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Brazilian pocky..?


Yep! Brazilian Pudding Pocky.
I’m not sure if I had this one yet so I bought it anyhow XD

My family will probably end up devouring it tonight though >.<

But thats what sweets are for~ Eating.. and enjoying!!

So I can’t wait to start my year off with…brazilian..pocky XD
But at least its pocky!!!



Pocky run!


So as a new year’s tradition between my bro and sis and I…
We made a pocky run ^-^;;

Got some stuff to end the year and start it out with!
Some tea cause it was on sale.. big pocky.. some more pocky.. and melon bread for me ^-^ (yay I finally get to eat it!) and some other tea bread for my brother…

I might save the bread till the weekend or… just buy more XD

So The new year is just a couple hours away~
And im watching Toradora!!
Its hilarious..
I wonder if I can act like Taiga… lol!
I probably can… anyone wanna see? XP


New year list


See the fruits? Lots! Right in my backyard xD

But anyways…

My new year’s resolution!!
Well my to-do list:

~Start college
~Go to Japan
~Go to AX
~Finish at least 5 cosplays
~Learn a piano piece fully
~Don’t forget how to play the flute
~Driver’s license
~Get RE License
~Don’t get a bf
~Ride a horse
~Get a pink laptop
~Sing/dance to people
~Keep up my blog
~Don’t have soda
~Finish sketchbook

Theres always more to add onto a list. But not too much or else it becomes.. too much! So I’ll write these down later… but these are the one I could think off the top of my head XD




Half a heart XD

So New years to me isn’t anything big… its just… another one of those couple days >.<;; I mean I watch the ball drop.. and then in thecrowd you see a whole buncha people kissing >.>;;

I mean..great for them! But man how sad for me XD

But I guess thats alright for me… for now. I don’t wanna spend my whole life alone >.<;;

For some reason that reminds me of someone who had made me mad recently >.> Girls don’t like losing. ME in particular. If you want to make a point.. please don’t prove me wrong in the meantime >.>;;
It irritates me so much -.- I either win or get even. Not like pie-in-face even.. just… the middle ground!

Yea im hard to deal with -.- I still have to put my new year’s resolution up… well.. maybe. I like writing it down rather than putting it up here. Tabun. I’ll see XD


The end for a beginning


So it s News Years Eve~!

How cool huh? Well I’m glad that this year is finally over. Just because I get to start a fresh new one! Though one thing I hate about that is … I keep writing 08 on my papers instead of 09 XD

But hey! At least I get to graduate this year ^-^

So today I chilled out alot. My lazy-do-nothing-day.
I played lots of pokemon. I love the contests XD

Then finally downloaded MAbinogi. It doesn’t work on my comp though -.-;; I have to dl something and I’m kinda lazy.

I didn’t get to drive today though T.T My teacher probably forgot XD But its okay~ I’m fine with waiting. I can’t get my license till April anyways!