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In my free time (basically when I’m too lazy to really go do sewing at home) I’ve been sketching designs! The three you see above are gijinka fashiony pink pokemon~ I’m in the process of coloring them!! finished lining all three last week~ I dunno why I’m sketching now.. probably because I’m working on clothes mainly instead of trying to get better at… drawing? If that makes any sense xDD

I wonder if you can guess who they are from these. The middle one I changed though so it no longer looks exactly like that xD But… with the colors in I’m really hoping it’ll be obvious… I did another design today and failed at 2 yeaterday! Fun T.T

Errr… today… one REALLY long class.. ever had one of those classes? 3 hours is long but.. man.. today felt even longer. Bad idea to keep looking at the clock … always a bad idea. Kay. Tie to go… mope.


bunny nap.


Lay back and sleep~ At least that is what Hun Bun would say on a day like this~ I took this picture while he was fast asleep o.o Like.. I was doing bunny ears on him and he didn’t care! (ironic huh~)

Today was lovely. It’s been nice because I haven’t fallen asleep in any of my classes =3 But there is one thing I really hate about college… smoking. Honestly… the sign says at least 20 feet away from buildings! at LEAST smoke where I can avoid it -.- I don’t like having to walk behind someone smoking and I can’t get away from it either T.T It’s not that it really smells bad… it’s that I like my lungs clean (with the occasional pollution from the air). So I don’t care if you smoke, just… not around me >.> I honestly don’t think I could have any smoker friends >.<;;

Ah well… my stomach wants to attack me.. probably because I tried feeding it odd things >.> Gross kinda things… okay so I went to Carls Jr today T.T but I tried to wash it out with green tea!!! >.> I hope it worked? xDD I’ll load up on water ….


Such big ears I have


A big accomplishment for today? Making my Pichu Ears :33333

Yesh. I’m extremely happy because.. well these were the third time I have tried to make them… the first two were funky… So I’m REALLY glad on how these turned out~ Only a minor flaw which I honestly could have fixed but was so fed up at that point I just left it. It’s not too bad…

I think I made them a bit big but… I liked them bigger versus a smaller version. Pichu’s ears are pretty big on it’s small body afterall~

Great thing about this version is that I was able to substitute using expensive interfacing on the inside for something cheaper and.. actually a lot better working! So I’m really glad I made it this way… still working out some kinks with all the ears I make… I want to try making them look a lot more professional (the way its attached to the headband)

That’s basically what I did today =3 I’m done with Pichu … minus the tail. I’m not sure if I want to incorporate it or… just leave it out. I’ll think of it later. Maybe a bow will work XD Yep. Classes again tomorrow. Lovely 3 days of my week lol!!


Need my hair


(Roughly) what Pichu was suppose to turn out to be. Obviously it doesn’t always turn out the way I want it to T.T But I have it about 75% Done~ All the parts are cut except for the ears and tail! Not sure how to still do the tail actually… and I haven’t put the whole cosplay together to see how it looks yet o.o I’m… not completely satisfied with it. I could’ve done it differently but… It’s okay for the first time in doing alot of the technical things.

Once I’m done I’ll be posting the pictures and all on my blog~ Then I have a whole set of prototypes I have to finish T.T I swear.. the whites hairs in my head have grown by ten fold o.o;; No joke. It’s crazy. Dad actually cut my hair today cause they were like “ITS TOO LONG!” sooo… I got it cut a few inches. Yea. I refuse to have shorter hair… for now. I really love my long hair~ I get to do so many hairstyles I love <3 But I’ll change it up maybe… next year? Sounds great. (I’m really just leaving it long for cosplays xD)

Sooo.. time to go see how my hair will work now… honestly I don’t like it… ill remind myself to go to an actual hair salon next time I need a hair cut >.>


being mia~

I love how IU loves to have live orchestras playing behind her~ It’s really cute and.. I think it would be fun to do lol! This is one of her older songs, but I like it~ It’s a nice song to listen to.. heck.. IU is just awesome to listen to <3

Oh today? Cosplay day. Tomorrow? Cosplay day! Don’t expect much from my posts… so enjoy this video in the meantime~