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not- “Friday”

*starts dancing* See the cute vid yet? She’s so adorable~

I can always count on IU to make me go “aww!” And instead of any complaining about my day (especially since I’m writing this in the morning) I’ll go with things I love…

I love that the new year is coming… I was never really enthusiastic about 2013 but at the same time it’s really just a number.. I’ve been learning to take life one day at a time.

I love music and it’s ability to keep me sane in the toughest situations
(Did you hear the Japanese version of “Let it go” from Frozen?! It’s quite something… I still like the English and Polish version more though xD Well maybe. At least I can sing to the Japanese and English version… )

I love my cosplay work not as a way to escape but as a way to live out.


Boba, Wires, Appetite…


Once of those days that involved tea and brick toast~ Went to Cha2O which is really the only place that’s opened late… and it has the whole night club vibe to it. You can also see my new gloves I bought to the left! It’s one of the ones where it’s fingerless but you can unhook the elastic to the bow to unfold the mitten part off. Got it mainly cause my hands get cold from all the lovely cosplays works xD

I woke up to a nice surprise today though! Okay not really… I woke up early which was nice. Had a cup of coffee and watched a bit of anime! Also took down our Christmas tree T.T So sad to see it leave but oh well. Anyways! The nice surprise? Hunny. You can just see the mess from this picture I posted on my twitter:


He basically bit BOTH the sewing machine and serger power cords….. He actually ate a bit of it last night where he got shocked and my sister almost did too xD So I thought that was the end of it but nooo, I unplugged it and came back in the morning to see it like this T.T It made my heart just sink and I was trying to take business pictures at the time T.T So none of the pictures really turned out well… (didnt help with my mother’s constant interference) So afterwards I nagged my brother enough for him to fix it. SO ITS FIXED :D And I’m happy. Also took precautions and got wire protectors as well as taped the wires to the top of the table and floor to avoid any more heart sinking incidents. I think my bunny getting kicked out of my spot is making him rebel and so he keeps trying to cause wreakage T.T It’s horrible… it’s like having a teenager of my own T.T I don’t like it already.

Yea… that’s my morning. Sent out some store packages to peoples which is always fun. And came home to do some armor work! Yep. Already working on the re-do of Asuna’s armor~ Mainly cause I wasn’t ready to take up sewing heavily two days straight xD And then I got swept away to the boba spot where my little cousin threw up on the way… home.. in the car. it was gross… I lost my appetite for the night sooo gum it is xD

So many feels today!! Hing. I think I need to sleep early >.>


Clean hemming~

 photo DSCN3697_zps29512093.jpg

I woke up today with such a heavy heart and no strength in me for a smile… but that also might be from sleepy badly at like 5am… >.>;; So I got up and went about my day… got some bread for myself and boba which was nice but… I still felt kinda down… even tried some retail therapy xD But to no avail I went off to the office to … well I dunno. At that point in the day I was kinda… at a lost. So I went anyways and just looked up cosplay tutorials! And that… actually perked me up o.o So I went… you know what…. I gotta just go home and do what I need to do. So I went home and worked on my cosplay stuff and it was GREAT. I don’t know why but I felt so energetic and it just reminds me how much I love just.. making stuff =3 And it also kinda of makes me dread tax season T.T

 So yea… I spent a good 3 hours on cosplay mainly finishing up the skit hem with horsehair braiding (10 yards of that sucker. Took forever! But well worth it =3) And then spend a good amount of time getting the bodice to fit perfectly =3 Also pretty happy with the result especially since I found that wiring makes a nicer silhouette than the plastic boning… but I’m not sure how well it’ll hold up in the long run as it’s not very… stable. Well let’s just say its more fragile.

I’m also really happy cause me and Gee got to watch Monsters U together! well.. sorta. But together! It was so adorable~ I loved it =3 It’s nice bonding time as… well I’ve been busy with sewing and actual work that it’s been taking me away from the computer and actual talking… >.>;; But on the bright side… I’m up at 3:30am just because we want to finish this starcraft… game… =.=

How am I gonna wake up early tomorrow… T.T

(no seriously guys… look at that hemming.. isn’t it sexy?!)


Dancing.. singing. sewing!


I recently started to take more pictures on my phone (I’m seriously getting lazy with my camera…) but it’s good too cause I can do these cute little piles of pictures =3 and I’ve grown to really like it especially since it’s easy to do! (now I sound like I’m advertising it…)

Yesterday I actually totally forgot to post o.o Which is kinda crazy. I mean once in a blue moon I do forget completely and I can’t really believe it o.o While most other days I go “Eh today was boring… don’t have anything to write” or “too.. lazy.” /plays games. xD But yea… yesterday was just forgetting cause I suddenly had such determination to finish everything! and I guess I am learning one thing from my mother… get it done asap to get results asap!

So yesterday I finally applied to a position that I really hope I get…. today I ended up just working on work advertisements and patterns at the office! The pattern is quite hard actually… never had to do something like it before. And I get home to play a game of league =3 Which.. didn’t turn out good.. BUT! Heather did get me a skin which was cool~ And I still go on to admire the Winter Lulu skin that Gee got me! IT’s soooo adorable~~~~

And I spent SO much time on cleaning the room from… bunny presents. Trying to get the kids to do more chores xD It’s hard T.T Also spend a good amount of time on just… dancing. Yea. My family dances.. and sings. alot. randomly. so my legs are actually really tired from standing so much… and the work out I did.

AHHH ALA is in ..what.. 14 days?!?! I’m going crazy =.= That’s what the picture is… my Archer progress… it’s not much T.T I had an order come in on the store which took priority (which isn’t so bad… I needed to make products for ALA anyways!) So I wanted to be done with the dress part completely but bunny & orders took up too much time T.T


I’m expensive…

Merry Christmas to everyonnneee~!!!!

Yea I think I’ve written that on every social media thing I have… but all at different times in the day xDD So like twitter was written first.. while I was half asleep in bed. Like… I woke up later going “when did I even tweet..?!”

It was a good day though. Relaxing that’s for sure.. but I can’t help the naggy feeling of all the things I have to do in the coming weeks… so it’s really starting to get to me >.>

OH! I DID buy myself some Christmas gifts this year =3 I decided I could splurge on myself just… just a little =3 So….

 photo DSCN3666_zps17973c7c.jpg

This is the first of them =3 About… $40 worth of makeup >.> I really needed the eye liners especially for cosplay… they come in a few different colors so I’m super excited~ And then some blush, eye primer, face hydrater and a gift for a friend~ (which isnt shown)

 photo DSCN3652_zpsd960902e.jpg

Then this is my two new pairs of color contacts =3 I’m SUPER excited about these as the blue is for my archer outfit and then I have a pair of grey that is for “daily” wear and other cosplays that will look cool with them xD Because my eyes are sensitive I made sure to get certified ones and non-circle lenses… so a diameter less than 14.2 … but I might have gotten a 14.5 anyways. I doubt it though… lol

So yes! Those are my gifts to myself this year =3 Mainly cosplay things~ I’m happy ^^

Then my family got me some more sewing items like an iron board and a cute jar kit. And then… some other stuff like clothes… etc etc.

So my Christmas basically consisted with opening present -> Sleeping -> Eating -> Games -> Food/boba -> Games -> More games -> Dancing/working out -> facial w/ movie -> Chatting -> Sleeping.

And that’s just peachy for me =3