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Oh lala~ skirt!


My lenne skirt.. somewhat. The pic above I’m just showing how there is an extra layer underneath -.-

And that’s just showing how short/see=through and how the top part is very clean ^^ (No boarder all way of getting in exposed!)
I’m pretty happy about it. Fits snugly~ Though it does seem a bit long but… I think will heels it’ll balance out to look nice and not slutty -.-
But for sures I cant wear this out in public xDDD

Anyhowww… this coming month i have a HUGE schedule.
I’ll write that post up for tomorrow soon (school and all… it’s hard to post after I feel like collapsing after a whole day)

I actually woke up at 9 today o.o With some additional help of a text. But! When I woke up I was FULLY awake. But that means I would’ve only gotten 8 hours of sleep o.o sooo… I went back to sleep! Until about 11ish. Why? If I don’t get my 10 hours of sleep, I will be very very tired tomorrow. 6 hours on a school day. 10 hours off a school day… average that out~ 8 hours a day? xD Which is the recommended amount so~ (That makes sense right?)

LOL!! I just noticed that in my second picture it looks like there is a pole next to me xD It’s the lamp!! I swear!!! xP

… okay time for hw -.-


Looking at what?


Whatcha lookin at? I’m eating.

Hunny bunny fished out my apple core from the trash… again. He has such a nose for fruit in the trash can -.- Then he becomes a trash bunny…
But! Good thing about that is… he finishes the fruit completely so there are none for the ants to eat~ He’s been very good at that. If he fishes it outta the trash, he eats it all.

He’s been so lonely lately.. he LOVES my brother’s feet.. and can stay under it for like 30 minutes -.- and so my and my sister have been trying to do the same thing. (Cause he nudges our feet wanting it -.-) and… it lasts for like.. a minute? Before he squirms trying to get a good position and just leaves T.T
This bunny knows what he wants xD

My day turned out pretty well. I… had a good breakfast. Got to school early. got decent parking. And in like… every class… I have a seat I usually sit in. (or around) and it’s nice now because I’m starting to really makes friends with the people around me. My philosphy class was cancelled today sooo… I had an hour to kill alone. Almost fell asleep outside T.T Therefore I got coffee!! Yum… actually… it was just okay. At least the service is  nice~

I really do like my classes. Hard teacher or not, it works out.

On the note of work out. I worked out today~ For.. roughly an hour. Did my stretches, that felt good. Ran 5 laps (okay ran 3. walked one. ran 1. Walked another) I do have to say I’m a bit rusty. But running felt sooooo good. I love it more than the treadmill. Then went on the eliptical… that’s a new experiance xD I felt all wobbly afterwards xD I need a workout buddy. I tihnk I just need a buddy on mondays…

Anyhow.. time to work~



So I made this little buddy of mine awhile ago… I just was never able to post it up because.. well.. it was a rushed job and not very well done sooo.. its going into my scarp/storage bin. >.< Sorry lil piggy pokemon of mine T.T
(Yes, its the new fire pokemon for Pokemon Black and White =D)

so today… was … normal.
Ate. Brought food out. mm…
Oh! Went for ice cream x3 yum… baskin robin sundae all to myselffff~ And you know what? I don’t feel bad at all after eating it xD
I started on cospaly but… eh. Not in the mood. So I caught up on Kuroshitsuji 2~
Also fired up some clay that has been sitting out for awhile…
OH! Did my nails~ ^^ I like em like this more, simple~
Annd… leverge new episode! So funny xD
I leved up in Grand Fantasia~ And I’m a cheerleader in there! lol!! How cool is that xD (kinda? okay fine -.-)

My sister FINALLY cleaned the closet. It was all her clothes on the bottom. It was completely crazy. basically two whole trash bags of clothes -.- Probably will donate them to the church…

I’m completely fustrated at my internet too. Like… it’s been getting worse. Okay not my interent. My laptop. It’s losing its ability to connect to the internet! I can’t wait for my brother to come back… I need him to install me a cord~

Time to do some last minute hw~


I’m here~ singing!

I’ve been singing basically… non-stop for the past couple days!
Why? I’ve just been in a singing mood o.o

So why the video? This song is so catchy! Andd…. I’ve been wanting to sing more Japanese so I thought this one would be nice~ It’s not very easy just because … I’m not used to it xD I need to know where to put the pauses and all.
Along with this I am learning Genie in Japanese! x3 That one I’m having more success with ^^ But I won’t try to record that, I dont wanan get yelled at by SNSD fans T.T

But I’m hoping since a guy sings this song, I’ll be able to make it sound different because .. well I have a girl’s voice? xD

My sister has been SOO annoyed that I keep playing like 3 songs over and over trying to learn it but not get sick of it. lol~ So sorry lil sis.
I’ve been addicted to big bang’s new song too, don’t like the girl in it tho xP
I had choir today. It went… okay… like I’m slowly getting over my fear of singing in front of people.. I can sing at home just fine in front of my bro and sis. But not my parents o.o then again, I cant do anything in front of them xD like cosplay! It took my mom awhile to figure out I did that~ Now she brags about it, it’s so funny x3

Which reminds me I have to figure out some other things to do with my side hobby! clay work~ It’s something nice to do while watching anime or something. OH! I started on Kuroshitsuji 2 finally! I love it. Why? The blonde guy in the beginning. He’s so…two sided. Not that I like that. But he knows how to get what he wants. Yea.. .there’s probably some traumatic bg to it all… but its nice for the anime. If someone is like that irl … it might be kinda scary o.o;;


Mail day =3


Yes. That’s right! Remember that contest I got runner up for awhile back? I finally got the prizeeessss~~
Here’s a look at what I gots…

So I’m not sure what all of it is… but top left to top right is…
Koei thing from the E3. A booklet of like a sneak peek of that Ninja… (fill in blank) And a Dynasty Warriors empires 6 CD (promo?)
(Which both booklets I absolutely LOVE because there are so cosplay ideas in there x3)
Bottom left to right is a trading card pack. and 3 postcards of Koei characters!

I really do love Koei~

On a side note. I went to school bright and early today. It was okay. I spent an hour drawing out another entry. I’m not very happy with the person in the drawing but… I love the other stuff? x3 (basically I can’t draw people for crapppp~ And I didn’t really think the pic through before drawing it).
So that’ll be up later.. hopefully….

Umm.. came home. Did a week’s work of hw of Econ in a few hours. It was pretty bad, I hated it. But… I still got an A on both hws -.-;; (online stuffs)
Offically brain dead after spending a few hours straight doing that (like 4 ish?)
So after using up all my smarts side, I went to my creative side!!
Thus I completely finsihed Lenne’s skirt from scratch. It only took… 4 hours.. ish. I remember it being 4.. and now it’s 8 some… sooo… -.-;;
At least I was productive today!

Had spring rolls for lunch. That beats bringing a sandwhich to school annnyyydaaay. But I would’ve taken a afternoon with company more than both those combined? xD

More pictures of Lenne’s skirt on my cosblog later.. or possibly here? I didn’t take that many pictures. The process wasn’t so complicated and hard to record due to black fabric on black. >.< (Okay I was just lazy -.-)

So happy Friday everyone~