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AX is tomrrowww!!!


Ohh I am uberly excited x3


(Yea see? I’m spazzing out.)

Today is filled with cosplay work. It’s not too bad though, just a whole bunch of detail work has to be done today… but detail work takes time >.<
So! I’m so pumped. I gotta get the most outta these next 4 day!
Fair warning.. MY blog will be pretty dead for the next 4 days. I may be able to do a quick post at night when I get back.. but for the most part I’m thinking of doing a vblog throughtout the days and I’ll have the videos up a day or two after July 4th (whenever I finish editing them).

So~ Even though my blog may be dead for 4 straight days. I’m gonna do something awesome and make some pre-posts of some (maybe) related videos of what I’ll be doing that day!

So watch out for them~ THey’ll be up at noon on the 4 days. While I’l having fun I wanna share some joy with everyone else too ^-^


ooo doggy dog


Oh gee gee gee gee baby baby baby — gee gee gee gee baby baby baby? xD

So today! I got interrogated in the morning. Right now I’m just.. making my mom paranoid and suspicious. Its nice ^-^;;
I left at like 10 this morning xD Took a 20-30 minute drive to see these uberly cute doggies~ Here’s one that decided to hug me… yea… he’s big big big (yes 3 bigs). Cute! But scary at first T.T


Yea I thought they were cuties~ .. at least for the most part xD

Soooo… was suppose to go see a movie today. Didn’t happen. I still need to see…
1. Toy story 3. 2. Knight and Day. 3. Karate Kid 4. Eclipse

Yes. I do want to see 4.x3

Then.. I finally… ate at Olive Garden once again. (Gasp!) Last time I ate there.. was waaaaaaaaay back when. So it was a nice change. It was.. okay. I like cheesecake better~ xD finally got a shopping day~~~ Went to alot of places o.o and guess what. Didn’t find anything I really liked xD Couldn’t even find good fingerless gloves or an Alice bottle!! T.T I so give up xD

Anyhow~ 10 hours or so away from home? I liked it ^-^ Got sixletes! Or however thats spelled…
It was a nice break from cosplay.. a really really needed break.
Cause… its just been too much to stay at home for that long >.<
so! hope everyone else has a good day too

Tomrrow is AX DAY 0!!!


30 in 1

So you know I’ve been LOVINN Korean music lately~ It’s just been.. the trend I guess?
The music is really easy to listen to and makes for really GREAT car music xD
Keeps me up on my rides home thats for sures~
Plusss.. I look absolutely crazy while dancing to them in the car xDDD

So! This video mashes up 30 songs into one!
And the cool part? I can tell where each part came from! for the most part at least… I can’t name each song but I heard all the parts.
Well.. most. I didn’t knoe 3 of the songs in here.. so its good to expland the song knowledge~

Sooo~ Enjoy? There’s even “Sh!” In there xP
(this is the first song on my CD in the car too! So addicting T.T)

ohhhh and today? Cosplay!! So lazy though T.T I have no idea whhhhyyy…
Maybe tomrrow will make me actually move xD Maybe.

But I finish XQ’s headdress.
Finish Miku’s hair thingys (my sis made them)
Finish XQ’s painting on the dresss
In the process of finishing my sister’s shirt and skirt.
And still have yet to start on my bro’s jacket o.o

Oh im so doommmmeeddd xD


Distracted by a game


So this is just a crude snapshot of my brother playing Red Dead Redemption?
I think thats what its called.
It actually looks pretty fun! Like while doing cosplay I find myself just staring at him playing xD I hate it when that happens -.-
Thennn… well the gameplay looks fun. Seems easy enough even for me! Then again.. I like shooting games.. and horses.. annd… drinking? =P jkjk!!

Lets see. .today though. Wow it really sucked. This morning I woke up… showered. (half shower?) Well I half showered cause I just showered like 10 minutes ago fully xD I like showering at night way more.. I tihnk my hair feels way better!! And I gotta get into routine for AX, cause no way can I shower in the morning for AX. And after a full day of wearing a cosplay? Ugh. You NEED a shower at night. xD

Oh then my sister made me drive her FAR away for a pool party. Worse part? HAD to take side streets. No highway goes up there -.- Took 30 minutes there. 30 minutes back. Its like going to school!! But I stopped by JJ bakery on the way back~ Yum x3 Got my favorite bun!

Thennn… came home. changed cause I looked in the mirror and my outfit was ugly.. sooo I changed. Then went to a picnic.. late. Akward there. Jsut because. I never really fit into the church scene.

Annnd… came home. Worked on cosplay! I finished reenforcing my fans today. the flowers were flimsy.. gotta make sure they can last for AX! Ahh AX… waited so long for it!! And now it’s almost here and… I’m freaking o.o Stressing?

I’m so looking forward to the cosplays there!! I know some people doing a pokemon group.. ahh.. its so cute that they are doing a group cosplay x3 I wish I could.. but it usually involves me making all the cosplay myself.. and I just.. dont wanna do that >.< Then again my plan to be pikachu blew up in the air >.< I had such a cute outfit planned too!! Remmeber that post way back when? Of course not xD But I had so many sketches planned out for it…
I really hope no one takes my pikachu idea at AX.. I’m bound to see alot of people have it.
I think.. my goal for this AX is to take as many pictures with pokemon ginjikas as I can identify xD Usually its hard for me.

Anyyy hoowowwwww~

gonna keep doing cosplay work! Gotta finsih designing my brother’s cosplay. I finsihed his pants today though ^^ my sister designed his belt xD It’s a music staff and notes~ xD I think it’s cute. At least she wants to help!

(Oh and I gotta say.. i’ve gotten kinda addecited to this game called caesary(sp?) Click here to check it out, play if you dare! Server 4 please =D)


Oh nice fans =P


Omgsh today was sooo busy for me.
I woke up this mroning.. quite late. Like noonish? And I didnt’ even sleep late xD OH!! A reason why I did was because Kasu called in the morning from a makeup expo and… I basically shopped by the phone half asleep xD I wanna go to it next year though if I still want to buy makeup and all…

Then I … did morning stuff… and I went to run errands. Went to joanns. Then to get boba. Then to Target. Which it was the second time I did that! Like.. the EXACT same routine. … oh well. Just spent alot of money T.T

And tonight I was working a lot on the fans soo… I kinda… forgot to post on time? ^^;; (Thanks for the reminder–ish)

annnndd… crunch time is really coming T.T I have a picnic (mandatory) to go to tomorrow sooo… that’s gonna be a time killer. But luckily the littlest of the my cousins really wants to help me out with cosplay (shes getting really attached to me o.o) so that’s nice ^^ More of a help than my sister, and the whole akward feeling has gone away.

Anyhow! I can’t believe I forgot to post!!! It’s been so busy T.T