black forest


It was my sister’s birthday this past weekend! She’s turnningg… LEGAL XD At least legal enough… I was kinda sad how discombobulated her birthday was… I seriously think parents forgot until her friend came by to drop off a gift… but we didn’t give her any gifts cause well… usually me or my brother goes shopping with my mother and we pick her out something but I guess birthday gifts have just … kidna gotten forgotten lately.  And its really sad >> But I think parents are getting a little lazy as this is their 3rd kid xD And you’d think the baby of the fams are the most spoiled. probably! But I find its either in attention or money lol

Either way. I picked out her bday cake cause if anything a birthday is not one without cake! always. no negotiations!

Got her a cake that I know we’d like instead of trying something new. It’s called Black Forest :D It’s pretty much a layer of choco cake then a layer of yummy cream (not overly sweet tho) and repeat that like 2 more times. I remember a friend getting me this cake for the first time and I LOVED it, still do actually~ So every time I get this type of cake I think of how wonderful getting the cake was back then xD Sometime simple things like that just stick to me.



The camera transitions in this so soooo…. smooothh~~ Oh and the Yuri hair flip and dancing is really nice~ Song get catchy once you play it like.. twice. Not really a song you play to sing along to.. more like one thats playing in some club xD Its nice cause it was -kinda- released on my bday~~ So that’s always nice =3


As for my birthday it was an eventful day. I didn’t think I’d be out of the house that much but at the same kinda I’m kinda glad I didn’t spend it like any other day. Which is usually my goal for birthdays is to do something different! :D So I went shopping… like had money to ACTUALLY shop and couldn’t find crap QQ Well here and there but nothing really wow-ed me. Then went home to talk to Gee a bit =3 We went to the pier where I got to pick an oyster and behold! Two pretty pearls in one =3 And it was free… so it was awesome~~ I want earrings made out of them ^^ They also have a slight pink tint to them which is soo adorable!! Afterwards I picked up my own cake (lol!! my family is so scared of disappointing me with the “wrong” cake) And ate cake at home.. then Janice came over and took me out for some snack/dinner/drinks! It was entertaining and slightly tiring since by that time my throat was not getting any better.

Oh right. I’m also sick QQ I dunno how I got it or what it is but it sucks.

In the end it was quite different and other than the fact I couldn’t find things to buy it was… nice. My actual birthday celebration day which im really really looking forward to is next week! Cause I won’t be able to fully celebrate my birthday until after tax season~ XDD

Anyways. Good times! Tiff was nice enough to give me a present~  My brother got me a little figurine though and its ADORABLE :D It’s weird getting presents though so pls.. stop xD >.>


I can make my own food

 photo 20140413_150807_zpsb26030c4.jpg

Helped cook my own birthday lunch at home today… which isnt so bad cause in these instances I just use it to find a new recipe and run with it lol But this is like the table before and.. the table (sorta) after:
 photo 20140413_154902_zpsd17490e2.jpg

So this time I grilled the asparagus and then also made the pasta salad! And it was great cause we just had a bowl of fruit on the table.. and it was GONE o.o nom noms =3

It was great cause it felt like the old days where we didn’t want to invite friends over so it would just be our “cousins” which was great anyways. But now it would have been perfect is one didn’t… bring his gf >.> =.= So they left early cause of her and I wasn’t very happy about that. Not that they left early but because some of them also left without really say goodbye just because she was bored =.= Hey. you came girlie… =3=

Anyways… I’ve hit the stage where I don’t really get any gifts from family other than the occasional money.. which my mother is telling me to spend on clothes. And she won’t be far off on that since I will be spending it on fabric! Just.. maybe raw fabric not made into a piece of clothing yet >.> ..

… and food.

Other than that.. good day~ Also got snacks from the store! How can you not love that~~

TWO MORE DAYS UNTIL IM FREE. I think I’ll do some online shopping tomorrow =3


Gained a level~


Aha xD Happy birthday to me~? It’s really just an excuse to eat out at nice places and dress up a little! So I wore my chiffon block dress which ended up getting a little ruined from my belt puckering the threading and I may have dropping some food on myself at one point >.>

Anyways! I started off the day with… just catching up with my brother and cousin then off to work by showing a house >.> Which was kinda stressful cause my brother got the address to me wrong =.= And then I was late to meeting with Gee because of that t.T But! We had a nice lunch together, just the two of us~ Which I requested since we don’t have a nice lunch/dinner out together since we’re so far apart xD Afterwards we picked up Heather and went to do some light shopping! And then dinner =3

The picture is just all the wonderful gifts I got.. missing a few though. Gee is a crazy dude that got me like 4 different gifts in one o.o A board, color pencils, ruler, ELEPHANTS :D food… lots of food and boba *-* I’ve been spoiled T.T And then more food from my friends, joanns gift cards and sunglasses! It’s wonderful… I hate that they gave me gifts but its been nice since my family has hit the stage where we don’t give gifts anymore…

<3 Celebrating being a year older~ It’s not too bad if you celebrate it =3

Ps. Allt he birthday wishes are awesome, thanks to everyone =3


These surprising tricksters…

 photo Small_zps71cd208d.jpg

These tricksters are awesome xD

So I’ve never actually been ….surprised. Like… never really. I’ve always been able to pick up on slight hints and I can tell when something is up pretty easily. I think Gee got a taste of it when I could guess what my present was last year xDD BUT this year… this year =.=

Gee has been super nice and it’s been throwing me off because it hasn’t been weird but at the same time it has been? We don’t have a lovey Dovey relationship but it’s not a bland one either. Lets face it, I can’t explain it =.=

Point is. After my Birthday on Wednesday I was kinda…. meh because Heather couldn’t make the initial plan >.< But it was still fun with just me and Gee =3 Then today came around and I thought Bryant and Heather would come out to have a dinner with me but they were tricking me! Heather said she was busy…. and bryant kept playing hard to get =3= At this point I seriously though Gee brought me all the way to the Spectrum just to shop xD Really! I mean it’s nice cause we never go there but it was weird you know? Yet… I never caught up on it cause once he said “cheesecake factory” I went =D So we go shopping for a bit and I’m thinking at this point no one is gonna join us for dinner and it’ll just be us two. Don’t get me wrong, I love just us but… I love my friends too =3

I walk into the restaurant expecting like Gee to walk over to put our name down so we could wait like…well.. everyone else. But he like.. stops in the middle and tells me to look. And i’m seriously confused because I really thought we were going to talk to the employee person? xD I feel a hand on my neck and Gee is in front of me… Do you know how freaky that is!?? I look and its Bryant looking all spiffy and apparently I literally jumped and they won’t stop making fun of how surprised I looked =.= We go to the table he already got and there is Heather just sitting there!

Ugh. These friends of mine -.- GEE especially! Everything was so so… normal that I didn’t expect a thing. And if I did then it can easily be dispelled apparently xDD So I really was surprised. I don’t like it but I do? It’s weird xDD It’s like I was hoping to be but I didn’t want to put my faith in it. Having hope for a surprise is just as disappointing as looking in gutters for a dollar bill…. most likely unlikely but still possible.

So with that said… Gee knows my favorite cheesecake =3 This is also the second cake he has gotten me and I feel so spoiled I might have to try to out spoil him for next week xDD

 photo Cake_zpsec70f2a2.jpg

Kahlua Cheesecake!! <3

Oh and! presents? Mmm… just a lovely necklace from mother. Some cosplay cash from family. And a Wii U from my brother. …. yep. That’s about it. I’m trying to convince Gee to not get me a present at this point but it’s not working >.<