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I spent lots and LOTS of today reading!

So Gomen ne if I kinda was outta touch today..
That plus the lack of sleep (because of reading once more)

I’m almost done! More than halfway~ So the sooner I finish, the more sleep I get XD

But here’s my messy desk. See… my little reading book on top of my homework XD

Which I have yet to go to.. so lemme excuse myself from more posting for today ^-^;;

Jaa ne~


Lalala Shooo~

I love keeping busy. Really.

Okay well I still like having my time to slack off and just do nothing… (Though thats when I get REALLY lazy, so dun even ask me to stand up or anything XD). But now I’ve found a way to occupy myself.

So Here’s my own little printed out double-sided copy of Shokotan’s lyrics! Has 6 of her songs on there~ I just quitely sing out the words when im bored! Its actually veery entertaining~ ^-^

And that is exactly what I do while waiting for my mom or brother to pick me up from school~

I was thinking of either taking piano or vocal class at the nearby community college. But the only thing is that… well… I’m not sure >.< I’m pretty sure I’ll have time. But I just like how much free time I have nnow to do everything I love doing! Like Cosplay, Reading, Bloging, and just listening to music mindlessly~ But classes would be something different… and I’m all up for a change in pace anyhow! ^-^;;

So I shall think and see. Semester doesn’t end now~


Sleepying Beauty

Today… Has been long >.<;;

Even now when I’m wrirting this its only like..7!
I’m feeling tired but happy at the same time.. maybe its the book I’m almost done with ^w^;;

So I went through school like a breeze. People distracting me, its all natural.
Apparently my friends are all sick, and I’m hoping I won’t.
I don’t think so because I don’t get sick often…but you enver know~

Which brings me to the point in… sleep is esstential~
It brings me much good fortune to sleep!
And I know it will bring my sleep deprived friends good fortune too!
I mean… I know there are so many hours in a day, but its all about balance and listening to your body. Like instincts. I think we have learned to numb them out… (like while I was dozing off on the couth in 1st period today… not the smartest move I made by picking the couch to be my pernament seat XD) But didn’t doze off anyhow. I guess its a bit too early in the year for that~

But thats my short rant. So please, get some sleep. Its really good.


Wii’s Harvest moon tomrrow~!

Harvest Moon Wii ss

Harvest Moon Wii SS

Mite Mite!! SUGOIII!!!!

It comes out… TOMRROWWWW!!

I can’t wait >w<

Yay~ Harvest moon harvest moon~
-Starts dancing and singing-

www~ I really can’t wait!! ^-^;;

Its said to be pretty cool~ Looks cool ne? Really really cool!


Long Long Day


Caution! Rant Ahead…
Well to start it off… Some girl thats a president of a club at school called me on the phone Friday? (I soooo wish I didn’t pick it up >.>;;) and totally ruined my day! She was calling cause I didn’t turn in my report card! I’m I already told you I’d get it in as soon as possible. Then she said I have NEGATIVE points cause I’m late. When was that in place? She’s just an evil… witch…ahem. Well! So I turned my transcript to her. After getting turned down by a few teachers that are too lazy to get on thier computers. Then they give me the crap that they dun wanna waste paper and ink. Okay… then just send it to me for me to print out? But I ended up wasting my time… so much for teachers I thought would help me >.>;; Though I did end up going to one of my favorite teachers last year, she was nice enough to print it out ^-^ Maybe because she’s… nice? So I gave my transcript to that girl that called (I really dun like her… for more reasons than one) and I kinda told her “Here have fun with it” while I chatted to some people around her and left her alone. She really ticks me off >.> Lol my transcript was like 3 pages. Full of A’s… Some B’s… and 2 C’s T.T The C’s were from Geometry…gahh…

But I’m sorry if anyone actually read that rant. I just needa ventilate.