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Boots + Cosplay


Hai! So both me and Kasuki got pink boots! Well I Got mine for my Hikari cosplay as I said before. And Kasuki got hers because… it was cheap! www

Both are cute. I need to add more to my boots to make it look like hikari’s. Since I’m glad I found a plain one like this… I so wish it had heels on it… XD;; But thats not so accurate right? It would make me look better >.> But I haven’t seen pink boot heels yet. So I took my chances and bought these (not to mention they are really warm!!)

almost done with Hikari’s cosplay now!!! ^3^ Ureshiidayo~ Then I needa get some pictures taken.. ahem -looks at Erukii- then I put it away so I can wear to… whatever comes up! Then I work on my Eupie outfit! I’m so psyched for it! I mean… pink fabric alone costs $11. I believe Euphie will be my most expensive cosplay T.T;;





So first off… this is the dress I tried on that I blieved would’ve looked better on someone else. MAybe Kasu? ww

So its morning. I woke up early… ish. Its like.. 9:30ish wen I woke up. Ate some chocolete XD It was on my desk…

I stayed up last night txting Erukii because he was… alone… quite literally. So I hope I kept you company for awhile…. I did sleep in between txts XD But the -ding!- sound got me up agains so thats good!

I didnt’ wake up so tired today either. My mom woke up up asking for me to help out at church >.<;; bleh. And its unusually bright outside so I couldn’t gob ack to sleep T.T


Finally a BLT!


So I ate at Denny’s Today. I finally had a BLT! It was actually really good~
Though at a part I didn’t like it cause the bacon was hard >.< Like.. really. other than that… yummy! So that is my plate on top… with onion rings ^-^

This is Erukii’s…

Club sandwhich. That looked relaly yummy~ Fries… not so much =P

Kasuki had Breakfast!!
Still yummy! Cheaper too XD;;
And Klunku had a burger. He was REALLY full afterwards XD;; Nice… he never finishes his food huh? Such a waste XP

So thats about it~ lol


Really liked.


I really really liked this dress!!! So cute right? I wanted it so bad… but I didn’t buy it because… 1. I don’t need it and 2. There was a chance of feeling bad cause I spent the rest of my money on it. And I like to feel good about my purchases! Keeps regrets in life low XD;;

So… I decided I’ll just make a dress like this one! Can’t be hard… really. I just need to add my own details! It was awfully cute though..

Only.. 22.90? Yep! Good price really! But… maybe … next time? XD If I see it again.. I’ll probably buy it~ But I alrady had enough I bought today so I’m saving that for a next time!


Lets go… shopping!

So I went shopping today! So thats why I haven’t updated until now… Sorry >.<;;

But! I did end up buying more than usual. Probably cause I had money on me. If it wasn’t for self willpower… and a friend… I’d have no money left!

So I bought… Hikari’s Boots for cosplay~
(Cause if it wasn’t for cosplay… they would be heels!)

Some tank tops from Forever 21. They have a nice price for them~

AndFabric!! I spent alot on fabric T.T But its sooooooo worth it!

So thats about it. I tried on lots of clothes I can’t afford XD But it was fun~

(and the picture… I dunno. I wanted to try on something different, so I did!! IT looks.. bleh. Pattern could be better)