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Bow bag~


So yesterday I spent about.. .5 hours of my afternoon time making a bag for school!! Just something that was long overdue. And good part? Its made out of all scrap fabric from old cosplays so I didn’t have to buy anything new for it. Nothing too fancy. Here’s the inside/ in progress pic.

The front inside has a lace pocket. And the back has just a regular blue pocket. Yes. This whole thing is actually dark blue. Hey.. what can I say. Extra fabric. But the insides are coated with white fleece, makes it softer.. cause it doubles as my laptop bag. Oh, not to mention theres some cardboard incased in the bottom for a sturdy drop down. =3

I’m proud of this bag. The front design I’m going to redo tomorrow, not exactly how I wanted it. So more of an update on that!

And today? Todayy… was fun =3 Made a new…. pet? xDD On accident! It’s cute. So… APPROVED! =P


Addicted to Gosick

Gosick’s ending theme. Normally I don’t put anime theme songs on here but… Gosick’s opening AND ending are good o.o
But I like the ending a lot more~ So here it is. It’s called Resuscitated Hope by Komine Lisa.

Nice huh? I can’t wait for the full version to come out =3

Gosick is an awesome anime btw~ I love the whole mystery aspect to it. And I’m even getting better with predicting how its solved… I guess its because now I’m expecting it to be a mystery.. so my mind works a little differently. But its nice ^^

I’m considering cosplaying as the main girl, Victorique~ Love how they say her name in it x3 She’s pretty short so if I do I have to wear flats o.o Then just dress up a guy as the main dude and I’m set~ =3 Heeey… who wants to be the guy for me ^-~ Wait.. that’s right. Whoever I choose doesn’t have a say in it at all!!
Normally she wears a black dress but… I’d want to make her Pink Dress or even Blue one o.o Cause you see the blue one more, but black.. eh… too black for me actually. But it may be a nice contrast with my skin tone and blonde hair..?

Maybe as a mini cosplay? Actually.. more like.. a half day con cosplay xD That’s only if I have someone to cosplay with me =3 But It’s something I wanan do =333 I love how she acts, gets just as bored with people as I do =P

Oh!! And for fun… Wanna hear her laugh? It’s awesome xDD


Loopy hair


I threw in a cute bow for a church-do today =3

Man… today was kinda… dull. I just finished Dollhouse season 1 (which btw the ending.. my sister totally believes can happen. I mean… it probably can but.. who knows. technology is scary o.o why are there so many movies and series about it afterall? It’s like the media is preparing us for it. orr.. its what our generation can relate to..? lol!)

Then …. I was just loopy today. A lot of people tend to annoy me. And the more clingy they get, usually the more annoyed I get! Then again. reveresed is bad too. If I’m clingy and they are distant I get annoyed =.= Yea. No pleasing me? I know =P Thats why the middle space exists! That.. and exceptions? Lol!!

Anndd… now im going back into sleepy mode! I think imma go play a game >.>



Non devil non

Omgsh Run Devil Run sounds so cool in Japanese!! =3 I’m glad they did this, I have to admit Genie was good.. and Gee is okay. But this Pure Epicness~

So admire that while I map out my new challenge for this semester!!
Last semester’s challenge of having a bow in my hair each school day … failed =.= Completely. But! It did last like half the semester? This semseter though. I have to do a different hairstyle everyday for school. BUT! I can redo a hairstyle after 2 weeks. Which I only go to school 3 days a week sooo… it can’t be that hard. And I get to play around a bit more with my hair ^^
This week  I went through… all down straight. Half up, twist, and tied in a side pony tail. Then today a low messy bun with just a hair tie.

I think this challenge will be easier ^^ And yes, if counts as different if I add a bow in it or something, cause.. it’s different! I’m excited, I love doing these small challenges.. even if I don’t end up completing it….

Annd… today? It was fun. Lots of sugar o.o I demand crepes next time though =P


Fin! Preview =3


This is what I did today~
Looks pretty eh?

If you haven’t guessed it already.. This is my completion of January’s cosplay project! I present to you, Shuffle.
It’s just their normal school uniform, but I really like Shuffle’s because it’s a bit more challenging than the normal ones. And it’s cute? No? Okay it’s different.

I’ll have shoot pictures and all up later. First I’m making a tutorial on how to make the outfit. It’ll probably be put into 3 parts. … but I’ll finish that when I have time. It’ll take me awhile because.. well… It’s the first time trying to do anything like that >.< Gotta figure it all out for the first time you know.

Other than that? Mmm… Nothing so much! Can’t wait to get started on Ragnarok soon ^^More Shuffle pics later