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Off to 6 flags!

It’s like… 9 right now. I’m off to 6 flags! Txt me~ Or msn me xD Works both ways as longa s it gets to my phone!! <3

I’ll be posting updates on my msn thing too, if you don’t know what I mean … well you’ll see! (if you have me on msn or even go on!)


Magnet + Vid

So I’m SET on making a video… this weekend. If I’m at home at all xD Since tomrrow I’m off to 6 flags... (I give it 5 flags Kasu!) who knows if I’ll be home alot. I may be ‘working’ lol

My idea for the video is just a basic tutorial. What kind of tutorial? Well I’m in need of a new phone bag holder sooooo I’ll ‘teach’ people to make a cute one! Now I so hope I can do it cleanly. You know I’ve made LOTS of videos. I just never edit and post them because I hate something about each one of them -.-;; usually has to invovle me xD Haha.

Oh! The video is Luka and Miku in a kinda-new video called Magnet. I remember seeing two girls at AX dresed as them with the whole butterfly look and all. They were really pretty ^-^

Not goign to go with this idea though. Why? I like the idea but I don’t like this side of Miku so much. lol.

Hopefully my video will be up this weekend! Look for it?



So um… yea I caved into this fad of getting a twitter! Why? I actually find it convient if people are actually following you to show where you are or blah blah blah.

My realy reason of getting one? Tomrrow I’m going to 5 Flags Magic mountain! We just happened to pick a day that Kevjumba and Happyslip and The Wong Fu Crew are going too! So that’s like… totally getting me excited. I REALLY am set on going tomrrow. I don’t care xD I just want a picture with them! Haha.

So they said they’ll be twittering where they are in the park. And so I got a twitter. I need to know where they are to find them! lol~

So I’ll probably update my twitter only from my phone whenever I’m bored xD Why not right? Follow if you want. Or if you don’t. I’m usuing it mainly to follow others xD

edit: Now that I think of it. I’ll probably just be updating it on cosplay -.-;; lol!


Shorts xD


Lol I seriously love this dress~ But only when im sitting? lol!

Whaaa I saw this HUGE spider.. so freaky it didn’t even look like a spider. And the scary thing is that I’ve never even seen that kind of spider before.
What creeps me out even MORE is that it was in the bathroom!! So it could’ve showed up while showering or something T.T I don’t mind regular spiders so much anymore.. but the ones that are big, fat, and haven’t seen before starts to freak me out.

Other than that xD I went to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood prince today~ My sister came along >.>;; It was fine I guess. Cause my bro thought I was sneaking around and all.

The movie was a lot of dialouge. But I did like how they executed it. So I’m happy I finally got to see it ^-^

Oh bought some shorts! I seriously think I don’t look well in shorts… and they annoyed me! One was tight. The other too loose. Argh.
But I bought the larger size because.. well… that’s what a belt is for xD

After all that. I’m home. woo? lol.


Miku Miku! – new pics

*Rawr my sister made a little spot on the camera!!! So all my regular Miku pictures have that spot at the bottom >.>;;

*My Princess Miku Ballgown~ I really liked how the dress flowed out on the sides ^-^
So! I did a little mini photoshoot with my sister today. She really doesn’t care for how the pictures turn out xD But somehow some turn out good~
It is extremely  hot today! So I was sweating and all pink in the face. I really tried to cover that up >.<
whenever I try to take photos its usually too hot or too cold. Both bad. When will this madness stop!! xD

So The two pictures up there are the two cosplays I’ve been needing some good traight-on pictures for.
So yep!

I am currently in the process of trying to sort out my pictures on photobucket… easier.
So I made a new account name ‘Kimikotan’
This is purely for my cosplays only. At least I hope to keep it that way xD
I want to delete the pictures on my nickels916 account of the big pictures of cosplays because… well… its taking up lots of room xD But I suppose I shouldn’t. I will start deleteing some pictures on it that I bleive are no use to me though. So if some old links in the past don’t work.. oh well! No one checks that far back xD

Oh if anyone wants to peek at my cosplay account. I’m ony putting up new cosplay pictures or good ones from the past xD Or just new ones… I’m too lazy to look for the old ones… lol! The guest pasword is easy. feel free to guess? lol

Now back to the pictures I took today… Credit for taking the pictures goes to my Sister (aka Kaiiko[?]) And Yay for stripper gloves!! lol!! … I guess thats an inside joke xD