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Double the fun

 photo halloween_zps5f02178f.jpg

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!! I didn’t really celebrate it anyway special other than just trying out Ririchiyo =3

So the picture on the left is my test run of Ririchiyo! It’s super short o.o But it makes it look good at the same time… I’m wearing shorts underneath it and I’m glad you can’t really tell =3 Still have to make the shirt ruffles and put on the gold buttons!
The picture on the right is what I wore to the office today xD I went asian .. hipster asian! Yea… not like anyone really saw me today anyways =3=

Tiring day though.. woke up early and wasn’t feeling well. Spent the morning doing chores around and just kinda chilling xD I feel super unhealthy today since I didn’t get to work out and the food wasn’t the greatest…. now that I think of it.. didn’t really have much to eat (Gee is totally gonna yell at me if he see this tonight xDD) So I’ll run off right now and grab a bite! Yea. Sounds good =3



I should really leave the post there but… I’m watching Once Upon a Time in Wonderland right now so why not =3

The greatest things are created from fantasy.. inventions… things that are so out of mind its interesting!! That’s why I love being in the creative field so much and it’s why I’m trying to hold onto it xD

With that said… I have most of the pieces for my hipster group cosplay for Comikaze 2013!! We’ve been having so much fun with it =3 It seems like it’s also gonna be a huge picnic xD Fun stuff =3 I’m planning on putting it together and seeing how it looks tomorrow!


Rough Waters

I’ve been loving this song for the past like… 2 weeks? I heard it once on the radio and searched it up… but I couldn’t’ find it! So I found it again and I can’t stop spamming it xDD It’s also awesome cause I really like the lyrics too.. I took time out to search for a video with the lyrics!

So the song is called Rough Waters by Travie McCoy and Jason Mraz

It pretty much shows how I am with Gee… we go through some rough times as every relationship but it’s nothing that can sink us =3 Well… okay maybe not NOTHING. xD Hey. I’m being realistic!

Today… oh man. There seriously isn’t enough hours in the day is there?! Ahhh… so hard to get everything done! I did finish my sketch compilation -finally- it’s maybe.. 2 months overdue but I’m happier with the results xD I’ll be posting that… mm… later? XD Probably on dA. And I got studying done as well as some online updates…..

…I gotta start waking up earlier.




Very fond of my bow

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Hi guys! Decided to take a selfie yesterday with my bow that doesn’t look like cardboard anymore!! Making progress and it’s satisfying!! but some updates~

1. You’ll see a short twitter feed on the side of my blog now. It’s nice isn’t it? Since I’m getting involved more with updating regularly especially because I don’t always have the time to update my blog every single day.

2. It seems like my work schedule will get really hectic from all the promises I’m making so let’s see how my posting habits change from here to twitter… xD

Anyways! Today I went to lunch with brother and friend which was nice. I like being able to get lunch and dinners with friends… it’s super nice. :D Afterwards I did some updates at home and ran off to the mall with Kasu to find purple skinny jeans for my Hipster Psylocke cosplay! Yep. For Comikaze which I’m officially  going to =3 But to my sadness…no stores have nice purple skinny jeans o.o It’s crazy cause I swear it was in style T.T I guess I’m not up to date with fashion or something… xD But if anyone is looking for maroon pants, every store basically carries that xDD

I also got a huge bug bite on my leg… it’s super distracting >.<;;

Also how does my dear Hermsi get followers like crazy on Twitter?! Ahhh!! He’s just more loveable I guess xD So you can find him on Twitter @ItsHermsi
(yea. I’m advertising you now :P Not like you need it….. =.=)


Meet Fishie

 photo fishie_zpsed744661.jpg


Guys. Meet fishie. He’s my office fish that love us very much =3 I just cleaned his bowl so it’s all nice and spiffy for him to swim around in! I do love this fish a lot… I think I just get too attached to animals xD

Anyways! Today I worked a lot on my bow. I finished covering it with paper and now I’m working on the kickstarter! It’s actually starting to take a lot of shape and I’m REALLY planning for it to be done sometime in the start of November. It’s been so delayed >.< But hey, that just means I had the time to make it perfect~

I also go my new business cards in, they look lovely~ Can’t wait to start passing them out ^^

So I woke up this morning and I was happy because I got a really nice sleep. And the past week I’ve had a lack of sleep just because I was sick and then other days I had to be up early for who knows what. (other than friday, I actually made a breakfast date and kept it! success xP) So weekends I like to sleep in cause everyone else in my family basically does. It’s nice xD Okay not everyone, but the kids do…!