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Right in the middle~


Had a fun time going to a range for a few hours =3 Mainly went to shoot bows but …. we had lots of time and some other great choices so we also had the chance to shoot some guns >> Won’t lie… everything was so much fun =333 And this isn’t the first time i’ve been shooting actually.. went once before with brother and his friends but I didn’t enjoy it probably because it was an indoor range and they didn’t really ask me what I liked or wanted so it was like… ugh. Never wanted to go again. But this time friends taught us and he actually is aspiring to be an instructor so it was so much better!

And yes. I wore a skirt >> At least I wore flats LOL.

I need to take a picture of the paper… but I did pretty good =3 decent for being slightly terrified. Actually hit the middle at some points too! Anyways… really fun. Gee wants to go again which im totally not complaining about~~

Other than that we had some really good Japanese food~ And since that day its been like non stop food..eating… and going out shopping! BUT totally worth all the money spent because I have such exciting things to show now =333




Wonderful ne? I even colored it all~ hehe.
I thought this dress would even be cute to make! I actually got the idea of this picture from another on the internet. I can’t really draw poses that well so I need reference pictures >.< But I ended up liking this picture a lot.

IchigoHime~ That’s her! Haha.

I went to Barnes and nobles again yesterday and worked on my drawing skills. I actualyl jts wanted to see if I could find any cute dresses in anime books xD And I found one! That is on my list to make because it is incredibly simple.


Cute huh? I know ^-^ a whole buncha ruffles and a big bow~
This will be simple to make which I’m really happy about.
And I’m able to wear it out for whatever!
So look forward to it!
I’m planning on buying fabric (with my own money T.T) tomrrow.
So maybe I’ll make a tutorial and all of me making this dress. Maybe xD
Maybe video stuff isn’t for me.


New dressy~


Okay so it didn’t come out the way I really wanted. But I think this is..decent.
And if anything, it looks like I could sleep in it xDD
Lets see… I should’ve taken pictures while making it because at first it literally looked like a potato sack xD
But I think it ended up not looking like one? Haha

Took me a day to make this. 1 hour yesterday. A few hours today. Yet I was distracted alot so it wasn’t like 4 hours straight or anything.

Ah so info on it. I did this just for fun~ Maybe I’ll get to wear it out one day. The material is kinda see through though, but not like I won’t be wearing anything underneath so it doesn’t matter to me anyways xD It’s actually like silver and metallic. Quite nice is person.
I think I can wear this with like… knee high socks and it would be cute xD
I made this dress a bit longer because my mom has been complaining I have skirts too short, so I made it an acceptable length I presume.
The sleeves are ruffles ^-^ I’m quite proud of that factor.
I wish the bow was bigger but I was running out of fabric. I did make this dress just from spare fabric laying around.

So yay~ ^-^

Time to think about some more cosplays…




The front and back of my Dawn skirt! I like it… and I made it from another skirt!! Ahahaha…
Actually it was a skort… I wish I took a before and after picture!! Rawr. But it was really ugly… like shorts then there was just a flap in the front and back. I beleive the skirt was from limited too… too XD

Yea.. limited too… big whoop XD It was ugly. And I didn’t buy it so whatever XD

but! This cam eout of it~ How great.. I even kept the zipper!! lol~
I didn’t do box pleats. Just because I didn’t have enough fabric XD And it wouldn’t have looked so great anyways…

Took a like and hour or so to make this… Because I meesed up and did it again and all. But I’m happy how it turned out!
Though I don’t think this will be part of my senior project cause.. well… It’s in school violation if anyone wears this… haha…

It’s REALLY short. Like… mini mini skirt short.

So it shall be fun to wear as a cosplay! lol


Full of Clannad


The front… (before I put on the pockets). But I redid the buttons today… looks way better…
And I believe this is the correct skirt for this outfit… not the easiest to wear after eating a buffet… lol XD (all my outfits are tight on me… but I like them that way because it looks better..)


The back.. which im especially proud of~ Look at it!! How … cool!!! I’m so very proud of it…


Then I finally out my sewing book to the test by learning how to do these kinds of pockets! Welt Pockets!!
I think I messed up… but I practiced once on a scrap shirt so … I mean.. it wasn’t too bad!
I do wish I got bigger white buttons.. maybe later.. buttons are cheap XD like… 1.50 for oh so how ever many.

So yay for Clannad! Oh yea… my senior project is due next week. I seriously need so much help… but… gah >.< Why this week!!! No slacking off this week! And I downloaded those trial games on my comp yesterday… they look so fun to play… hey at least it has a time limit! 1 hour only XD