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So we were looking for a Michaels today and it is dark because it’s been raining a lot today. I really hate the rain. Really. But I don’t at the same time because I want to just sit in it and sulk for the most part xD Anyways. Back to the story. We were driving and I see this big red “ich” shining and I’m like “HEy look, it’s ich!!” And Gee’s giving me the “wth” look until he seeing, says “that’s Michaels -.- ” then proceeds to make some sharp turn to get into it xDD

Yea… my day was mainly shopping I think.Went to find gifts for people!! yay!! I kinda have things in mind but… ugh. It’s so hard to find gifts T.T

Anyways… I’m tired from all the day’s activities… I think I’ll go sleep and plan otu a really long day for tomorrow!!



So I think I’ll just rant~

I have my cosplay things kind of set at the moment. for Tuesday-Friday I work on table/store stuff and Sunday-monday I work on my main cosplay things. I have two full cosplays to finish in 5 weeks with an addition to fully stocking up my store with new products as well as replenishing existing ones. I’m also in the process of finding a way to kickstart up my store with a specific product. Still working on what I want that product to be. But I already have in mind some partners and hopefully I can gather some friends in the business world of selling homemade items ^^ So I don’t care if some people may think I do nothing… I get commission requests left and right. It’s kinda crazy and I should jump on that.. really. But the HR field is also waiting for me and I think a normal job might be good experience… THEN I can run off to my own stuff lol!

So the oppa? I dunno. I watched gangnam style recently lol! and I saw the crappy Fox News report of it and got really irritated at the .. well… white old guys. =.= xD

But other than that.. im enjoying watching the mama awards live online righ tnow… SO FUN =3


Collared shirts


Decided to dress pretty…. “asian” today xD So I made use of the new dress shirt I bought from Black Friday which is oddly a little bit too big even though I remember making my sister try it on… (she’s around the same size as me). Then I also got to use my greyish tights for the first time, I seriously LOVE these tights  Like.. they are so fuzzy and warm on the inside =3 plus it doesn’t go sheer/opaque at all around my thighs so I’m really glad =3 It was really fun this morning trying to find new ways to incorporate the new clothing into my wardrobe~ You have no idea how thrilled I am when I find a new combo that works really well.

Though… Gee didn’t really love it >.> See… that makes me a bit…. disappointed. Why NOT like it?! I think he just wants to be the one wearing the collared shirts. But comon, I’m a business person >.> They’re my life~ Not to mention if he doesn’t wear them I will!

Yea… school… ah. Was looking through cosplay stuff during class… that was probably a bad idea but I was falling asleep >.< Tomorrow isn’t going to be much better with an exam AND paper due. Oh not to mention 2 due next week. Thrilling no? I think I keep mentioning them… probably because I don’t want to forget xD

Still don’t like wearing tights… but they’re appropriate for the season xD PLUS, I can wear as many skirts as I want with them… no matter how short really xD (I guess there IS a limit.. none of my skirts hit that >.> sometimes.)


Just catch my breath~

I’ve been loving this song but instead of putting up Kelly Clarkson’s actual video.. I decided to deviate a little because it’s likely you’ve heard the song before.. if not. Well go listen to it? xD Well I found this cover and I thought it was pretty good I mean.. the girl’s voice got a bit iffy for me a bit at times but… I mean I like that they did it.. well. xD

Anyways. This song just makes me kinda wanna dance kinda awkwardly… >.>;; Yea. Please don’t ever watch me dance xD Unless it’s from like Just Dance or Dance Central. Cause I’m not gonna lie.. I beat everyone in the house at that =3 Okay maybe except at Gangnam Style >.> Oppa should go easier on me lol! xD
I hate it when I like a song and I just keep playing it over and over >.> I know I’ll get sick of it and I want to avoid it but… ugh. I just can’t stop myself T.T (though I have to admit I like the original more~)

Kirito <3


Okay we’re gonna get a little personal here. See this lovely lock screen background for my phone? It’s actually really nicely placed because if you can tell… in the middle of his hand it looks like he’s “holding” the text message bubble xD So everytime anyone texts me (which it’s normally Gee anyways… or shopping stuff) it shows up this this =3 I think it’s so adorable so it’s probably gonna stay like this for awhile… but it’s really bad for me because everytime I see Kirito (From Sword Art Online if you’re lost at this point) I kinda squeal inside xD Why? How can you not like Kirito?! Plus it’s bad I can picture the cosplay being played out by Gee >.> And minus the long hair cause he refuses to wear a wig. I don’t understand what it is with guys and wigs. They hate them xD Unlike girls where we are like “Wooo!! Not my hair!” xD For the most part I think.. I still think wigs are annoying but I’ll wear them xD lol! Which reminds me.. I have to buy my wig SOOON. ALA is coming up in a little bit more than a month but IM SO BEHIND T.T It’s crazy. It’s sad!! Okay. I should stop playing Sims. I won’t play longer than an hour now >.> Yea. Sounds good!