon cause my bro wants the car. -sigh-
I’ll use that chance to work on cosplay and what not. Or just clean. Cleaning might be smart….
A guy from a car dealership called me about the prius I want. I get to pick of the lot.
IF I get it.
That’s starting to become a big if….