Like the first time?

“I dont want a man who’s gonna hang on my neck, oh no!”

xD This song has been quite addicting to me for some time now. I never got sick of it because… it’s not in my ipod or in my saved list. I like watching the video =3

But with all the music listening … I finally asked my brother how to work his microphone and record tracks and all …
I can honestly say.. it went pretty bad. I’m no singer xD Really. I just do it because it’s fun! And it relieves stress like no other~ But I got curious on how I would sound with the whole instrumental and all of a song… I don’t like my voice. I don’t at alllllll. So I got about.. halfway done with it annnd.. scrapped it. I was sad for a bit because I don’t have the guts to put it online, but hey, I haven’t been able to find my voice yet. Find my voice as in… they style? Some people belt it out, others have a softer voice that’s just as strong, and others… I dunno. Their singing voice is so amazing it doesn’t even sound like they could make such music while talking.

So im feeling a bit emo about it… but hey. I’ll have something out that I like eventually~? I’m working on it!!


Not so much singing



I always do the same things for pictures and thought I should start changing it up more xD
So… I’m not sure what this is xD But my hair looks cool! lol!!

What did I do today…
I went to chior practice. Which was okay. I’m scared of singing in front of people I know >.<
Cause they’ll remember…
And if I’m afraid… I won’t do well. Cause I’ll want to be quieter… and you can’t sing well quiet.
So I’ll stick with singing in the car at at home (which omgsh I have been doing SOOO much. My bro and sis join alot too. It’s hilarious.)
I think I was singing… the defying gravity song while playing Boarderlands. Also that one star song…lol I forgot it by now.

Lets se… did massive laundry stuff today. Also had in n out~ Yummy stuff there. annd… took out the trash for once. I find taking out the trash icky >.< But cleaning im okay with xD

Rawr I’ve been sooooooooooo tempted to do some cosplay! Rawr. Resisting T.T Study instead… Only one mroe month… well actually..
5 more weeks. A little less than that maybe. *tears*

Ah well~ Oh yea. And had Yummy fish last night. Yesterday when I got home I actually had this awful headache. I have no idea why but it hurt on the … left side of my head. Weird. It went away eventually after I took my mind off of it.


Singing decision still

I’m still.. seriously stuck on what to sing.
I’m confident that I’ll suck but Imma try my best at it anyhow!
How will I know if I don’t try right?
And I seriously needa build up my confidence in singing..
So I picked out some song that were from anime and games…
No matter how high nor low I’ll be able to get to it… hopefully XD
(I can always change it up anyways!)

So here are the songs!
-Re-subimity by Kotoko
-Being by Kotoko
-YOU by Yuria
-Namida no Tane Egao no Hana by Shokotan <3
-Hishoku no Sora Mami Kawada
-Again by Yui
-Sora iro Days by Shokotan <3

I just have to put <3s next to Shoko’s songs cause I’m a HUGEEEE fan of hers. No joke. She is my top idol <3
(I love KOTOKO and them all too~)

Oh and theres more songs but Im so sleepy so imma leave it there. I need to know more songs!! Feel free to give me a long list! <3
(And omgsh I soo wanna make a cosplay that matches the song im singing! That’d be so cool!)


T.T Wha. Rawr. Ugh!


Wha! USO!
Yea XD Im kinda… bleh. Well not really. My soloing was Horrid!! Like SERIOUSLY.
I cracked so bad and even went really high and pitchy.
But its okay… I need to get over my stage fright…
I don’t think my parents even knew it was me~
^-^ So not much embrassment to me.
But its okay…
I’m happy now.
Gonna try to get over this before AX idol…
Gonna try to get over this period!

I have this project I have to do for my APN class where I have to make a short film. And this is one of my many goals! (just liek soloing XDDD hopefully this one doesn’t suck!) So I needa get a script up and people. Cause out of the three people in my group, I probably know the most about films and filming. I think so at least. I’m very creative ^-^

So I’m thinking like doing something like how Wong Fu does things. Something under 10 minutes. Yet has a plot. Like a drama? I might not have guys in it though… rawr. I dunno. And there HAS to be a dance scene. Helps T.T


la la la

So its Saturday! sweet XD

Umm… lets see. woke up nicely. I can’t remember my dream though.. >.<;;
Then went to chior~
Oh! I’m solo-ing tonight at church~
Its surprising! But I get REALLY nervous. So it sounds horrable T.T
Like I don’t want it to sound like that but I have stage fright, no doubt about that.
How will I get do AX idol at this point >.<
But I’m glad the chior teacher is giving me a chance… giving me a start!
So I have to proactice but my house is so lively now! Everyone is everyhwere XD So I may just go outside and try to sing it. I really don’t like other people lsitening into me but what can I do… I just get so embrassed easily….

OH! But I am still waching the Clannad after story~ Its really cute. I started hw too! I’m getting lots done but sewing. I’m a bit lazy to get it all out today. So probably tomrrow if I can!

(I actually wanna finish book 3 of RE tomrrow so who knows. muti task ftw?)