Puppy QQ


So lately Bulba has been better and worse. She’s getting smarter I guess? She knows when she’s in trouble and where she has to go when she gets in trouble >.> aka her pee pad =.= but now she also knows when to hide from me and when to sit and stay without freaking out xD So it’s just lovely having her around~ And now that I’m getting her in a good spot…. my mother is getting bitten by bugs we can’t see and now Bulba has to leave =.= And I dunno where… how long.. to who! But I’m fighting to keep her here cause I think we can work out a compromise >.> I wanna keep the puppy I had since.. well she was a puppy!!! I skipped a whole family trip cause I didn’t have a place for her … theres no way I’m giving her up to someone that doesn’t know how to take care of dogs =.=

Yea. Been having a few bumps at home. I’ve been pretty good lately with keeping a positive attitude but thinking of coming home and not seeing a puppy so happy and having her warm my lap up at night just makes me really sad T.T So let’s see how things play out… in the meantime i’ll work~


Pose my little one



Poor little bulba was being a puppet for my cousin xD but she is quite adorable =3 She’s been so needy lately T.T I think I raised a spoiled dog… hing. But she’s so.. so.. CUDDLY! I gave her a bath today and I just wanted to squish her all day >.< It was terrible and wonderful at the same time xD

ALA is next weekend.. you know what that means!! CRUNCH TIME!

I also have been forgetting to post alot… like legit forgetting. I blame Gee. He doesn’t remind me anymore xP

Anyways I should prob get some sleep. Up early and it’s a long day for me T.T I think coffee is a requirement…




“let me just sprawl out on her lap… yes. this is comfy”

I swear that’s what she thinks >.> This little girl has been super annoying though. She whines to sit on my lap and whines to go outside and whines more to get treats/play/etc etc. But that’s what puppies do~ And I like how my parents act like they don’t like dogs but last night when a big storm hit I found them in the patio comforting bulba xD It was quite something.

Today was such a bleh day for me. I had to deal with clients but not which all are bad. The storm last night kept me up most of the night so I barely got any sleep. Through the night I heard a pot break… and the open patio roofing come apart. And lots of debris… anad the table might have flipped over o.o And more plants toppeling including sugar cane stocks which are super strong but fell o.o Guess soil not OP? XD

Which also reminds me how my sister told me today how she keeps saying “worth” to her friends xD She got that from me and my league playing with friends >.> LOL

She also went to Joanns with me today where I spent… $14~ish dollars on just thread. but 14 spools of them and its absolutely crazy =3 We also got hot chocolate for free from the demonstration of a cooffee/drink maker xD So that was a nice surprise and treat!

Ah. The day would’ve been ok with bulba just didn’t bite my laptop cord =.= Chewed threw half of it… I don’t understand the pup. Why must you annoy me T.T


Puppy kiss!


Puppy kisses <3

I’m actually surprised I got this picture…. but I”M SO GLAD I SPAMMED SELFIES LOL!

Took this before PMX while I was just waiting around. And Bulba was actually being quite nice unlike now-a-days where I can’t get her to stay still and she won’t go to the bathroom in the right place anymore =.= I don’t understand you little one… T.T

Anyways. Today she was just being mean =.= And I don’t even know what to do anymore QQ

But on a side note. I feel like I’m getting progress with my brand and the store! I’m SO excited for the next few months but I’m super stressed out just because I have so much I want to accomplish but I’m a procrastinator and I always feel like I have time (which I dont. I really dont.) So I really need to do daily goals and time slots for where I can actually play games >.> I’m SO addicted to Fantasy Life. Can you guess what happened? Here.

Gee: what you up to?
me: sewing :D
gee: ooo what now?
me: …. in fantasy life
gee: /face palms Really?!
me: :DDDD I’m still sewing tech..nically!
gee: /leaves

roughly. Close enough. lol!

I also had 2 cups of coffee today. I think I went overboard.


Scratch meh


Oh gosh bulba, pull yourself together. So vulgar >.> <.<

xDD She’s so adorable~~~

So the story behind this… My sister took apart a cushion from her bed that just added extra poof. Apparently she didn’t like it. So my mother cut it up and used part of it for her iron board since it’s the same kinda foam. But then it somehow got into the play room where bulba would just lay on it and try to rip it apart =.= Which she then ate the fluff which isn’t ok. And I got sick of seeing such an ugly sight and decided to make her a bed out of it! so I just folded it up into a nice big rectangle and took some scrap fabric out that I didn’t mind using on it. I found this purple striped fabric which in all honesty isn’t very cheap but I really have no use for it o.o and I really didn’t think I had so much left either lol. Sooo… I pretty much made a pillow case! I could’ve actually put a zipper in but… meh. Didn’t want to make something so fancy lol.

And yep. It led to this~ she has a “free” bed that I had just using materials I never would have used otherwise! And it fits her better than the other pet bed that’s actually quite small o.o But that one is perfect for when she wants to curl up~

Anyways. Yea. I did that on my free time today xD That and took out Diao Chan to redo then decided to cry in a corner because I really dunno where to start with restoring that T.T