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Desktop Miku ^^


A Screen shot of my desktop at the moment~
Actually pretty clean… just cleaned it up… a week ago maybe? sometime during the break.
I really like this bg because it does fill up the whole screen (unlike some other pics since my screen is so big)
And it’s miku! With wings <3 Too bad its not pink. But I love miku’s personality so her cuteness can atone for that.

I’m currently at school~ Thinking about cosplay and sewing stuff… I miss it.
Though instead of tihnking about that I should be thinking what is a trstor, trustee, and beneficiary reationships and what not.

bleh. I need a nap. Hey! I can just start studying RE! I’ll be out like a light~ lol!

Time to go to anime club now. Yes. That’s the highlight of my day today, lol~
Can’t blame me… some people there are weird, but the majority are… weird – .-
Okay nvm I’m done trying to make a point xD


Big momo


So one morning I saw my momo collection and I was like…
oh! I can attach the small on on my phone!
So I did xD And its huge xD
And I LOVE it!! <3
And if you pull the string it vibrates xD
Which is pretty loud but fun to play with when I’m bored… lol
And its really easy to find my phone in my bag now xD woot woot~
So just wanted to share that…

So today I tried, key word tried, doing hw the whole day.
I ened up having to deliever food and getting boba. Then watched Ramen Girl on Netflix. Which was nice xD I like knowing Japanese~
Should hone my skills more… I miss it <3

Still working on hw. Absolutely hate math!!! >.<;;
And my speech is going alright. Better than animal rights thats for sure… hehe.

So imma go watch the new Tinkbell movie… I love Tinkerbell~


Sa ku ra~

Sakura! <3

Yea I actually ran out of options to do for cosplays!
Like… I can’t do something too complicated for ALA but something that’s challenging in a way.
So! I decided to finally make Sakura’s pink and white outfit with wings!
Yes. Wings.
Small–ish wings xD
And since I already have a wig I’m happy ^-^
And today I bought the fabric. White and pink. And a star I have to paint yellow for the necklace~
I WILL be making the staff and wings myself.
I may ask a friend to make the staff if I run low on time though…. maybe.

so yes! This will be a cute little cosplay outfit for ALA~ My last outfit to fill the 3 days~
(And sorry no Haruhi >.<)


Long day


Well I came home like at 3 this morning from my bro’s friend thanksgiving dinner. Yea. 3.
It was fun though, playing the Wii with others and some Aweesome food.
I actually made Heartattacks!
Stuffed Jelepenos with cream cheese and imitation crab and spicy tuna (from the sushi) on top.
Deep fry that and its ready! Sooo yummy. Not healthy xD
Also they made Lasagna from cratch, pizza, some really yummy hot wings, annnd lots of spicy tuna sushi. Probably worth more than $100 there, for s ures. Cause it was crazy.
I was so tired after cooking, it really wears you out.
And yea… I drank a can of cocacola for the caffine to keep me up >.< It worked! Tasted alright, I like tea better.

And thats about it. Woke up by my mom yelling xD Yea shouldn’t come home late and wake up late, but its hard not to!
Made wontons all morning basically. Over 200 thats for sure.
Then looked up some cosplay stuff. That’ll be in another post.
Then went to Joanns and the mall with my sis.
Joanns I spent $20 there. Got 3 yd white. 2 yd pink. 2 yd white fleece. I wanna try making a sweater type thing.
Then went to claires where I got some cute things and a bag that was only $2! THey made a mistake and gave it to me anyways ^-^
Now I’m home from church, took a nap and gotta do something useful now xD


Black Friday~

So today is Black Friday and I actually wokr up at 4 just to go shopping.
And WOW was there alot of shoppers! Like crazy alot.

Oh and the pic? Just took it right now, yea its blurry on purpose xD

I bought BOOTS!
Knee high. Black. Leather—ish. I think? Size 7? xD Heeled like my Miku heels, that tall. I didn’t want it too tall because I need to be able to walk comfy. It is pretty comfy, not a thin heel but not too big. only $25 at Sears! Hehe.
Annnnd. Yea I liet hem ^-^ They are kind squared at the toe part, I wanted them pointy..ish, but whatever. it works. Not a bad price for it at all!
Also got a vaccum for $15, a portable little thing. To suck up spiders… muhahaha. A leather jacket for my daddy and my mom’s exercise thing she wanted.
All that to wake up at 4. Dangit.

Got back around 8-9? Took a nap till 11. Went on the compy to do my stuffs. Showered. Ate. And now I’m here. Trying to get to Joanns and go to my friend’s family party thing.

Other than that… feel free to txt and whatnot.
Hopefully I can get my bangs cut tomorrow… Gotta change my hair a lil bit more ^-^