A original Kimikotan Design~


I finally finally FINALLY was able to get some decent pictures of this dress~! Remember it? First dress I actually made and designed fully. Didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted to but… meh. Decent for the beginning right?
And yes. I even made the bow~ (Which you can definately see my wearing when classes start! x3)

My sister took all the pictures~ Annd… she took ALOT. Over 100 thats for sures. Cause she just likes to spam shoot xD But that’s okay with me, out of 100 usually 5 are good~ So here are some other pics..


Some pictures have bubbles.. some don’t. But the bubbles… SO FUN x3 Still really love them =3

And this was all taken in.. my front yard… why? Cause its a decent background. I did some shots in my patio which were nicer.
So minishoot~? Success~ Now do I really wanna throw these pictures on my cosplay blog… naw. I’ll keep them on here xD
Maybe throw one up on facebook cause I need a new dp and… one on dA for the heck of it?
I mean I dedicated like 2 hours to these pictures.. mind as well put them up xD
THey arn’t edited in any way either. Straight from my camera which I HATE cause the quality is so bad T.T
I wonder if this would sell… not thinking of it yet though xD

Ahh… I hope I can finish my next dress before classes start!! … Or at least the 19th~ ^-~


Musical Bows~


Yea you know you like that~
I gotta put KimikoKotomi over it just because… well I don’t want others taking it >.<;; I worked hard on each and every one of my bows!

I haev a total of 6 smalls bows made just liket he pic and 2 large ones.
So in total… that took 1/2 a yard. Which costs… enough T.T It was actually expensive.

So  I was making them while watching tv or whatever. Cause for me they are easy to make now ^-^ So pro ne? www