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I’ll work out for this

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I know I know.. it doesn’t look SUPER appetizing but it is REALLY good >.>;;; What is it? Well let me start off with… I LOVE ice cream but I hate how.. fat it makes me feel afterwards. Plus it always tends to be too.. sugary for me now. Maybe I really am getting older o.o Oh gosh T.T Anyways!

The picture above is a frozen banana(nananananaaaa) with the speculoos crunchy cookie butter (from trader joe’s) with peanuts sprinkles over! Normally I would do almonds (I do love almonds more =3) but I was slightly lazy to grind them up while these were already done >.> It makes a heavenly after-work-out dessert =3 And it honestly makes me work out more just because during that time I see the banana thawing and honestly if I worked out and the banana wasn’t thawed out enough.. I’d still have to wait! So I just work out the full 20 minutes and it’s perfect by that time ^^

I’m just trying to create little ways to stay healthy ^^ Who needs that sugary ice cream?! Frozen banana up in here ^^ My mother froze like 4 of them for me now xD I want to try getting some other fruits frozen cause.. I have a feeling I’ll get sick of eating banana so much XDD If you have any suggestions shoot them over to me =3

So yes. I have no idea why but I feel more of an urge to work out now versus before AX xDD It makes me feel SOO good when I go to sleep and waking up. Although lately I’ve been waking up sore… that’s my own fault lol…

I’m also getting seriously hassled at work to decorate my corner. How crazy is that? xD I should take a picture and show what I’m planning.. a before and after pictures too! I went to Home Depot today for paint but I totally got rushed out so I didn’t get any samples T.T Urgh. Means I have to go again!! T.T It’s okay though, I’m thinking of building a new storage compartment for my closet… I’m not happy with just having stuff on the floor (its not my stuff, but its still not good) xD AHH SO BUSY T.T

I sketched 3 things today and wasn’t happy. Time for 2 more before I sleep and maybe I’ll think of something good.


Mad… happy!

I haven’t posted this on here yet and I figured now is a better time than any? xD It’s from AX 2013~ A mini shoot at their wonderful backdrops =3 It links to my dA post so just click if you wanna read up on it a bit xD

Man.. looking back on this shoot makes me laugh >.> Really! The picture on the left was taken on day 2 when I had to work at the booth later in the day so I changed from Asuna to Mikoto. This … didn’t make my group happy cause I spent more time that day in this outfit than my main Asuna xD But either way! I was able to play photographer and made Gee (Kirito) and Heather (Liz) take pictures doing weird stuff and pose all over the place =3 It was sooooooo fun! But.. it kinda bit me in the butt later >.> Cause we saw the photo set ups and the pink bed called out to Gee -.- Oh! I forgot to mention the main reason why I didn’t change back into Asuna even though I had time to was because my feet were killing me T.T So in the picture I’m wearing flats xD (Short much? T.T) I also was feeling gross cause the hair wasn’t cooperating too =.= So in all honesty… I wasn’t a happy camper. Then Gee makes me jump up on this bed and do THAT pose… and that’s me genuinely hating it xD

(Honestly I’m not surprise there is makeup running down my face cause it was late in the day)

On the right I was so perky so that’s a lovely smile from me xD

Anyways. Point is… photos on different days work really well. Have I mentioned I’m a terrible actor? Makes it hard to get into a character for photoshoots >.< At least without some extensive planning. Need to get on fixing up Asuna very soon before Gee has to cut his hair for school xD Odd right? Well that’s what happens when he refuses to wear a wig -.-

Anyways. I took like 4 naps today and I’m still tired. I even tried working out to wake up… I guess it’s just one of those days?


Practice practice!

 photo DSCN3277_zps62c8a86a.jpg

Just a sketch~ I’m practicing my folds and how certain fabrics will represent itself on paper by looking at a dress online and using the design for reference! So this design up above is your typical trumpet styled dress. although I really do like how the bottom ruffles start… I improvised a little on the side ruffles >.>

Today I… I went to Joanns to get some little supplies and… it turns out I have to go return them because they screwed up the coupons -.- Then I got dragged out to the office to decorate which.. didn’t go well cause my mother got completely wrong looking frames for the wall and I went to go pick out the ones I like and go figure… it’s the only ones not on sale =.= So I’m kinda sad… T.T

Oh!!! Oh the bright side. I started Tera today and it’s oddly addicted. I hate the travel time but I love the graphics and fighting style. I love the no point and click.. it’s just skill! So I get to jump around and dodge as much as I want~~ I love archers =3


Next project!

A take on Little Red Riding Hood by Hermsi

We’ve been calling her “Little Red” for … maybe the past few months now. This is maybe the 3rd design we have come up with and it looks like the last! At first it she started out in a full ballgown .. then the ballgown got slimmer with a huge wolf head on it… and now we ditched the ballgown and went with something that can be moved around in. This is the ending sketch, we’re working on final colors and textures =3 I’m happy about it though~

We also had to rethink the design cause ballgowns are not very table sitting friendly >.> Which is what I need xD

I give myself… 3 weeks to finish designs for kickstarting =3 Then I give myself a few months while working on wedding designs in the mean-time for the NEXT line as well as for a friend~

Spent most of today running errands for work … oh! And checking out the grand opening of Lee’s Sandwiches in my city!! That’s crazy just cause I waited there for TWO HOURS. and you know what? They said we only ordered one large bread and we ordered THREE >.> But they took our receipt and my brother didn’t fight for it -.-  And I’m a firm believer of getting for what you paid for. At least in amount… quality wise it didn’t match up anyways >.>



So I’ve been pretty busy throughout my days now… since I wake up so late (like 11am ish) I obviously start work later. So I eat lunch at home and go to work… when it hits around 6-7pm I start to study my tax stuff until supposedly 8 but for the past few days I’ve been at the office till 10 o.o which is crazy but… its studying.

And thanks to Hikari (woo shout out much? XP) she kinda said how being in an office is like being a bird in a cage… well I read that comment while a lot was going on at the moment and something good came out of it ^^ My office isn’t.. that constricting especially since it’s not a corporate office. So I have ultimate freedom with how my desks are set up and everything around it. Heck, this weekend I’m planning to pick up paint samples =3 (Gonna paint the wall from white to.. well.. not-white).


My point in this is… in a way I still feel like a bird but I’m changing that. really. I am. Or at least I will? So I commissioned a drawing from Hermsi to remind me =3 Hopefully it turns out nicely, I’m actually paying for it too! Yea. Even if I am the girlfriend, I’m paying for it >:D I’m really really looking forward to it. I’m trying to fill up my wall nearby my bedside with inspirational art! So right now I have a few pieces that make me wake up and go “I need to do something today” And I’m hoping it makes everyday productive for me ^^


Oh I also drew 3 sketches today ^^ record there!!! Hopefully I’ll get something up soon but.. I want to learn how to work the tablet and color them! Sounds fun right? I’ll have to ask Gee for lessons…