Archive | November 29, 2008

Dolls ish freaky


And soo…

Today. I haven’t done much of anything yet. I should really do some homework T.T Whyyy~?

I feel like just not doing it. But man.. it’d only hurt me so I’ll do it today… sooner or later.
Maybe after church. So tomrrow I have the day to myself ^-^
And hopefully I get to go buy more fabric!
Cause I stopped being so catious about using it all..
cause if I don’t use it… what do I use o.O

I actually… have to buy a doll. T.T;;
Or something so I can make miniture versions of big thngs I want to make.
Cause my first one always turns out bad and thats fabric used up >.<;;

A dolll… I don’t like dolls. Well I like looking at the for a very short period of time but I hate them looking at me XD;; Its freaky! Mostly when they looks real

So so so so so~ Arigatou Erunekii~ For lvling up Kimikotan to 49 ^-^ Domo arigatou Mr.. XD


Found: DS


Hehe finally found my DS ^-^
Yes it was in the cubbies… particulary mine..
But I think it was there because we were bringing them in from the backyard and it ended up there…
>.< we all didn’t know.

So even though technically it is my brother’s DS (I paid $10 for it to be pink!) he said I could put a charm on it! And… this is what he got XD hehe~

I think it works out… we better not lost it again T.T;;


Butt bow XD


So my pink dress is finally getting some work done on it~
MY sister said to make a ‘butt bow’ so thats what I did XD
Its kinda flimsy so Imma put some interfacing on it.. and make it stiff so it doesn’t lagg down so much XD

I didn’t think of fabric type when I made it so its see through XD So if I ever decide to wear it.. I have to be fully clothed inside too XD Which is what I do with cosplay anyways. At least its flowy so like.. it won’t be hot? lol~

I wore black inside so you can see it XD how horrid >.<;;


Hair XD

So I’ve been playing around with my hair do lately,..
I wanna be able to do things with my hair cause you know how its uberly long now…
And people say you can do so much with long hair!!
So Imma figure exactly what CAN you do o.O;;

Or imma end up cutting it a bit shorter. Like… really asian-y too.
Not short though, cause I don’t like having short hair XD

I actually have a video of me talking aobut… hair XD but I can’t get it to work so… >.<;;


Random Video Testing.

Random Video w/ Erukii~

Okay so I can’t actually put up videos that I upload to photobucket..
Not sure why. And I can only upload videos that are:

Allowed file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, ppt, odt.

So with that… I’m not sure what to do but use links for now until I can finish all this and that >.<;;

Actually I realized I don’t know how to flip videos still AND the video images don’t show up on my Window’s movie maker.. >.>;; but sounds is fine. so i’m like wtf XD;;

So if it works ..yay? This is just me testing it out actually. Though I find the video really funny. I don’t like my teeth >.> argh. lol Adn omgsh my laugh! I don’t NOT laugh like that all the time right?? T.T;;