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I think… I always start to learn dances like Mr. Taxi and GEe and it turns out to be way too much for me. So guess what… I already know part of this =3 Just from watching it? It’s fun to do!! Mr. Taxi is seriously kicking my butt right now, it takes so much out of me and I havent even finished learning the chorus!! T.T So I’ll take a break and learn this >.>;; Shush. Gee and Genie will come later. LOL~ Oh here’s the full song of Vitamin.. which it sounds like n is missing. Well its not obviously, but try singing it! It’s weird.. I can never fit the n in! lol!

Dude the white hairs on me are increasing SO much. On the bright side, my fabric came in today!! =DD The commission fabric came in and it looks.. pretty good. I hope it looks good in general though… like put together. I’m kind of worried, because I HAVE to use the fabric, It was expensive!! T.T

Today was… ugh. Just. Ugh. Group projects. You’ll hear an endless complain from me. Why? Not like I don’t like groups, I just dont like not having ultimate powers in it. So I fight for it!
>:{D <— Mustache  man
Yea. THATS what I learned today LOL!

Dude. One more week of studying then FINALS. A final every day of the week… minus friday. But its… harsh. Better than all in one day I guess~ Oh well… toodles! study time!



Chooo cho– SH!


The most annoy thing: ALL lights turn red when driving down the street. Oh… not to mention that beast came (aka the train). So instead of taking less than 5 minutes to get to school from the highway… it took like 10-15. I’m not bothered by that fact as much as I hated breaking for every dang light!! =.=

So that was my morning. I went to class but basically fell asleep in both… so… boring T.T solitaire didn’t even keep me awake which was amazing o.o usually it does. I guess I wanted more sleep than I thought xD Heck… what am I talking about. I always want more sleep xDD

Hey so recently I just got a tumblr. Why? Honestly… to just keep with with friends and tags of things I like xD It’s.. interesting to look at when I’m bored xD So I made one! I’m not sure if I want to post anything or just reblog but… when I figure it out I’ll link it from here~

I’m actually looking forward to being around the business building for the next week. Presentations are HUGE around this time so almost half the people are dressed up very professionally. I have to too! This semester even more extensive than last o.o I’m not even sure what I wear yet… pink maybe? xD I might go out to buy a new shirt for it… hum… sounds good. I’m thinking ruffly =3

Other than that… mmm… MAMA awards in Singapore were pretty awesome!! Kind of disappointed in SNSD’s performance. You could tell it wasn’t their best but I like the concept and if it was clean… it would’ve been really good. Really liked 2ne1’s performance and Suju’s was also okay. I couldn’t stand snoop dog (or whatever) performance. Just… so… =.= Couldn’t get through Koda Kumi’s either >.> Anyhow… wo!
I’m definately a SONE before a Blackjack.. but either way… I’m both! <3


Green Tea boba~


I know there isnt much left to show but…. It’s what I had today =3 This would be our 3rd time going to the boba cafe we’ve been really loving and this trip we got one free with one of those stamp cards…(okay 4th time but one time they didnt stamp us)… but that’s… saying something. I think so at least xD That we spend money there way too much lol!

I’ve been really liking this drink I’ve been getting. Rose milk tea, half sugar, with milk green tea boba~ I have never seem milk green tea boba anywhere… they also have taro pudding o.o which I have yet to try…. Though I like this drink it’s not something to always get, a bit too sweet at times.

Other than that… had  a lot of… fun today. Skipped out on the gym. Annnnd…. got a lot of studying done! WO~! Kay. Time to finish this studying then go play a mission is starcraft >.> <.< ^-^ <3




I know it’s blurry but… like it? It’s actually my new card! Umm.. like credit/debit kind of card xD It’s the account that will be mainly for cosplay expenses xD Kinda cool though no? It’s actually a bit lighter than I would have liked but… it works! Lovely story on this…
I worked on an image for the card for about… 2 days. And the first two he thought were completely ugly -.- go figure. Well… I have to admit.. they were not pretty at all. So after making such fugly ones for an hour or two he finally said “jst give it to me” and this beast popped out~ xD And it didn’t even take him that long!! I guess that’s what compells him to do the work I asked him in the first place to do… uglyiness. =3=

Today… ugh. I played my Christmas present… that’s what =3= So… good… can’t help it… I <3 Protoss!!! LOL~ A to the Geek~

Break is over… actually felt like a long break o.o time to get my butt whooped at school lol! (by classes that is… unless some new bully comes along >.>)


It’s a dollhouse!


Ohh… I had a lot of time on my hands >.> This was the doll house I made on Sims 3!! xD Cute no? I love how in this game you can color customize everything so… the inside? PRetty awesome. It includes a pink pool with dolphins at the bottom~ The whole backside is windows so you can see in it xD It’s.. kinda cute. Could’ve made it better… less… rectangular. Kinda tempted to actually, only a few hours of my life went away making it =.= Hey, so worth it though.

Today… I finished Secret Circle. Yea the TV show… well I’m not sure if I finished it, I’m caught up? If that was the end… well I’m not satisfied that’s for sure. It was okay though, I’d rather watch Charmed again, more magic in that xDD

I started homework? Will probably continue it now.. depending on my mood. Or sketching. I ended up not going to joanns today. why? Ehh.. woke up at 1? xD Sooo… no extra bulk of interfacing for me xD It’s okay. I have plenty of fabric to work with~~ Hopefully.

I’m trying to get in the habit of washing my fabrics before I use them. Mainly because of the serger where I can now wash the clothes I make if I wear them. But it’s also because apparently lots of weird chemicals can be on them from shipping and what not, so to be safe I’m washing them now~ Should’ve started that a long time ago? Probably. I’m always scared the fabric will be ruined though… oh well. It’s all experimental~