Archive | November 9, 2008

Cosplay rant


OH yea. I stole Erukii’s Sunglasses XDD
They look purple….

But anyways!
So I was looking at cosplay online. And man… one day I wanna do a photoshoot…

I think it’d be cool! But like… I dunno. it’s usually my sis taking a pic of me and I have to show her where and how and what to get…

Like for once I want someone telling me what to do so I know the picture doesn’t turn out bad XD
Cause really.. I have no idea! If I have control over it tho.. thats a diffrent story. Like my camcorder! I can turn the screen around to get the picture exactly how I want it!

Makes me happy ^-^;;

So one day. MAybe when I’m done with my Mku outfit! Well duh XD lol.
I don’t think I’ll end up getting the wig… I like how ‘realistic’ it looks? As what my friends have told me. realistic is good? I guess…hum.


Officially over.


So PMX… over.

What now? Keep going with cosplay and wait for the next con!
I want to finish Miku soon and then start on my pokemon one! lol XD

Or… actually yea XD I’ll do that one next then~

Well maybe.. cause I like doing a cosplay that sticks out you know?
So I’ll get that later… And I still want to make my sweater!!

Though tomorrow or Tuesday I have to really finish CSU applications… really.
And some scholorships. I hope I get at least one sholorship because I’m gonna haev to pay for college myself… >.<

Main why I’m staying home during college. I still have lots of freedom. But I don’t wanna pay for food and housing etc etc. And anyways.. my sewing machine is home!! I HAVE to have that ^-^




LMAO!! hehe~ I’m so Sorry!! But I HAD to put this up =P
Okay so basically I dared them to play the pocky game!

Thats where… two people, perferable the same sex to make it more entertaining… go on each end of a pocky stick and nibble! Just nibble until one of the two backs away XD

Okay its no duh that socks sooo lost!

And I know! Your both NOT gay. I get it. But this pic says otherwise XPPPP

Yaoi much? XD


The last part


We sat around for the last… hour and more more. It was nice!
Listening to music in the lobby. Singing a bit. Some dancing from me XDDD

I liked it. Though the whole stressful part of the shirts!! Rawr… didn’t like >.<
Worry I get like that… I don’t like being put on so much presure!
I crack under pressure dangit!! XD

So thinking about ALA… thinking. Probably will because I want more experience with cosplay-ing. It felt weird that people were asking for pictures! Like.. I dunno… really? XD I was happy flattered but at the same time like, why? Its not that great >.<

And omgsh! Someone asked for a pic and Kasu socks and Eru wass went away! I’m like… whaaa?!?! XD


I can’t believe that put Rockband away when we just got there >.> so unfair!

Wow… the singing -.-;;


hehe. Well I love my group~ IT’s funny how everything works out ne?
I’m jut glad to be bringing people together! ^-^;;

Ah! But omgsh. Stephanie… Yanez? I dunno. She sung at the Cosfest… Eru was the first to walk out! I mean we lasted through what.. one song? And he even busted out his mp3 player and blasted up Shokotan songs!! ww~

Then like.. we all left. And when we came back.. like what 20 minutes later? She was STILL singing! And like it was all empty!! we were laughing so bad XD

I give her props for hitting the notes all right. They were probably perfect too. I mean that takes skills. But her voice was… nazaly.. like she was singing while plugging her nose. And she talked like she was TRYING to be a japanese fob. I’m You are AMERICAN… let alone white. Please stick with talking normal english cause … really? trying to sound like you have the Japanese accent is worse. I guess I could be wrong.. maybe she does have it? But she sung english fine. So … yep! I’m done XD