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Nice Guys Finish FIRST <3

For the whole day… this has been my obsession =.=

Not only is it a catchy song, it has a nice meaning. I mean… yea girls tend to like the bad boys but its usually a momentary high and anything probably longer than a week just turns out badly. Anyhow… I wouldn’t know TOO much about that. Lol!! I prefer nice guys~ Okay… not purely nice guy though xP

Good news today! I……….. got boba. With a little… complication.
I worked! yes. Worked. And made some dang good sandwhiches!!!
Oh… and who would’ve thought getting paid would be so sweet? =3

It’s long overdue and now I think I need a new pair of shoes. Oh… and a clubbing dress. Oh… and COSPLAY FUNDS!! <3


Dress mishap


WIP photo of a… …. fail dress. So fail I had to redesign it as I went along cause I made so many mistakes. Lets see how this turns out.. want to see some sketches? I’m still not satisfied.. but I think I’ll do something with roses cause… I feel like it~? =3


I know you can’t see them well… meh. IT’s okay… the final product is what matters!!

In addition to doing that I also cut some more fabric out for ragnarok stuffs… mm… that was tedious work. Lots of measuring. OHOHOH

2.5 HOURS ON ZELDA!! It was worth it =3 Beat the fire temple …hehehe…… HEHEHEHEHE
Okay. Done. I did all that and… ugh I don’t even remember what I did this morning. Oh right. MS =.=

Other than that… I think today was decently productive. Lots of running around… it was nice =D I don’t mind if all of break is like this. lol!!

I also figured out my grades this semester!! You know what? Even with 1 bad grade… my GPA is still the same xD So I’m… kinda happy? It’s decent. Next semester I’m looking forward to getting it up but I’m taking strictly upper division business classes next semester.. okay and 1 online GE hopefully. But this should be interesting… nothing of my major major classes till next year which is okay with me. But that’s when the real fun begins =3


Heart 2 Heart

I’ll give you a heart to heart~? x333

Okay I just have been loving this song today.. I think its because of the video. I love how she gets back at the guy… but she still wants to be with him? Ah… girls.. so not worth it if he cheats!! =.=

So I went on a music run today… I don’t think I got this song.. oh well. Maybe later.
Mmm… what else?

I am SO OUT OF SHAPE T.T Okay.. not really. not out of SHAPE. More out of… muscles? I went to the mall today with my sister. So I went to get some things at joanns…. a new dress will be coming out this week most likely~ hehe ^^ Then I also went to book off… wonderful place. Didn’t find anything so extraordinarily…. okay I didn’t find anything I liked AT ALL. Which made me sad. Anyways.. point of it? my legs hurt during the trip o.o it.. never does… unless I have heels =.= Soo…

In conclusion. I will now be jogging with little ol’ lucky every other day ^^ eh… kinda… more like.. 4/7 of the days. lol!!

Other than that.. today I didn’t have a decent meal… until midnight. Which was soup. >.> Oh well!


Kipina here!

Aha… A not-so-pretty shot of my MS char >.> Basically tookt he picture cause of the I love Cake at the bottom =33333 Cause lets face it. I do.
Love my Jag? Pigtails were Gee’s fault. =.= Anyhow… hopefully this will change when I get NX. Yea. You heard me. when I get NX!!!! cause I will.

I dont see why people don’t like Maplestory.. okay I get how its not a game for everyone… but it was so funny yesterday cause I was talking to kiddos and they were saying blah blah blah about MS and… I think I got them wanting to play it >.> Go figure right? lol! Ah.. kiddos. So easy to get them to join a bandwagon and peer pressure them. Granted its no different from college students so… lol!

Bera ftw >.>





Kiddo muchkins =.=


Hehe.. I started my book.. what a couple days ago? Now I’m almsot done!! =3 It’s good.. I like it. And for a buck and in nearly perfect condition? Loving it~

So I woke up and read. I love doing that… I also like reading before sleeping >.>
Then I got out of bed… palyed Sims!! Cause I’ve kinda been craving it lately… I did that.. ate some cereal for lunch (everyone was out T.T) And then I get a call!! Who was it? Mommeh. She wanted me to make a menu for the church dinner thing tonight? Celebrated our priest’s 25th anni of being ordinated… Meh. At least it was extravagant. Unfortantly it was also 2 hours long. But you know what? I’m okay with that. I spend 2 hours figuring out how clothes were made as well as… daydreamed and planned. Lol!!

Worse part of it.. I smelled … Kid. The . whole. time. =.= So did I mention I made the menu? yea… before I couls finish cause kids were hanging over me taking the laptop away wanting to help… someone else that my mom didn’t really trust with designing it.. finished it. So.. they printed it out. It. Was. Ugly. >.> I dont like to be mean.. but it was. Just. ARNGEKRN HBTKRMD.

Anyhow. I guess I made a 12.. year old presistant friend today…  I can say that cause she added me on fb. … >.> And took my number? o.o Took being the key word. But the food after church was yummy o.o I could tell my mom had a lot to do with it cause its what… my family ate and nothing like how food was in the past. I guess that’s a perk of family being involved.

CAKE!! I only had one half an inch slice… it was sad… and I watched a girl that got the cake just dump it away.. TT.TT cruel.. kids. CRUEL!!! >.>

Okay I’m done. I was just annoyed for an hour or so today cause my menu.. my lovely MENU, wasn’t used. It’s okay. At least… I got out today.