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Soon will Start


Hi!!  Tomorrow is the first day of AX 2011!! I’m VERY excited for it.

I’m pretty sad that I did not get everything I wanted done, but I did get enough done to be okay with it. The picture above? This is stage 1 while I was making my secret cosplay ^-~ Which should be reveled on my cosplay blog… (right after I finish this post!) I was able to finish it in 2 days! Probably 1 if I didn’t have so many other things to do T.T

So!! I’m really really excited. For the next 3 days my posts will be short and likely from my phone. I’ll try to update my twitter when I’m bored but who knows xD Other than that? Let the weekend begin =3 (right after I sleep.. LOL!)


Most annoying piece


Possibly the most annoying fabric ever. Seen it before? It’s used in …. wedding material I believe. It’s just this sheer polyester fabric that frays like no other when you cut it. Not just that but its slippery so you have to pin it every centimeter if you dont want it to move!!
I had to deal with this lately and … never working with it again. At least in large quantities.

Today was lovely though. Spent more money T.T My bank account.. so… sad… need.. to WORK! >.> So who wants a commission? Lol!! I’m actually kidding because commission don’t make me a lot of money >.>

Other than that? My mother has been nagging on my a lot lately about the cleaniness of the house. It think before I go to AX I have to do a pretty nice sweep of it. Even if my cosplay isn’t finished or done … well… apparently the house being clean is more important =.= (my mom put out the age card as well as the back talking ccard, lol!) UGh =.= I’m annoyed at it but I also know I’m the only other person in the family that WOULD do it. Dangit teen sister =.= all she ever does is stay on the comp cruising site. Isn’t that bad? >.> Comon kiddos, go learn a hobby during the summer!! Its more memorable and more fulfilling =.=


I swear he’s not dead


He really likes that towel… but today I say him scratching at it and eating the threading coming from it >.> Lol!! Maybe he really doesn’t like it.. I can’t tell.  In the left corner you can see some rose petals. He likes them… but not as much as fruit or cereal. But he’ll eat it xD I love seeing him sleep like this ~~ So CUTE! =3

Though today I looked at my ironer and I guess I left the cord down for a day and it has MASSIVE bites in it =.= He’s a take-over bunny =.= been VERY aggressive lately. If something is in his way he’ll bit him way through or toss it aside. >.> At least he knows what he wants.. lol!!

On a cosplay note: I worked all day today again, a day passes by so quickly now… 2 more days left. Time to rush it all! I apologize in advanced for the crappy job to come T.T

Also I lost like… 2 pounds… and have to try to get it back xDD My cosplays are made to fit me as I am… so I can’t gain or lose weight. And usually I don’t o.o I don’t know why … OKay I do. Home food is SUPER healthy and I don’t eat a lot of it because its kinda… blah. >.> Plus I’ve been working out each night and cardio every other day (ish) You know… summer stuff. Gotta move around more, wakes you up!

Thats a run down of my day.. oh and my mom keeps bugging me .. the whole.. why arn’t you working.. does this make money.. when am I done… it doesn’t look like I made progress… go shopping with me (aka lift things) …. yea. It’s all really exciting =.=


Stylist too~


Finished styling the blonde wing I have and I did a test makeup run. Apparently I need.. MORE?! I’m not used to putting on a lot >.> So what I think is a lot is apparently not much in the world of makeup xDD

I hope I’ll look good as a blonde… aha… >.>;;

95% done with Arch Bishop Ragnarok.
60% Done with Male Wizard commission
10% done with a secret cosplay!

And I just spent the last hour trying to skewer my staff.. aha… I hate cleaning up work =.=  It’s also not very easy to skewer through carboard.. foam. and even more foam!! T.T Hinngg.

ARNGJERGVN I’m so excited for AX =3 I really wish I was performing but… it’ll have to wait. I guess its finne >.> But that is not dicouraging me from taking as many pictures with other cosplayers as possible as well as going on a shopping spreeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~

Oh did you see my cosplay blog lately? I got a new layout/background!! It’s awesome~ I’ve been addicted to looking at it.. probably because it turned out better than I would have thought. =3 So go check it out, link is in the side baar~~ —>

Oh and Hunny’s pee striked again… ugh =.=






being healthy


I think I’m addicted >.> Mini wheats? They are such good cosplay food… Lol!! <3
I’ve been watching Freaky Eaters on TLC and I find it fascinating… Its how a little thing can affect someone sooo much. I’m glad my family is pretty healthy.. at least I believe so >.>;;

And its mini WHEATS. I mean honestly… not like its choco chip cookies. Or fruity loops. Its… WHEAT! how bad can that be >.>other than the sugar and blah balh blah. On other news…

LEVERAGE SEASON 3!!! Watched the premiere today =3 It was good~ Well.. okay… I was hoping for more fancy stuff but they took the emotional appeal. And it worked for me.. I almost teared up T.T

I did ALOT of cosplay today. I’m happy. Almost completely done with my rag and getting all the lining on Gee’s rag done. It’s not so bad… just a lot of tedious work T.T

I see hunny trying to get into my cearl box… NO BUNNEH, YOU DONT GET MY CEREAL ANYMORE =.=