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It was a good day.

That’s all imma say xD




I watched… District 9 today.
Quite the movie I wasn’t expecting.
Mostly because I didn’t even see the trailers. My brother just said it was good.
And it was…

Thanks for taking me ‘Socks’ xD

Also did some homeqork today, didnt finish reading but whatever xD
I have school tomorrow so I’l go to sleep~


Attention crown

How do you get someoneone’s attention..?
Dress nicer?
Always in the same place?
Bat your eyelashes and smile?

I mean how hard can it be right? Just to say ‘look at me! I’m here’
And that is just my deliema… maybe I’m not seen.
Or I’m not letting myself be seen.
I need to break out of my shell.
And I believe now I can.
Though of course it’ll take time…

But anyways!

You know you like the picture.
I’ve been…such a fan of crowns lately..
Like… omgsh.
Out shopping with Kasu we found so many little ones around and I wish I had the money to buy them all.
When I get my car you’ll know which one is mine..
Oh you will xD
Though the huge crowns are kinda bleh.

Just call me royalty xP




The other flowers that were bad xD Just for you Kasuki xDD

Well today is Friday.
Went to school.
Had some milk tea boba. Not a great. But better than nothing.
Went home.
Went to target.
Went to the mall.
bought shoes for mikuru and some extra fabric and all.
Now I’m home.
Imma go watch some tv xD


ttxt spam

Okay like seriously I need for someone to kick me to get me to do anything.
I am such a procrastinator!!!
Like buying my books… its taking forever… I really gotta do it Before school!

So my whole point in thi:
I need to get a video done.

Why am I so lame that I can’t get one out? Am I THAT lame? seems so.
So I think someone needs to go reminding me.

Maybe I just need a deadline! Like one video a week kinda thing. you know?
I basically dress myself up about 4 times a week cause of school and church.
So one of those days right?
(cause seriously on the other days I look so horrid xD)

So I made up my mind. My next video will just be…

oh crap. I dunno o.o;;

Okay this post was quite useless… I PROMISE I’ll have a solid idea tomorrow…something I know I can do that won’t take too long…

Until then. Feel free to txt me. Heck. Spam. xD Not actual spam tho!