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SF last day T.T


Comon… who doesn’t take the free stuff in the hotel? lol~
Even if I’m never gonna use it… its freeee~
Well okay my bro paid for the hotel so we already paid for it xD
But I wonder whats the extent of the free stuff?
Cause I really wanted the board for the laptop that you can put on your lap~ hehe.

But for the last day we went to walk..
Yes walk.
The Golden Gate Bridge!
It was actually alot of other people there.
Lots of bikers that… if they run into you its like you can just fall off the bridge (thats just suicide -.-)

So you can do the math but walking one way then walking back? So walking it twice!!
That’s fine with me though ^-^ I am able to add that to my list of things I did in my life time~
I’m very proud of it, very tiring though T.T And cold!!

Then we finally went to eat Indonesian food~ Tasty. But not really my taste.

And then it was the 6 hour ride back >.<
I’m happy to be back though, I like home ^-^

And I missed Hunny the most of all!!! <3


Walked..walked.. walked!!

Lets see how this day started off..
With walking! I walked from the room tot he car. Then went sightseeing in the car.. here are some cool pics that I took mainly in the car.
Went up a hill to take pics.
Then just around the town.
Through Chinatown on accident
And to see an awesome cathedral.
Then to the Japanese Tea garden and huge park.
(btw I was wearing my heel boots… it sucked walking so much!)
PhotobucketIf it isn’t hard enough to follow… these signs dont make it any better xD
PhotobucketA view xD
PhotobucketThe.. bay bridge?
PhotobucketPart of the japanese garden.

There are way more pics I wanna put up but… Imma have to wait.
Cause right now I have a headache and well.. it hurts T.T
So imma sleep. oya~


Sleeping much?


Its the morning~ xD Sooooo hard to wake up T.T
The first day here I couldn’t sleep at all.
Second day was okay.
Last night I fell asleep fast and slept like a rock xD
woot woot.

Well hopefully I get to go shopping today…
I so wish I could update my blog ont he go..
What can do that? The google phone? lol.
Need a new phone..
Next year! Maybe I’ll save up for it…

Oh and the pic is from yesterday’s Pika Pika shop. All those little dots are pictures… xD

Anyways! Hope everyone else is doing well. ^-^


San Fran Day two!

Really… today has been so long.
It was really fun though! Got home around 1 ish >.<
Then again it was mainly cause we kept missing streets and going in circles at times. It sucked!!
I hate SF’s streets >.< Like 6 roads at an intersection! T.T
A tleast I don’t have to drive.
My bro’s friends are pretty cool, all girls xD
What we did… we went to the mall in the morning, a more local. one. Didb’t buy anything.
Went to Daiso! You know the manufactering company that makes so many cute things? Yes xD So like Marukai x 2 and it had everything there! Like fully stocked. It was awesome. I wish I had more time in there and more money to spend on it xD I did but some things for my phone, should’ve bought more >.<;;

Then went to eat Dimsum at this pretty crowded place. Yum.


Japan town! I loved it x3 I regret one thing though!
Not buying Hello Kitty shirts that were 75% off T.T I didn’t figure tha tout until we were leaving.. and I felt bad if I was to stay and look through the clothes xD That I may not even get. Like I love hello kitty.. but its not my style right now >.< I could’ve gotten it as a present but I want to give gifts that say SF on it.. you know?

An awesome part of the place was there was a Pika Pika place there! You know that Japanese machines? I paid $10 for everyone to get a pic, cause I really wanted one xD

yep! Qutie awesome. But we were caught off gaurd >.< for the pic. And rushed the decorations cause we were timed but the timer stopped! So not cool. But they turned out cute~ I decorated..two of them. The one on the left and the 3rd one from the right.
Hopefully I can do more later on~

Finally had a crepe! Yum ^-^ Really liked it. Filling though. Well..wasn’t hungry to begin with xD

And at like midnight we came to Twin Peaks. Where it is a sightseeing place. Yep… so pretty! Got to see a really nice SF from a top view. Unfortantly we couldn’t stay there for a long time cause the wind was freezing cold. And one of our party members was getting car sick >.< So wanted to get her home of course.

Oh and ate at ihop for dinner~ lol!

And saw Sherlock Holmes. In which at first I felt guilty but now… phsh. good thing I did. >.>

So! Loved today. Gotta sleep for tomorrow now!