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I am soooo looking forward to PMX!
I’m thinking about actually going tomrrow to pick up my badge and check everything out… I think it’ll be cool! Since like.. yea… I will be leaving early both other days it seems like T.T

Maybe. Maybe.

But yea… oh!! So Kimberly pitched me an idea. Well I guess she offered? Well she said I should go play with the band for the winter concert. And I’m like… no. But I do want to… but I dunno. Since like, I don’t want my school schedule to be all messed up but… dang. I do miss the concerts XD;;
And my flute is getting lonely… lol.
Yet I don’t have time really.. kinda?
Now im just making excuses -.-;;

I guess whatever. I’m like pro at flute =P

Should I take the chance of being able to play in a band again… cause I know I won’t have another? Maybe I have a chance to duet ^-^;; but not a whole assemble thing. oh phooie >.<;;


THE list~ lol


Lol So I actually DO have a list of people I just DONT like.
And I’m a pretty reasonable person… really!
People are friends XD I don’t live to make enemies. Actually I’d rather not have them. causes too much drama XD;;

But so I do have a list!
I won’t say it tho =P
See… I don’t like people knowing I don’t like them. lol. Cause thats mean. I’ll act cold to them but really? I feel bad if I act too mean so I’m generally nice to everyone. am I? XD

Actually I wanna know!
So here is a time to comment…
And give me 3 words of how you’d describe me.
pweaassseeee? XD;;
Thankies ^-^;;


Photo day!

Well I liked today!
Mostly because my day was out of the normal. Got to see different people at different times and all.

Ah! I was suppose to be part of a skit for enviro but… I was at a club photo so I didn’t get to do it with my group T.T Whaa… I so wanted to be the pest XD Yes… pest. lol!

Other than that, I have my mind set and finishing my CSU apps over this up coming 4 day weekend. I hope I can, I shouldn’t apply at the last minute. Then perhaphs I haev a better chance!

I also like…starved at school. Forgot to bring food and didn’t get it for awhile. Had some poptarts tho! Not filling… so I went home and ate a big bowl of rice. Then guess what? I was so tired I took a nap XD like for 45 minutes or so… I didn’t wanna wake up but I had to >.<;; can’t spend all my time taking a nap! Then what will I do at night? XD

So yes. Naps are good ^-^