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Merry Halloween


So today was.. decent. You’d assume I would go party at some place with my cosplays… heck… a lot of people thought I dressed up today. It being ‘normal’ to do so. But you know what? I don’t like dressing up today o.o It makes me one of the normal people that do and… honestly… today is just an excuse for girls to dress up slutty and go walking around at night… talk about bait right?

So I stayed home tonight. I worked on my choco love dress, the fabric you see up there is for it =3 smaller version of course. I got the top done and fitted as well as the skirt all nice and pleated. I hop eit turns out nice… I’m just kind of.. winging it. >.<;; That and I got another 3 episodes of Charmed done >.>;;

mmm… morning kind of sucked though. My mom was on a cleaning montage and it was annoying. Cause she started to clean in this room and she was yelling at me to clean but she leaves it halfways and we eat and bai bai to cleaning xDDD Oh well. MY sister cleaned the rest of it basically cause she wanted to go out with her friends tonight. >.< That… didn’t work. Cause she didnt’ go out. Not sure why. Not like my mom said no.

Then my brother believes that me going out to watch over little middle schooler girls will help.. I’m like the same size as them!!! =.=

Anyhow. Time to so some last minute studying. Not sure what I have yet to do this week, but I know it’ll be busy. Tomorrow.. I’ll write out some goals I have for the month. I like going back to them at the end to see if I actually accomplished anything xD

Alright. Hope everyone had a good halloween. Next year… I’ll have a photoshoot! Why? Perfect excuse to do so xD




Mirror mirror on the floor


*turns had sideways* It’s sideways xD
My mom bought me a mirror! Cause it was cheap xD I find it funny how shes giving it to ME though… am I really that narcisstic? Don’t answer that =P I know the answer. Actually she got me it for my sewing work… Hey, at least she’s being supportive right? She still wont stop bothering me about figuring otu what to do after college >.< I honestly don’t know yet, but I do have a general direction? Just gotta find out that job.

Today was a really really productive day!! =DD I’m happy. I woke up pretty late.. probably from sleeping at like.. 2 am. Once again I did the whole.. sleep. wake up. text. sleep xD Such a bad habit…

I woke up and finished the season of Project Runway!! And whole doing that… took me 4 hours to finish! It also took me 4 hours to finish painting completely 5 charms. A present for a friend, and 4 navis. Oh scratch that. 6 charms. Cause I also did a mini azurill =3 More pictures will be up later… I’m kinda lazy to get them right now.

Then afterwards. I filmed a bow tutorial. I dunno how well it turned out though, I just… did it. Need to see if anything in it is useable though…  I’ll do that all tomorrow! >.< That and homework.

Tomorrow is also Halloween. annnd… I don’t believe I am doing anything. xD Should be parting or something right? Nope! I’m good xP
Kinda wish I was though… lol!

Alrighty… mroe to write about. But wont. I’m tired xD


nonexistant bruise


So youre thinking “Wth, what is this picture suppose to be?!” It’s actually suppose to be highlighting the bruise I got today from the martial arts room (aka the physics room =P)

So it was pretty good. I mean… I started to learn more TKD and… it’s a bit different than the normal wushu I do. Cause I can make things look flashy, showy, girlie, etc etc. But then it comes to actual usefullness… >.> But I’m getting the hang of it. Half the time today I think I just didn’t want to… try. But in the end I did end up trying xDD;; I mean… its just a kick? And I was a little more determined cause.. hum… somewhere along the line I think I got slightly annoyed. Just slightly. xD;; But boba fixed that up. Oh. And Charmed =3
I got the bruise from holding up the very very heavy padding in which I didn’t know how to first hold it so when the kick came.. my hand recoiled and hit me and the hard edge of the pad and =.= Can you say ouch? So I’ll be complaining about that for a bit… Oh! Talking about complaining…

I haven’t gone shopping in awhile o.o Granted I’m utterly broke.. yet I still always somehow have money to spend on fabric… xD;; So I bought a total of 5 yards worth of non-cosplay fabric! I’ll be making some new dresses.. hopefully they turn out good. Gotta start designing somewhere yea? Which going to Joanns was fun! I mean… yea the lady said there were a bunch of cute asian guys behind me and told me to go stand near them xD I thought that was hilarious. Cause she was.. old-ish looking and.. nto even asian o.o She even said “yea the guy in the black with the longer hair is cute!” I was like /mouth opened I couldn’t believe it xD Not the cuteness. That she was telling me!! xDD;; But it was cute. How she tried to make small talk like that. I didn’t really look at the guys,  I honestly thought they were high schoolers at first xD There were like.. 4 guys waiting to get fabric cut.. seriously?

