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Love the curve


This was my grade for my law 2nd midterm. The blue part is what I got…
But 155 out of 155 turns out to be a 74% ish? And that is fine with me, I dislike law xD
Why am I posting this up? Cause I’m ECSTATIC!!
The professor always curves it to the whole bell curve (yay for learning that in stats xD) And he ended up curing it at 100… 100!!!!
How awesome is that? I got extra from it! (I hope..) And I didn’t do too bad ont he first exam either.. I think I got an A with the curve on that too… Man people in the class must do bad o.o But I don’t blame them. If you don’t read or attend class its REALLY hard. And I know I only did well cause I made flash cards and got Gee to quiz me =3 That helped sooo much <3

Okay. That’s one less class to worry about. time to OWN business writing and I’m good for this year =D Hey.. maybe I can even boost my GPA up this semester? I better be able to…

That reminds me on why someone fails classes. Okay.. that’s mean. I almost failed poly sci… there are just some subjects I don’t like. But lets take a business major. If you are a business major and are taking your upper division classes.. you should do well right? Nope, some don’t. Which brings to me to… there is always something out there to be loved. I love business a whole lot more than poly sci or history. I KNOW that. So I do well in business ^^ (give and take the writing portion). Now why major in something you don’t do so well in? I don’t understand it.. but I guess thats why people always do mid-major changes in college as well as mid life crisis later on in life. It sucks but hey, if you turn out to love it, why not?


PS. I leveled 3 times in MS today. =3 WOO! I also finished my obligatory homework soo.. from here on out in my weekend it will be filled with more MS as well as non-procrastination writing papers~

Music day! – Mr. Taxi~

MR TAXIII<3 Okay this song is INSANELY addicting… And the moves are really hard to do (I tried..? =.=) Me and dancing don’t really mix.. but if someone teaches me I’m okay? lol! Anyhow…

Lets see some good/bad points to this video:
1. Yuri is extra smexy in this. I like her with the highlights =3 And she has a nice butt >.> =3 You can see it better in the dance version though.. Lol!!
2. Sucks that the MV is barely any different than the dance version, I know they can do better… like Gee said.. ADD IN SOME SMEXY CARS!
3. Sica’s hand movement is SOO fun to do~ I won’t tell you where or else everyone will be doing it!!
(Me and Gee have gotten PLENTY of weird looks doing it out in public and honestly? It’s awesome =3)

Haha.. this is what happens when im home early on a Friday. I think I will either.. 1 go shopping (aka joanns and etc around there) or 2 work on some cosplay. Maybe shopping though… cause.. meh. Why not right? =3

Oh and I also like After School’s new song Shampoo. Not as much as like.. Going Crazy or Hoot… I gave those links as the live version to prove a point that… AS’s Shampoo wasn’t really good live o.o At least I don’t think so..? They don’t seem as strong as SNSD yet. Going Crazy still gives me shivers when I hear it live >.> And I STILL dance to Hoot =3 But Shampoo is.. okay. I can give it props for good bg music XDD


The pain in me


I was trying to see if I had bags under my eyes >.>
Anyhow!! Today… was. Fun but not?

I had spring rolls this morning and usually it would’ve been awweeesoomemeee~ But… my tooth was acting up >.> I think it was cause I was eating the.. pig ear? Well they are crunchy cause their like.. cartilage is in there (asian food, sorry!)  And I was chewing with the side of my mouth where I got my wisdom teeth pulled (its fully healed btw~)… I think I chewed a bit too much cause afterwards the whole right top part of my mouth is numb o.o and it hurt throughout the day T.T I think the teeth is moving? At least thats Gee’s theory since I know I wasn’t alergic to any of the things I ate… Eh whatever. But it made me in a .. funky mood >.>

Did a group project today. I’m not gonna lie… the dude is PERFECT =.= for the most part.. perfect enough for a date. What am I talking about? Definitely not for me xD I already have a becoming-narcissistic to date~ Which that reminds me.. I want another trip to boarders when I don’t feel so crappy >.>

But as slow as the shopping trip went… it has now become hilarious to talk about >.> xDDD All we did mainly was cut dowels… >.> Oh how wrong that can sound…

Anyhow. I’m SLEEPY! Kinda. More head-achy. Bright side? I have my future plans pretty much planned out, I’m happy~


Too sweet


いちご は かわいいですね~

=3 Sorry kinda in my Japanese mode.. >.>
I feel very frilly today~ Skirt. Lace. Lace. A bit more lace… you get the picture xD
I actually need to go shopping for some black slacks as well as some nice sandel heels >.> I need something open toed just cause its starting to really get hot T.T I’ll ask my mommy if she wants to go shopping =D I haven’t done that in awhile… she also hasn’t bought me any clothes in awhile =.= But I know how to convince her =3

Okay Kimikotan Cosplay ideas have been flowing in my head. I need some more products to get what I want though so.. more time. More pictures. Crazy =.= But it keeps me entertained, I can say I always have something to do. For sures.

Today was… fun. People like invading space o.o
Annnd… gym was fun =3
and I fell asleep 3 times in class… and not like consecutively.. it was 1. a 3 hour class and 2. I have Gee talking to me. So I don’t see how I fell asleep at all o.o

Then my brother wanted food and we were just getting out of class sooo, I went to have in n out tonight. It was good. I wont be having a hamburger in awhile though xDD

and right now im being pouty =.= Which I DID vent.. but it was HEARD. if it WAS I wouldn’t be pouty anymore =.=


Color of Sakura~

So I haven’t went on a Shokotan crave for awhile… she’s been kinda… not anywhere lately o.o Okay thats not true. I see her on magazines still and there will probably be her voice in some anime sooner or later xD Anyhow! Above is.. I think its her sakurairo single..? I THINK its her newest one.. but when you search shokotan you don’t get much music. I guess thats the offset of being famous because of so many things…

Anyhow. point? Song is.. okay. Its nice bg music? I forgot I was listening to it after awhile. And I don’t like what she wears int he video >.> <.< >.< But I <3 shokotan!! =3 I still go onto her blog in class when im bored.. read some of it. lol!!

Oh here.. I remembered there was Sakura jam in the fridge that I never tried o.o So I opened it today!! It’s… sweet. A bit different tasting than other jellys. I like strawberry jelly more though.. xDD Sakura is.. okay. Its a bit watery. Not really jam-like substance on.. here’s a picture


You can actually see some sakura petals in there o.o It’s really cute. After I finish the jelly i’ll clean the jar and use it to probably hold something… hum.. who knows. Maybe pearls? That’d be cute =3 Pink and white pearls… Ohh!! IDea~

Which.. I have SO many ideas. I love that I’m taking these business classes~ I love business but.. argh. I hate it. I only like it cause I can.. make my own rules? =3

Today was a study day. I could only finish… an outline of a paper. Emails to groups. Reading half a chapter of law. Econ homework. And 80% of accounting homework. Oh. And I leveled in maplestory =3 (I only spent less than an hour on it!! >.>)

Now isn’t the sakura color so cute~? <3