Archive | November 23, 2008

Kinda lazy


lol! I swear Eru, I have so many pictures with you. XD

Though today I did want to take lots of pics! But I was lazy…
I dunno. I didn’t feel like shopping either!!

MAybe its because I didn’t have much money. Barely had any actually.
Used like exactly $20.
$10 on food. like candy, popcorn… pizza. Whatever XD and the other 10 on the movie of course~

Ahh so I said I’d be home by 6. or 7 at least… yea… totally lost track of time.
Me and Erukii just sat around for like.. what… 3 hours? Just talking. Time passes quickly~
But it was nice actually! In the cold XD outdoors~
I didn’t have to worry aobut my dress flying up because it couldn’t. Cause usally I wear skirts… and they fly up. Like always XD

I learned lots today. Kinda. lol. It was fun~ Reallys~
I liked it. Tho next time… gonan wear my confy heels. Cause I really didn’t think those ones would be so bad >.<;; Love them though!

And hum.. yep!


Heels hurt…


lols~ Erukii wa sukoshi hen da yo =P

Ah! wow I think my teeth were yellow..

Just because I ate LOTS of popcorn int he movies~ www.
And lets see. walked around lots so my feet started to reallly hurt. So I got Eru to go to Barnes and Nobles to rest. It kinda helped… kinda XD IT was fun! Nonetheless the whole day was fun~
Some things didn’t turn out so good but yea…

You know the Passion Iced Tea Lemonade sweetenened is REALLY good!! Yumms~
At Starbucks I mean.
I got the Green Tea LAtte.. it was.. alright. could’ve been better I suppose. MAybe should’ve gotten something cold XD

But I spilled it on Erukii >.< gomen!! Really >.< First Kasuki spilling water on your shoes, then I spill Green tea on your shirt… gomen…

But yea… you can make it even and spill something on me? (alchol? =P lol!! JKJK! really jk~)


lol Twilight!


So yep!

Went to watch Twilight today~

It was good. Not great! But good.
Decent is the right word.
Like.. they could’ve had better actors atually.. lol!
And I wish they would make all the details in the book you know?
They did pretty good in sticking to the book. Nothing extra was really added. Execpt maybe that golden onion… I don’t remember actaully XD

The movie was long, but didn’t feel long. IT was so fun watching it~ I didn’t like the actors too because of thier facial expressions… like Bella looked… bleh most the time. I know she’s suppose to be oridinary but… I dunno.

Edward. Cute XD Cuter than Jacob!! lol!



So I dressed up today.. a bit.
MY mom said I looked nice when I left. MY brother said I looked trampy. like wtf >.<

Its not that bad.. I believe…

But anyways! This morning was alright. Some difficulties for everyone unfortantly…\

Though got there in time~ Twas nice ^-^;;

Like the dress ish? Its alright. Heels killed me after awhile. I’m learning not to wear them anymore… but it goes with all my oufits! So its hard not to wear them XD


Hunny bunny!


ITs late.. really late >.<

Dang. I’m fresh outta money. Gotta ask for some >.<;;
You know what? I feel bad about the people I might be neglecting. Sorry people XD

Wow I feel like doing nothing! Isn’t that something? Just sitting/laying down watch some tv… play with Hunny maybe. He’s cute as ever!

OMGSH. That reminded me of POKII!! T.T He’s my … was my… bunny on Flyff… died T.T Because..because I didn’t feed him T.T like what happens if I did that to my bunny! In real life! omgsh I’d cry for sures. He’s like my baby~ Did lots of tricks for me today ^-^ spun around and around. I figured out he’s the one chewing on my shoes >.> lol!