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Here’s some pics on the… dress? that I made today. Took me couple hours, but thats because I was watching tv at the same time XD

I need some lace to put on the bottom to make it complete~ and then it’s pretty much finished!
I ran out of pink ribbon too T.T gotta buy more laters~ hopefully this weekend! If its on sale XD lol. ITs not needed now but wanted… cause anytihng pink comes in handy eventually!

But about this pink dress. It’s made out of the soft blanket material. Which… yea please keep your hands to yourself =P cause its uberly soft! And pretty short… XD

IT has pink heart pockets which…arn’t noticable T.T So imma put some lace on there to make it more girlie… I think too much is bad but.. I don’t want it to look like a pillow XD I don’t think this is wearable outside.. T.T So I’ll end up wearing it around the house and who knows… maybe if I have to go grocery shopping with my mom XD

But I’m glad I can make a dress~ lol

(okay I know its not really..’mature’ but hey >.> I just make whatever~ lol)


fabric pinkness


So this is the fabric. Pretty common… but pink! XDDD

Thats actually the dress inside out… lol. And thats the bow…
Cool huh? Okay I’m done XD that was just requested~

ish… lol.


My thought.. I guess ?


I feel as though I’ve been thinking too much. I’ve made up my mind on things but I just can’t seem to act upon it >.<;;

I guess I’m sorry if I’m mad lately. I’ve gotten couple things off my mind but its just everything else >.< Wow my picture is kinda like a mug shot. Its all dark and my face looks funny. Whatever XD MY hair was horrid today too. >.< Not to mention I forgot to get a belt this morning. Also woke up late XD MY contacts were al ldry most the morning too….

So today I just went though it in a daze… just waiting to get home >.<;; And when I did… sewing! XD

Oh buying my bag right now~ So happy ^-^ Not happy im spending like.. almost $30 on it o.o;; my mom is gonna go wtf. But imma go, It was so cute I couldn’t resist T.T lol.




So my desk is so untidy >.< This is my space under my moniter where I just keep random stuff. See the little mario cloud guy? Yea… that was in that choclete egg I got from the Pocky Room~~ lol I want more XD Actually I wanted to get Peach… go figure huh?

My nail things on there too. I’ll do my nails for the weekend actually. That might be fun~
I was tihnking of wearing a dress on Sunday… why? Cause why not? I never get to wear it at school… and Sunday’s and Saturday’s are my time to dress differently than I do at school… so thats an option for sures~ Unless its cold… then probably I shouldn’t XD

The pink warmness…

So I sketched a dress and I went home and thought … “the heck, imma just try and make something”

It’s actually suppose to be black and have some pink~ But I didn’t wanan use up all my good black fabric XD so I just used pink… cause I have lots!!

So I did! Well partly. I’m not done… But I’m mostly done? Yea… It looks like a sack XD a really warm one!! Cause like… its tight.. ish. And made out of the warm type of material. Why? Cause I had lots XD
I was gonna use it for my sweater but decided not to. MY skills aren’t that good yet.. so I tried sometihng simplier~

The ‘dress’ is seriously sooo warm. I like it cause its winter soon so I can wear it if… it turns out alright XD and not crappy. But hey… this is experience for me!

I’ll see if I can take a pic tomrrow too! Cause… its too hot and I dun wanna put it on and take it off and blah XD lol~