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Finish it already!


I’m squishing my lovely manniquin =3

So what you see above is what my dress looked like about.. 3 hours ago. It’s now fully put together!! *Is very happy*
Go figure I did the zipper wrong =.= I mean.. it still looks good… it’s just not how I was suppose to do it according to the directions xD Whatever~ It still works I believe…
Last things to do would be to  hem the bottom and add finish touches.. aka a bow or a rose? I’m still debating on which… I really wanted to do stripes and I now realize what I could’ve done but… ugh. NEXT DRESS!

I can seriously hear the nagging voice in my head to finish this dress. It’s been sitting around for waaaay too long!!

But for the rest of today I will finish this beast…

It’s my rough draft of this site im working on. It’s going to be some shabby work but… eh. I’ll re-do it later once I’ve gained more knowledge. But for now? Do you know whats riding on this site?! A beastly serger. Yes. That’s right T.T I’m crazy >.> I should get the d-land pass instead lol!!


You know there is something seriously wrong with me if I didn’t… can’t… even sing in the car with a good song on T.T I had to seriously… force myself. Cause singing makes me feel better =3 And it’s weird if I don’t .. want to feel better? o.o;;

Enjoy the song. It’s what I’ve been singing for awhile (in my head~)xD

I I Love you like a love song baby~


Not quite there


I went shopping today. Why? Cause I was forced to get out of the house and mind as well make it something I needed to do =3 (I needed to run errands if you must know xD) But I’m really glad today was… very busy. It was nice~ Lets see…

I went to the mall to get fabric. Got about $13 worth of fabric for a new brown dress I’m experimenting with~ I’m still debating if I want to do this pattern I have in my head or base it off an actual pattern…. I really want to the try this pattern in my head though xD
I went over to the other part of the mall to see if I could find some cute sandels (this blister sucks. and my wedges are ugly xD) Instead I found this dress you see above. I didn’t get it even though it was $13 o.o But the fabric was flimsy and Gee would’ve hated the top part xDDD Plus, it didnt.. fit me? It was a size S but… the fit wasn’t nice >.< If I had money to spare I might’ve bought it just for the heck of it though~ It’s cute… overall.

Oh.. I did buy new black shorts =3 I’m really happy about that!! Because my old ones got too loose on me T.T So these new ones fit me much nicer…

I also bought a new swim suit. 2 piece for.. $14 ish? Which I think is decent. I liked other designs so much more but.. they didn’t have my size T.T Whatever. xD I bought the one that fit me anyways. It’s… backup. Just in case I need it soon and don’t want to rush buying one. That and now I don’t have to feel so pressured about getting an expensive one later or picking out a blah. So I am not putting up a picture of me in that XDDD That’s embarrassing. >.> But hey.. get me to the beach and you’ll get to see it x3

Finally got lovely car washed!! It took FOREVER! All those weird yellow spots turned brown and was everywhere =.= still didn’t get it all off.

Oh and Gee? I’m doing all your dA whoring for you =3 I’m very tempted to copy paste links into your messenger thing so you can see later… Lol!!!


Slippin Away~

I have no idea.. okay I do have an idea.. but I’ve been listening to this song like… literally non stop at times.
It’s an addicting song after awhile xDD Plus.. the video is.. interesting? I wanted to yell out “DONT BREAK IT!!!” during the video. If you watch it you’ll know what I mean~

Okay let’s see how the next… 5 days are for me. My outlet is gone xD Soooooooo……. I seriously don’t know how it’ll be. If my posts are weird for the next few days.. well go head over to my cosplay blog!! There will be sanity there =3 But here? This will be utter chaos. WO! Oh… you have no idea what I’m reffering to. Well someone decided to take a family vacation (Omgsh I so want one T.T) And with no communication. It’s like quitting cold turkey!!! I apoligize in advance to all my friends that will be bothered by me.. heck.. I’m sorry to everyone I bother because it won’t be just friends I bet. Lol!

So today? MAPLESTORY!! Haha. They seriously know how to hook people. =.=
Then I spent about… THREE hours playing Cashflow (it’s kinda like The game Life) with the family. I got 3rd!! Just bad rolling luck =.=  Which.. I had even worse luck cause someone was able to talk to me at the airport and got.. whiny at me?!? I hope he is having fun being bored on the airplane!!! =P

And just so the record is clear and straight. Yes you absolutely need to bring me back a present. No it doesn’t have to be anything huge and what not. No it cannot be a keychain. Yes a rock is acceptable as part of the package. Yes anything cute that works as decoration can work. And yes you have to put SOME thought into it =3

Hey did you know at the time I’m posting this it’ll be about 4pm in singapore.. tomorrow!! Thats absolutely crazy xD
Okay… I didnt have much time to write this >.< I’ll probably write more tomorrow while im doing.. some sort of work related stuff.

Wish me luck to not go crazy!!! =3
(Oh gosh I’m gonna hate re-reading this in the future… xDD)


Hey kitty


Hi Kitty!! Oh wait.. It’s hello kitty isnt it? xP

I thought this one was especially cute when I was touring the massive isle of crane machines. Hate that arcade for putting them in there T.T

I think today and tomorrow will be a chill day. I did a lot of cosplay planning today though. It was nice.. some debates. Some button pressing. Yea yea. But overall it was a chill day.
You know those days where you just stay in your PJs all day and do whatever? Yep. That was today for me. But that should be ending…. tomorrow? Probably the day after. Who knows~

Mmm lets go with something interesting that happened today… mmm…. apparently I’m an interesting person to talk to. I really don’t see why… but on the other hand I do? I’d rather hear about other people’s lives and what not.. than talk about my own. Well then again, my life is.. private >.> And on the rare occasions I do tell someone, they don’t take it like how I take thier issues and what not. I just don’t think its a fair trade, so I … just don’t tell o.o

Oh… that was a bigger rant than I was planning. OH well!! =3