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Wedding love


Had a blast at my dear friend ajka & surja wedding!! Like.. it was such a fun wedding we’re still talking about it =3 so I got alot of stuff too since I can imagine how much it sucks to bring home the decorations… so I got a baby succulent and also the wild flower centerpiece~ the whole wedding was pretty flawless and everything went si smoothly! Ajka of course was absolutely stunning and the groom’s coat and wall down the aisle was amazing. Heck.. all of us walking down the aisle was so…thrilling! Can you say skyrim?! I could talk so much more about it but Im tired from it all xD went early for set up and left late to help clean~ it was my pleasure to do both ends too!
The hair piece I made was…perfect. I was really worried about it but it was absolutely perfect for her =3 speaking of perfect… they are the greatest couple I have seen. Like.. you can tell the admiration they have for each other.the respect and quirks even after almost 10’years. It’s amazing and they are just the greatest people I’ve been blessed to meet~
I shall try to update pictures later but for now… that’s all I have!! Oh and that’s my clay work on the bottom left…and the party favor in the top left! Ok.. tired. Sleeping. Night!

Opening doors


So close to ax… but first I have a wedding to attend to this weekend! Will probably take up the whole weekend minus the precious mornings I have. The amount of progress I was suppose to get done today just didn’t happen… Honestly I was suppose to do so much more but so many distractions!! I did redo the dye but it seems like im not completely happy with it so time to hit the bucket again!

Im also learning first hand how one door closed opens up another… so I found out today that I wasn’t picked for a volunteer part and… yea I was sad for probably 10 minutes until I realized all I could do without it! Plus gee gave me some… interesting news today which could turn my life up side down for a few months! It’s exciting but scary all at the same time.
I like always talking to friends cause they keep my optimism alive and kicking xD I can’t stay sad for too long without having my mind go “what would gee say to you right about now” and usually it’s something snarky but logical xD can’t really argue with that! Especially if it’s your own mind =-=

It’s been crazy but it feels good to just type it all out… so much to do.. so little time!

details man


The amount of detail work dude o.o Finally starting to put on the gold on Gee’s cosplay =3 I really love how the gold shows up against the red~ It’s really pretty! Now see all the white on the right side of the picture? Yea the bottom that looks like shredded scraps is actually the “petals” for my outfit. While the top part is the real scraps lol! Yea… it was fun doing it haha.

Gee did make a point where I get a lot.. snippier and … a lot harder to deal with when I’m at home. I think it’s all the crap I get when I’m actually at home that ticks me off so much. Too many pet peeves in one place o.o Dunno what to do about that though to be honest… >.>;; Just gotta live through it!

Although I did go to my friend’s DIY party for her wedding xD It was quite hard work but I had a lot of fun and met some new people =3 Welp. Time to get back to work!


Late night snacks


Yea see this is the time I watch my eating habits and weight so I can fit nicely into my cosplay but with the constant injuries to my legs it’s been… difficult. So I haven’t been able to really work out and the food has been pretty… junkie xD it’s terrible. I need to go grocery shop for myself lol.

Crunch time. .. I’m actually not too stressed out yet. At least I think so? My body is probably thinking something different though lol

So here’s my midnight snack! Uhh.. chicken and toast with ice cream…. terrible huh xD


Detail. Details.


The sheer amount of work I underestimated T.T see this design? It’s what is just on a sleeve…. not even a main thing! Just a sleeve!! =-= but I’m still going all out on details and what not cause in the point I’m at with cosplay … I should be producing works that challenge me and is difficult anyways. So I’m excited~ takes a few .. hours to cut out just 1 but luckily I only need two lol~

I’ve been wanting to post more but I literally don’t have any time to spare unless I’m doing it in bed or in the car xD I haven’t played league in forever T.T and I finally get a dang reaper in tera but I don’t have time to play!!

Did I mention my parents haven’t been happy with me? I’m not the successful smart girl that they want me to be… basically I’m not a doctor or lawyer =3= but honestly it’s not like I haven’t set my sights high…. I still expect a huge amount out of myself just… not in the way they only know. Asian parents man.

Anyways… I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow! Night~