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The moon was very bright yesterday. took this at night xD
Though I didn’t take it when it wasn’t at it’s fullest. lol.
Full moons are nice though… gives the sky light..

Not much today. Didn’t do what I wanted to that’s for sure!
I’m more stressing out about school.
I shouldn’t fall asleep in class… I forgot what the hw was… also I didn’t finish my hw stuff cause of my sister!!
I played a game with her as well as watched leverage as well as went grocery shopping with my mom.
Not the day I wanted that’s for sure. So I now have about an hour to read, write a page, and pack for tomorrow. I better get on that xD


scared of heights?


Scared of heights?
More like the sun is too bright!!
Heights arn’t so bad xD Kinda.. well you know there is a limit on how high I can be personally.
But you know the fears that are most common (that I hear of the most) would be fear of heights, spiders, and sharp stuff. lol.
Actually I’m not so sure now thatI think about it..

Anyways. Yea this was just a pic I took near school. The mountains looked pretty so I was actually taking pics of that. They didn’t turn out so well though >.< I don’t have a uberly great camera.

That was yesterday!
Today I went to …. do stuffs…
Mainly went to Joanns. Got a pretty box for my car xD
Then… also got a zipper and tape. lol.
That’s about it. But I did wander around enough to find a really cute vase and candy that I will be getting for my office ^-^
a REALLY cute vase. ^^;;
I’m excited for it because I finally get to do some decorating myself~
I may also get another vase for my desk at home… well my “desk”
Other than that? church and watching mroe leverage~

I also joined a few more groups on DA as well as looking at more cosplay ideas! Tomorrow my to-do list is to do hw. read. and test out fabric swatches with dye. ^^ yay cosplay~


Tea tiredness


Today… is a very tiring day for me.
I didn’t do much that physically tired me out but I guess everything piled up on me so my brain was just exhausted by the time I got home.
I came home. Went onto the futon, and slept. That was like… 8-10 ish. And I could’ve slept more, but I need to save it for later xD

I wanted some Arizona. Black and white tea is yummy… just saying. It’s a refresher from regular green tea.
I reccommend it ^^;;

That’s all I’ll say for now. Today was.. interesting.


Oh beach


So awhile ago I went to the beach~ I believe last saturday… or something like that.
And I took sooooo many pics! And I can’t pick a fav but..,. I’ll show them when I really don’t have anything to put up xD
But it was really pretty~ Personally I love the scnery but I don’t really like going. Its just a hassle! So many people >.<;;

Ah and today? Its just a thursday.
I’m sore! from wushu -.-
Not so bad though, its nice~
Annnd… I made flan <3
I did calc hw.
I…. printed out lots of paper. 30+ o.o
School takes alot of paper. Well one class does specifically..
And! I unlocked everying in super smash bros n64 ^-^ Howw cool huh? Spent a few hours on it >.> I was bored.
Alsoooo… planning what im going to wear tomorrow… not sure what T.T

As well as the toyota recall scares me. At first it didn’t because.. not many cars have the problem. But many has the potential I guess.
If I notice anything weird with my car I’ll be sure to do something about it~
I just cleaned it today. Not the outside, the inside. I got lint all over it >.< And spilled a little bit of choco. Not on the cloth seats though!

I’ve been having these weird dreams lately…
Is it real… or not?
(LOL! Sorry, its true but I took that from Kingdom Hearts  (partly) xD)
seriously. My dreams have been based on what happened the day before.
Before it was clouds that were dangerous. Last night it was someone asking me to be their valentine and me trying to conspire with others to get out of it. ^^;; That had a leverage spin to it~

Which! I will reccommend everyone to watch leverage. Not a romance but dang good.


beyond the clouds


This picture of clouds… I love taking pictures of clouds when I can. Mostly when I find a masses like this. Which doesn’t come by very much.
This is just outside my window though. And I just thought they looked cool together.
Then I started to see images o.o;;
So you can tell me what you see xD I’ll tell you what I saw at the bottom of this post~

So today! 2nd day of classes for me.
And seriously? Things arn’t going my way. lol.

1. I wore tennis shoes AND jeans. The horror right?! It put a damper on me >.<
2. Because I dressed.. slacker-like, more people talked to me? o.O
3. Too bad I like my skirts and heels… they are often associated with stuck up chatty and popular girls though. None of which I am.
4. Oh a guy hit on me and invited me to a frat party. l . o . l
5. I went out of the elevator when it wasn’t my floor… thats what I get for not paying attention!
6. People only sit next to me if thats absolutely the last seat! How sad…
7. I only ate junk food all day ^^;;
8. I did wushu in jeans… that was hard!
9. Tennis shoes hurt more than my heels.
10. I slept in 2 out of 6 of my classes! I think that’s good~

And that’s about it. I also talked to a few people I haven’t spoken with in awhile. That was nice. Kinda akward!
But I’m happy that people still txt, call, and wanna meet up with me even though its a new semester!

Oh the clouds? From left to right I see a hand holding a butcher’s knife. A ice cream cone. An old man with a cane. And a elmo looking duck. xD