Oh not to mention I started clay stuff and perfected my design so I can work on it tomorrow! Why? Cause… I can? =D

Time to complain about the boy >.> Apparently he thinks he can steal away my girl crush!! Jessica!! From SNSD… >.> She’s mine. miinnnne. Yea. That’s right. I threw Tae Yang out the door and now its JesSICA <3 hehe. Mind as well have a girl crush right? Not like that’s werid for girls I mean.. if he had a man crush, I’d be kinda weirded out… Then he’s trying to compare foreheads with me… ha..ha… >.> Actually, I’d want him to win in that.. lol!

Kasuki!! Going so close to my school and not telling me.. so not cool! We should hang out! All.. 4 of us! Like.. Knotts? But less awkward… cause. Well you know why. And we haven’t hung out in like forever and no one can replace you =3

Oh! I remmeber what I wanted to write about today… Brains v. Beauty. Something … apparently has been a struggle for some girls. Cause at a young age we want beauty. But at a later age we want brain. Solution? Brain then beauty. =D Like nerd gone beautiful. Because being smart gets … easier o.o then you have more time to look pretty. Other way around? Not really. I mean… beauty just gets harder to maintain… and =.= Yea. So if your in school, your cool? xDD




Im… not sure why I’m even putting this picture up xD
Anyhoww. Today? I was.. bored o.o Watched a lot of charmed…
Leveled a Archer to Sniper status on Rag… =3 She’s evillll =D
Then I watched Nikita and loved it! Makes me wanna sparr… hopefully that stays in my head untill tomorrow yea? Yea.

OTher than that. mmm….
SNSD’s new mv came out last night. It’s called Hoot. I really do like it.
It’s also been stuck in my head for awhile.. love the video. Makes me want to buy thigh high boots but.. T.T Can’t really.. wear them in public now can I? xD That and I think I have an idea in mind for a new design. Planning to buy fabric for an original dress soon! Yesh =3 I want to get that going. Though we’ll see how that goes in general… 2 years to establish something!! … I can do it. I know I can.

And I also made 2 clay charms today. Haven’t fired them up. Kinda lazy you know? They’ll be done before halloween though. Then I haev to take some quick pictures of them… annnd.. ugh. This weekend is going to be so .. busy!! Not homework wise. Just.. getting myself to do something!!

Oh. And I woke up this morning in such a bliss. I had such a weird dream. But it was nice, nothing freaky. And I haven’t seen the scene too often in my dreams before so I’m glad.. though my sister has been showing up in them lately.. creepy yea? I think so



Ahem… Kokkkeeee~?

Waffle. Waffle. Coffee. Donut!
So addicting I swear..

Anyhow! School today. Decently good! Texted alot o.o It was fun xD Then I also took my accounting midterm today. It went… okay. Decently? C status? I’m kind of scared of the result. but I said that last time and I did perfectly finnne =3

Then oh!! I went to Fabricland today! And seriously.. they made it sound WAY better online =.= It was all like.. old clothing… not such great prices it seemed either… annnd… it smelled… apaprently like a doctor’s office according to Gee? So the trip was not worth it. I would have rather drove to the joanns =3 At least young people work there! And they have coupons =D And a larger selection!! I need to go again soon >.>

Oh I worked out today. No physics room but… actually used the machines. I’m going to be spending the next month or so on my thighs… I feel as though thats one place I need to work out a lot more. Cause my calfs are pretty good o.o And my stomach.. is getting there. OH well. Eliptical is fun =3

Other than that… enjoy the video~ Kokkkkeee~?