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Playing with Copics


First coloring project I did with Gee’s copics!! Yea… I know I didn’t really shade >.> But the paper was annoying me! It looks… odd to me. Okay the whole thing is odd to me….. I’m not really proud of it especially since this kiddo looks so disproportional already lol! (Trust me, he older version is ALOT better~)

This made me want to draw even more lately just because I’m finally getting the hang of my own little… style I guess? Like I said, still working on it~

Though today man, after waking up after 8 hours of sleep I felt GOOD~ I woke up and started on a whole bunch of different work as well as TV watching~ Oh oh my big accomplishment for today? BAsically beating Dance Central 2 =3 I bruned 125 calories… (around there…) and spent like an hour playing because it wouldn’t let me stop! Like… I didn’t know the finale was a consecutive thing -.- And since I’m apparently the best fake dancer, I had to play all the songs to get 4 stars in them… all. ALL! =3= Good workout though~ Tomorrow is muscle building though ^^

Ah.. I’m so proud of how Red is looking now ^^ It’s been sitting at the stage where I’m not happy at it but… now? Yea….. very glad I re-did some things =33 Yes. I’m glad. But my weekend is over and tomorrow is a full work day!


Healthy food day…ish.


Because this is what Friday’s are all about =3 the food~! On the spurr of the moment we decided to eat nicely today because… well…. deals that come in last minute online are the best =3 So we ate lunch at a pretty nice price!! =3 Today was kind of a glutton day as we ate some other lovely things as well… by the end of the day Gee was asking for something unhealthy-like just because we were eating so dang well LOL

On the bright side… we both got some work done today! I was forced into using Gee’s copic markers >.> If you don’t know what they are, it’s basically the best kind of coloring marker xD Also pretty…. well-known? Yes. Well it was different… I apparently can’t color in the lines lol! Well for the most part…. it turned out looking good lol~

Mmm…… I’m extremely tired right now… probably from getting up early these past few days… I Also didn’t get my normal 8 hours of sleep >.> hur. Oh well. So worth getting up early this morning~ Friday mornings are always so interesting.


Yep. This is normal xD


Just… my daily life at school~ Okay I only saw this cause me and Gee had to take a short detour before my exams… which led us to see some huge billowing smoke and a car! This lovely car that was burning, though probably not as it’s peak, but it was on the shoulder of the road and looked seriously scary as we saw sparks coming out of it! Luckily the people that were in the car were out of it and away from it, that’s the good part =3 and there was no other… car there sooooo that’s always a good sign!

I snapped the picture on my phone… and honestly? Picture turned out pretty dang good xD Kinda cool actually! Wish it wasn’t so low quality though…

Ah my test today… it was so bad…. SO BAD T.T I hate that subject and … ugh. I did wonderful on my exam which is basically my major though~~ That’s the good part ^^ So after being down about one test then being happy about another… I was all over the place with emotions =.= Soooo…. we went to get boba! Then the mall where I got to get a really really yummy almond pretzel~ GOOD STUFF THERE~ <3 AHhh…. never had one to myself and it made me so happy~ Now though? I cleaned and I think I’ll sketch or something~ And kind of… admire the picture. xD


Oogling over it

I can’t help it… I went fangirling and oogling over them again! I can’t believe how much I’m spazzing… STILL!! It’s seriously distracting.. which isn’t helping because I have two exams back to back tomorrow. >.> One I’m confident in! The other.. well.. let’s just say that’s a class I work hard to maintain a B in xD

After the tests though…. I’m going to get some boba and happily distract myself with some shopping! Hopefully. I’m looking for a cardigan…….. did I mention I froze in one of my classes? I have no idea why but that room is ALWAYS cold. Hey, at least it keeps me up xD

Okay… I think I’ll play some DN then sleep! I have to wake up early to study tomorrroooww!!! </3

ASUNA & KIRITO <3333333333 Ah the epicness. I’ll make GEe teach me how to fight with a rapier later… and hey, maybe he can show me his duel sword skills ^-~


That’s love.

Hehe, gotta love How I Met Your Mother <3 Me and Gee have been deemed Lily and Marshall =.= Honestly… we are xD Just… awesomer~?!  Anyways… since I don’t have much to say I think I’ll rant for a little bit.

In my one of my classes a professor is currently divorced and he makes a statement to use that in most of his lectures! And in that same class he made a point to make us read an article about setting goals and keeping to your values so you don’t get offtrack in life. I can see why he’s doing that because he doesn’t want the younglings to follow in his path of a failed marriage. But honestly… I’m thinking if you have problems from the start…. why continue? Even if you spent 7 years on the person…. the long run is 30-50 years!!

Every couple has the honeymoon stage… where everything is dandy and you keep the gross things from each other and time spent together is usually happy! Then after that comes the stage where you know your partner for their habits and what not. I think slowly me and Gee are merging into one because our actions are become waaaaay too alike -.- Honestly, I think that’s a good sign since if we react in similar ways to situations… there are less fights. Heck. We don’t fight. xD Amazing right? I actually PICK fights. It’s lovely really~ He’s gonna read this and go “wth are you doing….” Well I got off subject so I’ll get back onto that.

I see this alot. A couple has different views on something and a fight emerges. Yes… that’s okay. How long does it last? Does the guy just submit? Does the girl? Is it really solved? Biggest thing that makes me not want to date a guy? Does he annoy me after spending 24 hours together. No.. seriously. If he’s repeating stories to me there is a problem >.> People tend to do that with me after an HOUR. how does that even happen?!

btw, I’ve been meaning to post this gif. I absolutely LOVE it~

That’s part of my rant. I’m just … sick of seeing failed relationships. That’s all.