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Just so nice.

I’m so happy Wong Fu Decided to rerelease this video today =3Where you don’t have to go looking in the sidelinks for the next part! xD

I find it funny how 1. there are Dells shown more so than Macs (unlike today where Apple just took over the world) and 2. How it can still apply~

I also watched Zookeeper and Rise of the Planet of the Apes today~ Both… were interesting. I went from happy animals that can talk to rebelling tested on animals that… were insanely smart! It was definately a movie day and I’m kind of sad I didn’t get enough work done T.T I’m hungry. It’s midnight. Midnight snack? Heck yes.

On the bright side. My dress came in today~!!! I’m sad about the color soo… I mean if it looks nice on me I might just go buy the black one anyways >.> I’ll take a picture of it tomorrow ^-^


It’s a popcorn day


KEttle corn is my absolute favorite~ After finally discovering it.. I could never go back to regular butter popcorn xD But this seriously sums up my day even though I didn’t eat this today. Odd right? Here I’ll tell you how….

I basically watched half of (and the rest of) How I Met Your Mother. Never heard about it? Well hurry up and get aboard the legen— wait for it —- dary train~ xDDD Sorry, inside joke. Yes. wanna figure it out? Get inside and watch How I Met Your Mother!!

I also got an episode of project runway in.. which is lovely. I’m also really sad I couldn’t find where I left my really old glasses prescription… hing. Time to go to the eye doctor T.T

I’ve also been still experimenting with the pokemon ears… AHH, It’s getting on my last nerves at this point T.T I’ll just keep watching more shows >.>


Ta daa! *shows*



Lovely day outside today~ But I spent most of the day trying to make sure Gee felt alright >.> He really shouldn’t get sick and still hang out with me…. it doesn’t make me go away xDD When he felt better we went to the arboretum at school and finally snapped this picture! Yea … there are more but… I think this one sums it all up xD I absolutely love this space! It’s great and I really want to do a photoshoot here =3

Oh don’t mind me in the middle. I just wore a plain black dress because… well… I was only meeting someone out to lunch and I knew I would be walking a lot today. So I think casual attire was smart~ Casual yet… simplisitc~ OH and because of the light in the back it makes the dress look odd. IT actually puffs out more at the sides and middle o.o It’s the same black dress I got last week anyways xD

Other than that…. today was a boba + bread day~ Nothing new soo.. I’ll leave it at that!! Time to do some work before sleeping!


Oddly sketching


So this was the result of me doodling one day… I really don’t like it.. Well except maybe the dress part… but everything else I don’t like (especially the body of the girl). Yet.. I decided to share because .. well why not!

I want to sketch more but it seems I don’t have a lot of time to do it. ACtually.. today I did. I got this weird mellow mood this morning so I sat and watched TV on the couch doing nothing for maybe an hour? But I really needed that… I’ve been thinking about cosplay, commissions, and the artist alley table too much I think I was on overload. Cause it’s not only that… it’s also having to now study for 3 exams and figuring out relationship stuff -.- Honestly…. I think I felt the overwhelm of it all this morning and burned out. BUT! After that hour I was ready to go and started working again~

Kay… time to sleep. long day tomorrow too! On the bright side.. memorial day shopping today online! Mother bought me 2 dresses and I bought myself jeans, a belt, and a pretty headband for less than $20~ I call that one a win too =3


A dress turned Asian


I had quite an eventful day. Went out shopping for a bit and was surprisingly productive with it! The dress you see above.. I didn’t get >.< It’s cute but.. I don’t think I would wear it that often? Plus I would make some few alterations >.> But I did like how it looks very… Asian… on me. xD So I’m showing here for fun~ I think I’ve been very… blue lately. xD

I wore a blue dress today… had to wear something nice for work >.< Had some work to attend to this morning… ended up having a pretty crappy lunch because of it xD But on the bright side, I got so much done today I feel great~ Like.. I hot ALOT done. Hopefully tomorrow I don’t have much to do with actual work so I can get to finish a few sets of ears! (wo!) I’m stressing out about it but at the same time.. I know I will get it all done. Comon. It’s me~ And I will NOT skimp out on my products. No shortcuts T.T oh well.

so…. much to do. I’ll stop writing to get started on that xD
Oh and… Kasu you have to stop buying me stuff -.- I’m happy but man… I seriously need to get some good food into you or when I find something that’s so you I’ll get it~ xD