What life?


It’s been awhile huh? I feel so MIA from the world when I become school busy. Like.. cosplay busy and work busy isn’t that bad. With school busy? It feels like there just isn’t enough time to cram it all in >.< So I’ve been a bit quiet on my social media lately. Actually.. in general! My friends and the S.O. doesn’t even hear from me enough xD So it’s just been me cut off from the world to learn the insides of consolidated statements and corporation tax. My off time I’ve decided to work out to stay healthy and get back into shape.

Well, this massive stress of school will have a short break in a week or so! Then I have to finish up some continuing education stuff for my licenses and group projects… Oh. Let’s throw in actually starting on the fashion show that’s SO CLOSE! Maybe I actually bit off more than I could chew >>

That… or maybe I should not play anymore BDO. But if I stop… what’s my stress relief?! Ahh!

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