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OMG! pop xD

(Sorry for the crude paint drawing! I was bored x3)
Since Spring break has started for me.. I’ve been kinda bored at times. Staying home and all.

And since I know some of you may be bored too.. join me! OMGpop invite

Honestly.. don’t get addicted. It’s just a bunch of minigames. I find it entertaining when I’m bored or waiting to go somewhere.
Just thought I’d add this in as a really random post…
And then friend me!

I’m: Himeji

Don’t ask xD Actually I took it from an anime my sis was watching. Cause my old account Kimikotan I disliked. So I just made this one ^^



Mooo ve it? xD


My moo moo stickers collection xD You can sooo see my sewing machine in the back.

So I’m doing this post kinda early because today I’m planning on going to The Getty.
Yes… it’s an art museum. You know I couldn’t spell museum for the longest time? xD
Just like the word nessesary. See? I spelled it wrong. Necessary. Has a c in it. ^^;;

Anyhow! So I’ll be going there. Hopefully walk around and be able to wonder how artists get so much money for painting random stuff xD
Though don’t get me wrong! It takes skill to become an artist. I think of myself as one but … comon… its cosplay <3
I’m creating the impossible! ^^;;

And lets see… oh! Last night… I spent a good 3 hours on ruffles. And still didn’t finish them! The first hour was trial and error.. the thread kept breaking. Then I found an easier way but finishing up 4 strands of it took 2 hours. I still have 1 or so strands to go to completely wrap around the dress. -.-
I think I’ll put lace on there too…

Thennnnn… …. . ……………………
Okay I ran out of things to say! I’m hungry T.T No breakfast is bad for you! Sleeping through breakfast is good ^^;;


rune Factory! game


Rune Factory Frontier!
See this is the game.. well.. that I’ve been trying to play.  xD
I played the original on the DS and got soooo addicted to it.
So I assumed the wii version would be just as good~
It’s kinda like Harvest Moon with fighting.. haha~

So I haven’t gotten to play much. I did mostly work today. in the car. Sleeping. Running errands.
sitting. eating. Trying to stay awake! lol

Yet I also get a Miku sketch done. And the pattern I’m working on currently. It’s going to be strapless! And finally going to figure out how to do boning… don’t ask xD Wish me luck!


Sweet craving


A circle skirt!
Yesh… that’s right. I actually did some cosplay work on Alice x3

But you have to check out my cosplay blog for more info!!
I’ll update soon hopefully.. unless I forget. How lame huh? xD

Though today I’ve had such a sweets/bread craving. It’s crazy -.-
I debated going to Target.. or Nijiya.. or just a bakery!
Then I looked in my wallet.
Zip monies!! Nothing! T.T

So! I went home T.T Then.. my mom came home with some… like.. cinnimon rasien bread. And it was yummy… okay. Satisfied me for awhile. Now I’m munching on random stuff.

I swear when I’m home I EAT! Imma make my sis make me some brownies soon x3 ^^;;

And I believe I may be getting paid tomrrow!! Woo~ Hopefully ^-^

And sooooo… imma go get those brownies x3

You an I~

So I’m not completely sure if I’ve put this song up yet but… I still haven’t gotten sick of it so why not!

It’s you and I by Park Bom, she’s also in 2ne1 ^^
And… I’m currently trying to make a recording of the english version for my car! I mean I know I’m not a great singer soo… it’s a car thing xD

Anyhow! Today is somewhat the start of my fabulous spring break~
My plans?
-The Getty
-Some new place
-And to play FF13
-And play Rune Factory Frontier for Wii (That my bro just bought me~)

So! That’s what I’m going to do. And clean. clean -.-

Ah.. the week seems so short yet it hasn’t begun!! I still have some hw to do too T.T booo.

Anyhow! Hope everyone is enjoying their palm Sunday~ It’s a very nice day outside ^^