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It’s the name

I think I found a conspiracy…. okay well maybe not. But it kind of seems that way!

Another guy just came up to me randomly .. well he passed by me and them started yelling at me so I turned. I actually thought about not turning too! But I forgot what he said…. anyways he was sorta clever… okay not really. the whole “hey aren’t you in one of my classes?” And you have to understand I’m at the point in my university life where I literally know everyone in my classes because we’re all in the same department. Really! Soooo I said “I don’t think so” and go figure, he’s an English major who just thought I was…. cute.

Anyways. The conspiracy? That there is some joke or something out there getting guys to hit on girls and tell them their name is John >.> Cause it’s been Johns that have been doing this xD =.= That or guys really want to find a girl…. that badly.

Anyways. I’m so tired. I’m working on a pikachu ear and after stuffing it … it looks a bit crooked on one side. What sucks is that I am not able to ignore it so I will more than likely re-do it T.T Well at least the stitching part.


Man, take a hint

Take a hint, take a hint!!

No you can’t buy me a drink xP I thought of this song recently because some guys just can’t take a hint -.- It’s because this guy asked me out after class to like coffee and what not before which I declined because coffee at 7pm just sounds bad anyways xD But no…. I can tell by what he does that he’s not interested in being just my friend…. so lately I would ignore him or just bluntly tell him stuff but. eh. So today after I helped him out for the final he decided to invite me out to get me a drink. … LOL! CAuse yea, little asian girl can hold her liquor -.- One drink? One won’t let me drive I bet xD

That’s why I thought of this song xD Kind of fitting no? Guys… sigh. I get kind of sick of always being hit on but the guys that find new ways to do it are very entertaining xD For awhile~


Friend Zoned

I’ve been tending to a friend and his girl problems lately. He has the problem of being friend zoned too quickly apparently. Well let’s see.. what is this ‘friend-zoned’? It’s when a girl puts a guy (or vice versa, but for this sake I’ll be one sided) on her friend list and decides that the guy is only friend worthy. Okay so the definition can be tweaked a little. Main point: not dating.

Honestly… I put everyone on the friend list at first because… well who says you can’t date a person that was first your friend? It’s a great way to figure out if the person is in it for YOU or for your body/looks/brains… you get it. You know those songs and real life couples that say they are dating their best friend? A lot of people say that… really. And hey, it’s probably true! But best friend can come before boyfriend right? Of couse >.>

Back to the case. (lol the case) He believes all these girls are friend-zoning him on spot and it’s beginning to irritate me because not like it’s that bad! He meets so many people and is usually liked instantly because of his personality, so I think he’ll be fine. But loneliness can make a person do crazy stuff… I learned to spend the time of lonliness writing, sewing, and reading. Yea. Being in a book can take you to different places~ Ah.. maybe I’m just being a nerd >.>

Oh. I got called a bubble head. I’m…. not happy. To the point where I may just go to my old high school and confront this old teacher of mine. Yea. That’s right.



Don’t change


Learn from my mistake, please. we all tell ourselves that we won’t change for a guy but…. Once your so into it….. Sometimes only your friends and family can be the one to show you the way.
here is proof that as strong as I have become, there was a time when I was weak and susceptible to every little hanging word that dropped out of his mouth. Its a list I made back in… 08′ maybe? Or 07’… But plain out the guy always complained that I didn’t care for him the way he cared for me. Honestly, that should have been a huge red sign saying ” if you don’t care….. There is probably a reason for that”. he has me so tightly wrapped around his fingers I did enough regrettable things that I still regret. I wasn’t being honest with myself and was trying way to hard to please someone that obviously wasn’t pleased with me.
This list that was made is seriously the dumbest and despicable thing I could have written. And I am only keeping it to remind myself that I will not WORK to care for someone, because I know it will come naturally if I really do have love somewhere lurking inside of me. (har har) But really… It’s one thing to change for yourself and make yourself better. It’s another to be coerced into doing so.

But I am glad the bad relationships happened… Mainly long distanced too. That  way at least all they could do was hurt me emotionally….. Not sure if that is better or worse than physically xD

Girls. Even guys. You will most likely go through many individuals to…test the waters. It’s all about..experience.

You know I actually wrote this last night in bed because I couldn’t get to sleep and I went through some of my old sketchbooks. It’s crazy… he even prevented me from talking to any other guys. In which now… if I didn’t talk to any guys… well I would be really lonely xD It’s not right to have your world revolve around one person. But sorry for the rant… I dunno why I did rant xD Just thought it was… nice to share~


Some kinda creature


Gee. Trying to get away from me taking a picture!!! (I’m jk.. I think this was at a gas.. station? lol!!)

Since I have no idea what to talk about I guess this would be a good time to talk about this insanely amazing mysterious… creature. Yea.. I’m probably just doing this out of kicks.. but what I say is pretty true. Let’s start with insane.

Remember when you were younger and the other kids made you either smell.. glue, sharpie… nail polish? Or maybe you liked the scent of gas stations. Take that lovely feeling and you get Gee. Multiple it by 5 and you get him on a day he has chem lab or is extremely hyper. This still amazes me.. how someone can be so.. so hyper. So… insanely hyper. So insane that not even passerbys are safe from what he does. What makes it worse? Me and Hea =3 Us 3 together drives old hags mad!! xDD LOL~

I don’t really have to get into the amazing part right? Right. Cause you know why he’s amazing, cause I’m amazing!! =PP

Mysterious in a… lovely kinda way. It’s probably the ‘guy’ complex showing through. Don’t want a guy too girlie… cause you know.. the girl should be girlie enough for a guy. I really shouldn’t say that because I’m taking women studies and… yea the whole stereotypical gender thing. See I have some guy friends that are a bit too.. .girlie. Okay they arn’t girlie, more.. sensitive. I’m not saying its bad for a guy to be sensitive.. but I don’t really like having the pressure of watching what I say to a guy just because I’m scared to hurt his feelings -.- It’s also because some people don’t take my sense of humor that well.. which I don’t understand why. Where here Gee and Hea magnifies it and thus making a joke last over days. That’s right, days.

And I just HAVE to say creature because…. it’s just fitting xDDD

Okay I’m done.. cause todaay was just THAT boring. T.T Okay not BORING.. just… a routine day, that’s all~ No day is the same, its nice =3