I sparkled =3

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I did this to my phone recently =3 My sister says it looks evil.. I think it’s cute! No? I sprung for black because I have learned my lesson on putting anything white on my phone >.< Of course that doesn’t stop me from buying white fabric and making bows out of them! Why? I dunno. I just have this attraction to whites and blacks…. more so than neutral beige-ish colors xD Anyways. It had more (more?!) sparkles on it but I took them off because it was too much. Yes. There is such thing as too much sparkles xD Hopefully it stays on for awhile.. I really do hope so. The materials for it was cheap so I’m happy even if it does xD I’m working on making a different kind of lace bow to put as a phone anti-dust plug thing xD Still working on the details on those… I have 2 more done but I haven’t gotten around on posting them up >.< Why? No idea! My goal though is to have something new to post every week o.o (wow really?) Yes really! Can I do it? Why the heck not. I need to plan some goals for myself.

A week left of break anyways. I feel SO under accomplished. Like. It’s starting to hit me.

Though the job search is going better thanks to Gee… I guess I was emanating rays of “help” since he did go out of his way to do so… I think that’s when I know I’ve hit some sort of … block. I dunno. I dunno T.T


tad bit narcissistic


It’s my new phone! and yes… my background is myself… it’s just a really cool background picture >.> At least for now. It’s my lovely Galaxy S 3 and It’s great~ For the most part… I still don’t know all the functions and all but I’m getting there…

LEt’s see…. I seriously don’t think there was much else going on with my weekend. (since technically monday counts as part of my weekend xDD) There is voting tomorrow though! Exciting stuff no? xD I have no idea who I’m going to vote for still, so many conflicting stuffs >.<

I also found out as of today I Have 5 papers to get through before the end of the semester. It’s getting crazy =.= I hate papers. You have to be in that writing paper mood… you know?

On another note. I bought a few things today for ALA’s artist Alley coming up ^^ I’m working on some new things and I really really hope they work. I also made Asuna’s skirt too short width wise so I have to go buy more fabric to finish it T.T I wore I did the meansurements correctly… then again I did rush it a bit >.< Oh well. Now I so don’t want to continue doing the cosplay but I know I sohuld. I also bought a huge roll of foam the other day. It’s lovely. really.


Something new~


Hi everyone! Lovely day today wasn’t it?

I got a few new surprises today… some nice… some okay… some what?! First off I started my day early =.= I hate that really… starting it off early but not really getting much done like I would have liked. I actually ended up getting something really really new yet not so new at the same time:


My new phone! Since apparently my family wanted to get them today… I was all okay for waiting but nooo -.- It’s a decent phone so far… fast yes. Kind of annoying for the interfacing though xDD

Another thing is that… we had some yummy food today and I got 2 new pencils and a new lining micron pen!! =3 Happy enough xD Big bang concert tomorrow! I can’t wait! Time to go play with the phone… I really hope it was worth so much money…


its invisible!


For the longest time my screen on my phone has been scratched peeled.. and really beat up. My brother initially paid for the invisible shield and he over paid I learned just because we got it at a kiosk… anyone.. my advice for anyone going to get it? Just buy it from best buy and do it yourself~ I like it more than when you get it at the little stand lol! Plus… it comes with cool stuff and I like having control over how I’m putting the shield on… it’s a lot better than leaving it to someone else >.> Someone who is just doing it for $10 lol.

Anyways… my point in this? I wanted to show you the grossness of my old shield =3


lovely huh? lol!! Yea.. since I put it on two days ago all I have been doing is spazzing over it and just… touching my phone and being amazed… I know.. kinda dorky >.>

Did I mention that I’ve been addicted to Digimon? Mann.. they have so many cliffhangers after episodes it’s hard sleeping at 2 >.> Gosh….

Oh… and I swear I’m not trying to advertise them. … not completely at least xD


Mr. Soot


Look MR. Soot ball is not King Fancy-pants Soot ball XDDD It’s not what I ended up doing with my phone but… I thought it was so adorable~ I didn’t do it because it made my phone very.. wobbly… sooo xD I think I already went through that though xD

So today! Ah… got a little more studying done. I still can’t last for very long sitting in a chair and trying to make sense of words >.< It’s.. hard! So I ended up trying to find food to accompany me with the task which.. I think is bad for me considering all I really have at the office is tea and junk food… oh and ramen! But I try to save my ramen stash for special times when I miss lunch or dinner… and what not. I’ll probably get to it more next week, after AX! In the next few days im trying to get so much done and I still haven’t gotten the chance to do so.

I have a problem too… someone commissioned me at the con and paid me in advanced… I said I would ship it to them in the next week or so after they confirm the information through email and if they still didn’t get it they were suppose to email me. Well.. I never got a confirmation email >.> And I don’t want to send the package to possibly the wrong email……. I find that would be worse than waiting to send it… cause I Seriously have trouble read1ing my own handwriting let alone someone else’s. Soooo…. what else can I do but wait?

I had something else planned to post today but photobucket doesn’t like me~ So … you got stuck with something some-what but not completely useless? xD (okay it’s useless info xD)