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Just wandering mind…


Random thoughts now:

I use this button on my keyboard alot… 6 is a great number.. (then later on I learned that multiple 6’s meant the devil?) And it has ^ and that turns into ^-^ … ^-^;;

My… cousin’s daughter is coming over tomrrow from was back when! I’m happy ^-^ I’ll try to get a pic with her, she’s going to a really good school here but she’ll onyl be here for a night.. at least only a night at my house. She looks like me o.o;; at least thats what people say… its cause we have round cheeks! hehe.

All my classes are trying to wrap up school before Friday so they are cramming all the work in a few days… dang it.

I wanna watch School Days!

My singing sucks. T.T


Cos inspired


OKsy I dunno why but I look at this picture and I looks scary o.o;;
Dont I? I dunno. Maybe thats just me.

But anyways! I’m pointing to my Cosmode book because I was really not feeling like doing any cosplay lately so this book is always sitting next to me just to remind me that … well I love cosplay! But what sucked today is that my sister brought up the whole me quitting band thing to my mom probably as a joke but its kinda a sore subject cause that time was like really blah to me. And like… see I’m like unbelievable good at defending myself in things, you might have an idea. But I said I’m glad I quitted cause I got to sew and do cosplay! Which is wholeheartdly true! But that wasn’t the whole truth at the time XD I have a habit of not telling the whoel story, but its not entirely my fault right?

So like I Was saying… I was kinda bleh for cosplay for a bit then I went and looked at some youtube videos cause IW as surfing and I came across this video I always come across… the video of cosplayers going to Disneyland in thier kingdom hearts cosplay. I was Cause I LOVE going out in cosplay, but like… it perked me up so muc and I wanna do more stuff!

ACTUALLY! I’m tihnking of trying out a male character! Not sure who yet… but a girlie cute guy like Sora but not Riku type. You know? Or like Simon! lol~ But not both of them… cause… bleh XD


Mirror make-over


So I girled up my mirror over the weekend! Why? Because that week someone called my mirror ‘ghetto’ lol! I found it funny, cause it broke off the pretty part and the only thing left is the mirror XD So I just girlyed it up a bit ^-^ The back is all pink with a white ribbon border. The pink part is relaly fluffy! So its soft to hold ^-^ The front has some gems and a big bow~ Cute ne? I know!! hehe~ I’m proud of it ^-^

(Not to mention hot glue is really fun to play with… lol~~~~)


Second Passo

Second season of La Corda DOro~

Second season of La Corda D'Oro~

So I got SOOO hooked with this anime I found out it had a second seaosn today! So I already watched the first episode but it lookes like it just released Jan. 2009. So sohuldn’t there be more episode? I believe so… maybe its this spring section for anime… I’ll check later.

But this is all I seem to talk and blog about recently. Anime. I can’t help it. I’ve become back into an.. anime nerd XP
Good and bad. Not like my grades can slip (chyeah right!) But I dunno.
So I do want to watch more othe animes cause I really like watching different ones until one just pops out to me like this one ^-^ I love watching the romance ones… guys arn’t like that in real life though… are they? XD I doubt it! lol~

I’m so excited for college!! I’m still weighing the perks of each college. Follow my brother or pave my own path? But either way its an adventure for me! ^-^


Skip skip~

So I just finished The Season of Skip Beat!
What was really sad though is…
Its over TT.TT
How can it end like that?!?!
It just seems like those season cliffhangers and I hope they do a new season but I doubt i’d remember the first one so well if a second one comes out XD lol~
But I really liked it ^-^
Just not the ending so much…

But yep! now its almost 10 and im not sure what to do exactly. What should I do? Probably do some studying. I did promise my mommie afterall! XD