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Happy BOO!

Happy Halloween!! From pikachu~

Oddly enough I found out for a nice chunk of cosplayers we don’t like to actually dress up on  Halloween. My reason for it is…. I don’t want to dress up and be next to 50 different girls dressed in the same slutty outfit. Yea… Okay so I exaggerated a little bit. But really. At least at conventions it’s known that many cosplayers show off because they made it. Halloween is…just to be slutty in a costume.

Not like I have anything against it but even when I was in grade school I never dressed up. I went as a “cat” but it was really a batmand cape thing and… yea… I might have went as a witch one year but that was only because my mother bought me the hat xD ODd that even though I never really dressed up.. I’m doing it now. Maybe I’m making up for lost time? lol!

So all I did today was study and go to class. fascinating right? oh! I also LOST my pencil case =.= So my nice lining pens and pencils and erasers are gone for T.T I’m really sad about that….. hing.

I got home and just munched on candy because I was really sad about losing it… I completely forgot it on a window sill and … Gee went back to get it like 2 hours laters when he could (I was in class… and very far away) and it was gone! T.T Hur. Oh well. No use crying over spilled milk. I might check the lost and found later but I doubt its there….


Inside classes


A little insight to what I do during classes xD A class is usually an hour and 15 minutes long and I usually finish a sketch like this about halfway through (minus the lining…) But this was the first of like… 8 I’ve done so far in about a week. I find that it helps me stay awake and… focused for the most part. IT’s also really fun~ I’ve been working on not looking at reference photos too much and just trying to define my style more. It’s a working progress… gotta get all this creative stuff out because a block comes my way xD Lol~

And yes. They will forever have no faces xD

I woke up at 7 in the morning today for registration (hence the morning post..ish) And I decided to stay up~ So I spent a good 4 ish hours on writing about 4 chapters worth of notes inbetween 2 different classes. So when I actually went to class I sat there thinking to myself “heeckk yea… I got this!!” cause I knew alot of the answers and what not. (test thursday and all~) But that really wiped me out and by my second class I was dozing off so badly T.T IT was sad….. I tried taking a nap. A girl in the building was constantly looking over at us and I swear she was sketching either me or Gee xD Cause it wasn’t weird looks for out conversation… it was looks of concentration. Interesting though.

So it’s about.. midnight right now meaning… I’ve been awake and kickin for …17 hours… Ahhh… I need sleep T.T Maye I can start the cycle over and wake up early again!!! …………….. lol! Maybe.


Registered =3

This happens every semester. I stay up really late the night before I Have to register for classes just because I want to solidify my schedule. There was no getting out of going to school for less than 4 days a week T.T It’s sad! I wanted at least one day off extra… cause let’s face it. I haven’t had a Friday class in ages =3 Lovely thing about university really~ So every semester I just.. forget to post o.o Now I did completely forget to post on Sunday which is sad. Okay not really. I forgot what I did on sunday lol!! Eh. I’ll make up for it ^^


Packed and REDy? har.


I freaked out this morning at the post office because they didn’t have the package box I wanted =.= I literally went back and forth to the space where it was suppose to be hoping that I magically missed seeing one. I did that a few times. Its the exact same concept I do in the mornings when I look for food in the fridge. Somehow I think something would change in the minute that I left it. It was sad.

I did finish the commission though ^^ I’m actually going to re-do a part tomorrow though since I have a tad bit of time more before I can ship it. I rushed a part of it and looking at the pictures I took… I’m not happy. So time for a re-do~~~ With completely new fabric too!!! xD

I also bought Asuna fabric today so I have a good 4 yards of white waiting for me~ I mapped out my skirt which I’ll be making with a -gasp- zipper closure this time ^^ Down side? If I ever ever want to sell it or let someone else wear it they are somehow gonna have to squeeze in it (or fill it out if they are that skinny..?) I also cleaned. It’s lovely now =3 I’m looking for some storage containers now because I really hate crate. Like… I really… hate them. =.=

Is it odd I’ve been really liking Taylor Swift and… Nickelback. Don’t ask -.- My mood’s been weird.


Pretty please with a cherry on top!

Don’t really like doing this but… I hope it generates more people willing to vote ^^;;

I entered into the ACParadise contest for Ragnarok online! It’s basically the sole reasoning I went out of my way to get the archbishop photoshoot xD Voting is finally opened so VOTE =3 (That’s a clickable link if you can’t tell…) It’s set to go right to my page but feel free to look at the other contestants! THey’re pretty cool too ^^ Granted man… I really wish I had wings in mine >.< AHH! xDD

Please and thank you if you vote ^^