So… ALA! Planning for it yet? Tabun…
demo… ikitai!! T.T;;
we’ll see I suppose.

I’m looking forward to cosplaying~

But ahhh I guess I love talking back to my mom or something but she’s getting annoyed. She just wants me to shut up and do the work XD But I’m not like that… I dunno. I do what I like to do and all. But if someone starts to seriously boss me around, yea I do not get happy >.<;;

I mean I don’t mind doing favors and things if people ask nicely. I’m then very happy to do it ^-^ But man… its that ‘you have to do it or else’ tone I dun like ..

Thats probably why in the future I’ll end up working like… I dunno.. Like I’m my own boss. I can’t see myself getting bossed around. I’m stubborn like that XD But then again… I dunno~ lol




So as you can tell… or maybe not but… I’m kinda lazy to upload pictures today XD
So here’s one of my cosplay ones! lol~

But on the subject of singing. How much I really enjoy doing it. It really is my… pick-er upper type thing. I sing because it makes me happy ^-^ Not because im bad nor good (which I believe I’m more on the bad side anyways!) But because it really is fun. Then again anything musical is fun. Actually… yea!

So I’m also doing this photoshop thing for my mom. Funnnn… kinda.
Well its better. At least it makes my mom happy.
And my past talents come in handy. Since before I used to use photoshop lots! But now I don’t. Only if I have to. But I never thought knowing photoshop before would come in handy XD okay I did kinda think… but not that much. like major wise you know? It’s like when I made my first movie… for fun of course. Now I like making movies for projects XD ITs nice… ^-^;;


Far away…

*Pic taken down* xD embrassing much?

I got this at Homecoming~
Yea my name >.> I asked if they could write something else but then I’d gets ‘complicated’

So School was alright.
Got to skip 4th! And just doodle and hang out in the little group that just got bigger XD
But I like company~ Who doesn’t?

I like how today went by really quick.
I started on my CSU apps.. then I’m like… ‘dang… what major’
Cause I know I wanna major in business but theres so many little options in business. And I dunno exactly what Imma do now. So I was thinking maybe I’ll put undecided. I’m afraid I still might not get in. Though it is only a CSU… I don’t wanna take any chances >.<

Whaa college… how far away are you…lol


Ne? Design..


This picture reminds me of…design.

Lately I’ve been thinking of what I’m really going to do in the future.

I mean yea business… but inerior designing? I’m told I have a creative mind… very..imaginative?
My mind does work wonders sometimes. I love thinking up things…plans and all. Which is why I’m particular good at organizing things. Kinda.

Many things going through my mind. Some are just stressful because of pressure from others >.<;;

But Its not too bad that I’m getting wrinkles from scrunching my head or anything~


Gem Pianos


I am still trying to play the piano. Slowly but surely.

Since last night though I’ve been concentrating on finishing my Real Estate book sooner than later.

Why? Because I know then I’ll be able to buy many cute stuff!! And my mom won’t be bothering me so much XD;;

Its been less than 24 hours and couple gems already feel off my nails. But thats okay ^-^;; I’m just testing to see how long they really do last! XD


(btw, I dun have school today! Which is why I am posting at this time… ^-^;;)